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  1. best of luck, haven't been on the forum for ages, but just wanted to say you're in good hands! had mine sept last year, and doing great chacha
  2. Hi there, had my BA and lower eyes done by Dr Piyapas last Sept, and couldn't be happier. My eyes look fanstatic, took 10 years off me as least (had it done under general though as was done at the same time as my BA), and BA is brilliant too. Think the upper eye surgery is quite a simple proceedure but def worth getting an experienced and good surgeon. A girl called Justright on the forum had her upper eyes done by him last year and was very happy, you might be able to do a search on her? Bangkok Hospital Phuket is amazing, and they really took care of me. You can stay anywhere in Phuket
  3. Hi, I also had the pelvic instability (2nd preg...not quite using a frame, but prob should have!), muscle separation from large babies, and bad back compressing nerves with numb patches etc! Had a TT as a last resort, and would say it has helped somewhere between 50-75%, especially after 6 months when I could then start doing pilates. My surgeon didn't promise it would def help, but suspected it would....which was good enough for me.....I just wanted to be able to sleep the night through without waking multiple times in agony. I still do get some pain, no where near as bad, and i still have
  4. Congrates Nicnac!!! You will love them rest up and recover chacha
  5. I had one slower to drop than the other, so started taking 2000mg vit e (after reading it may help....though prob not best to stay on it forever but a few month wont hurt) taking 1000mg twice daily. Also I massaged very vigoursly to help the muscles loosen off, several times a day. This is a technique I felt helped....say I'm massaging the left breast, I use the palm of my right to flatten the breast, then I bring the left hand over the right and grip onto my right upper arm (like hugging myself) and use the upper part of my left arm to add some more 'squash down' and hold it there for a whil
  6. Hi, I stayed at the Mariott north of the airport - miles away, almost not even in Phuket.....still had a driver pick me up and take me back! Think it was around 45- 50 min taxi drive, so closer would be better, but I must say it was lovely and very quiet if you want that. chacha
  7. HI there, sorry you've got this horrible rash. I've had a drug rash before, and it sounded very similar to what you are experiencing. Mine is to morhpine, it was all over me, starting from my hands, then quickly spreading over a few days. I cannot take any meds now with morphine, no codine either (which is derived from morphine). I also had a family memeber who has since had the same this happen after an op, but it was worse and blistered and took about a month to settle, plus had to have steriods to calm it down. Good luck, hope you get some relief soon.....I know how dreadful it feel
  8. Hi there, it's Mark.an@bgh.co.th good luck with your enquires chacha
  9. Also in regards to stitches (as it was mentioned on here about having them removed 10 days post), each surgeon has their own method, mine had internal disolvable stiches, so none to be removed. I did how ever have some spitting stiches at around 6 weeks with my BA, but also had the same with some stiches on my TT done in Australia (I think it depends on the person and how you body reacts rather than how the stiching is done) What it really comes down to, is can you accept the risk involved and minimal after care once you return? (If you stay a couple of weeks you'll get some check ups to
  10. Hi, I had Dr Piyapas too, and second everything Maz has said, regarding saving, risk and going with your gut feeling. I had a terrific time and am thrilled. Yes he does use drains, and from my understanding, I'd say most girls on here have had them (perhaps not those with brazilians...??) From what I have read removing the build up of fluid is possibly one of the factors in reducing the risk of cc. Also I have 2 different implant sizes, and profile, as there was asymmetry in tissue, nipple position and I had a dip in the chest wall on one side (nightmare LOL!). Dr Piyapas is a perfec
  11. So sorry to hear this news, bellabelly, hope you get some relief soon....sounds like physio is taking good care of you. chacha
  12. Hi girls, congrates on your TT's.....brilliant to look down at your new tummy Re standing straight, I found walking (recommended by my surgeon from day 3! (a little at a time, but building it up) helped a lot, good to go with free arms, ie no holding hands of little ones, or shoulder bags, so you can really swing them and stand tall.....even if you are going at a snails pace! While you walk and breath, you can practise the peliv floor exercises (if you've had kids you'll know the ones!) and that will help engage those muscles and start the strengthening of the abdominals. I was recommended
  13. Thanks so much Maz1980, sounds like you're doing very well!! Looking forward to seeing your pics when the come
  14. Congrates on the weight loss, and great you don't need the TT If you are confident in organising your flight/accommodation, you could just book straight through the hospital? You prob wont need to show a copy of your passport until you arrive.....well that's how it worked for me when I went direct through Bangkok Hospital Phuket up the road. Lois1964, see http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?13886-Lois-BA-journey-with-Dr-Boonchai-PIAC&highlight=lois went through the same surgeon, you may want to chat with her if you're interested in doing it without the agency
  15. Great to hear all has gone well, you're doing we'll to be writing! I recall barely being able to speak let alone type LOL! Take care and rest up, hope you get a good nights sleep Chacha
  16. Congrates on the surgery Hope you have a smooth recovery and you love your new look cheers chacha
  17. Funny you mention that, but I seem to be progressively getting more difficult to wake from anaesthesia, last time I think I was in recovery for ages, and I still don't recall being wheeled back to my room or so I'm told, seeing my hubby!! Defintely something to mention to the anaesthatist when you have your pre-op. It doesn't make me vomit though(that's the pethadine and morphine) Good luck with the "new" insert, hope they do the trick!! chacha
  18. Thrilled for you Teelee!!! Hope it all works out well in 3 months time....you deserve it
  19. Sound advice from SpottyDog, and for some recommendations, we'll need to know where abouts you are or intend to have surgery....or is this flexible? Hope you can find the right surgeon chacha
  20. Hi Cupcake, sorry to read your earlier posts about regret and so pleased that you are now much more positive. I must say I thought OMG what have I done when I had the TT and I saw the scar just after the op!! Plus I did underestimate how difficult recovery would be! Then when I had my BA, again I underestimated the pain and fell into a trance like depression for a day or 2 post-op, despite me being happy about having them done, I kind of felt numb. I think everyone reacts differently to pain, pain meds and the anaesthics and we can literally be all over the place. Oh and by the way I didn'
  21. I suspect the silicone inserts have a film of plastic on the outside, so you are probably not in contact with the silicone....could this be the case? I also use to get a rash with them occasionally (wore them for exactly the same reason!!), but mostly like a sweat rash as they don't breath. Perhaps you could just put some sort of liner in to reduce your skin contact. You can also buy bras with them inbuilt....could be an option. Despite my allergys I have had mine implants now for over 6 months with no reaction chacha
  22. Thinking of you TT and hoping you're ok chacha just saw you update....so glad it's not super serious and your right, better out than in! Hope it all clears up soon. take care chacha
  23. Hope all's ok Lexi? Take care and hope you get a relaxing weekend chacha
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