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  1. before having breast implant my husband said' "are u sure? because it won't feel natural" and i still resist to have breast implants. now when i have sex i don't feel confident.. because in my mind he doesn't really like it. and hubby start to ask me why, you look good bla bla bla.. (he still support me though even he doesn't like it! now im feeling guilty and i want explant! plus my left nipple is very numb!! i can't even feel when he licks my nipple.. i regret having implants.. even though mine is getting softer day by day but its still NOT AS GOOD as natural. its true that DO IT for you. but you have to think that he is the one who enjoy ur body..
  2. http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?18649-bangkok-surgery-big-mistake&highlight=dr+pichet maybe this is the horror story that ladies in here been talking, https://www.facebook.com/hotstuffweller and its the victim
  3. Hi princess Athena I am going for ba with boonchai in September, I am so excited would you mind if I sent a fr ??

  4. i can push my boobs inward together even just 6 weeks, but haven't wear underwire bra. and i've been doing groceries shopping since 2 weeks, and driving, or holding my baby (10kgs) for hours.. everything seems fine.. maybe you need more rest? because everyone is different
  5. narupon and rushapol from piac is very good in facelift
  6. PIAC is cheaper than BHP. and i can recommend you to dr boonchai, he's doing a good job to my boobs.. even he did an horrible job in my blepharoplasty.. dr rushapol only good at face surgery dear..
  7. thanks babe.. i hope its just the swelling.. they say i have to wait up to three months. its just a long time to wait.. but if the swelling didn't subsided for 3 months then its my badluck!! :'( even the doctor in my city said its cut higher than the other
  8. how come you didn't see the difference?? its really big different between two eyes.. like don say, the right eye have a higher lid. he cut my right eye 3 inches higher than the left!!
  9. yea babe.. now i regret having blepharoplasty by him, at first i want dr sanguan.. but then the woman from PIAC suggest to have all the surgery with dr boonchai. i guess its easier rather than 2 doctors. but the result is horrible
  10. yeah don, now i get what u mean.. u mean like sleepy eyes right? one of my eyes is very ugly.. i even go out with glasses always on.. its been 7 weeks and no changing dee.. i think dr boonchai is good with breast surgery but very BAD to blepharoplasty.. did you know that my left eyes is 3 inch bigger than the right? VERY SUCKS.. they just say that i have to wait wait wait.. i just want to have it redone in my country! :'(
  11. hi don, can u see the picture above? now i'm very upset because i took the decision to have blepharoplasty
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