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    BA with lift. Overs, 400cc. Textured rounds, moderate profile.
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    Mark Kahout, Sydney. 13th March 2014
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  1. Oh wow its happend !! Speedy recovery sweet xx
  2. Hard decision! I had not heard you couldn't go much bigger after previous surgeries or blood flow fo nipple would be at risk?..
  3. Hi Jaddles! Revision went pretty well. I have a gap still so I think it shouldn't (hopefully) fail me now. Dimpling has gone & I just have a little indent left at top of left boob where skin looks a bit tight still. Hopefully this goes down the track.
  4. Thank you all for your replies Class was much easier than I thought it would be. I went very light and for the most part couldn't feel implants. Chest track I just used the bar with no weights so that was all good. Push ups I did girl ones and I could feel them. I only did a few and it felt weird. Other people get this? Does it ever go? I feel so weak hours later now, I'll be sore tomorrow!!
  5. Much easier 2nd time over even with my repair.
  6. Hi ladies, well I'm 8-9 weeks now and going back to my first pump class today. Second surgery (from symnastia repair). Physically recovery has been pretty easy. I'll take it super light. Any other tips?? Thinking I might just go to the toilet when they do the chest track..?
  7. I just had it again in same place two days ago . Gp couldn't see any stitch but it looked a little infected this time so on abs
  8. I always feel small. I think because natural boobs just look so big compared to mine. Sometimes I even think about putting on weight to get them plumped up!
  9. Oh you poor thing glad your getting it done for nudda. How do they come of the chest wall?
  10. I originally had ba & bl and I kinda felt like I never fluffed. Maybe with the lift you don't? I don't know!
  11. Just a pressure here. My body would of had pain doing certain things I'm sure but it told me what not to do to be ok. Just morning boob & a weird pressure sensation.
  12. Neutrogena Gabby. In a mostly blue container. Still using it to finish it lol. Off for some filler tonorrow. New injector to where I go (new but in the game for 25yrs) as my always one has retired (from this part time and as a gp). Fingers crossed!
  13. Well at very end of my incision today under boob I found some dried up pus. Then later on a little bit of pus (or yellow runny fluid, small amount). Taken steri strip off of that bit to let breathe. Looks like it's scabbed up a bit already but how do I check or tell if any stitch is still in or has come out? Last time had it happen to few times and always ran to get it looked at.. But if it scabs up does that mean the bit is out and I'm good etc?
  14. As I'm not in same state I'll have a follow up in March. He said before surgery 20% chance it will fail but I didnt ask when I would know the risk was over. I'll email and ask!
  15. Well it's 5 weeks today since my symnastia repair. Everything I think is seeming ok so far! Two spots where it's slightly indented from stitches underneath I reckon. My cleavage was set very far apart at around 4-5 finger widths. It came in a lot in first two-3 weeks but has remained the same since around week 3. I keep a bandaid down there to so I can see that it's not pushing it in or off so I know it's staying the same lol. I can feel my sternum which is so nice! Recovery has been good, next to no pain. Just couldn't walk around to much first few weeks as I felt heavy there if that makes sense. How long till I can breath easy tho it won't return? I'm back to work in a week..
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