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  1. Thanks Bodyresolutuion, yes I am happy with the results, though I've still got a way to go with swelling and can't tell how the scar is yet. It's definitely something to do when you are fit and well, as it's a pretty big op. Best of luck with the BA with Piyapas....I'm going to him too in Sept!! Can't wait really, just want all my surgery to be over and done with....and have great (.)(.)!!

  2. Hi kytelle, just wishing you all the best for your surgery tomorrow with Dr Piyapas. I imagine you are already over there now, or on the way. Are you having your consult and op on the same day? Mine is at the moment but may change that yet, still have 7 months to wait.....argh!! By all accounts everything I've heard about Dr Piyapas is great, so we'll be in good hand. Hope you manage to have a great holiday there too. Let me know how you get on chacha

  3. Hi Mrs B, thanks for your encouragment for my surgery. I'm feeling loads better today, though still stooped over like an old lady! I'm expecting to be more mobile next week. Have quite a bit of swelling at the moment, think I put on 4 or 5 kg!! Once I get walking more that should go down, and I'll load up some photos. It's looking pretty good at the moment, but still hard to tell exactly how it will look. So glad your happy with your girls, I just remember laying in hospital dreaming of when I will get my BA done....(think the pain killers had made me a bit happy)...sucker for punishment I guess LOL chacha

  4. Hey Gingerschnapps, wow you look great!! I can't believe your pics are only 8 days post op. You've hardly any swelling, and they are sitting very nicely. You must be thrilled. :D Are you still OS, if so have a great time enjoying Bangkok. I'm just sitting about recovering but definitely feeling bit better today, hopefully I'll be properly up and about next week. take care chacha:)

  5. Thanks Mrs B!! Getting excited and nervous. Haven't packed yet either, though not got to take much really, and the hospital is just up the road. love your new avitar!! You must be so pleased with your new pert pair;) Once I go in tomorrow late morning I wont be back online till Sunday sometine, as I don't have an iphone or the like. Will let you know then how it went. chacha

  6. Hey Gingerschnapps, just noticed your post saying you're all done, congratulations!!! Hope the pain isn't too bad, you'll probably feel loads better in a day or two, hang in there. Rest loads, and don't worry about keeping up to date until you feel totally up to it. take care chacha

  7. Thinking of you, have a great trip, keep relaxed, and soon you be recoverying with your new boobies!! Keep us up dated :) chacha

  8. Hey Big Booty, just noticed you're going in tomorrow as well as Mrs B. Hope you love your new boobies!! take care. chacha

  9. Mrs B, Best of luck for tomorrow!!! You'll love them I'm sure. Here's to a speedy recovery :) chacha

  10. Hi Ilovepink, hope you are still around!! Do you still love you new girls? I'm thinking of going to Dr Pongsatorn, but there aren't many before and afters! Thanks for posting yours, you look fantastic!! Will you be posting any up to date ones? Did Dr Jibs show you any before and afters during your consultation? How did you make the decision to go with him? (I know you had problems and had to change to Phuket at short notice) thanks again, and hope that all is well chacha

  11. Hi Diana, just wondering how you are getting on. I'm still considering Dr Poomee, but am also considering Dr Pongsatorn in Phuket. It will all come down to others experiences and how they feel it all went and their results. Please let me know how you are progressing. thanks chacha

  12. Hi Princess2011, how is your recovery going? Just had a read of your BA and am still interested in Dr Jibs. If we decide to go to Phuket (at the moment torn between Jib's and Poomee in Bangkok) To be honest it would suit our family to go to Phuket better, then if we do go on to Bangkok afterwards I'll be more up to doing the touristy thing. Anyhow, are you going to be posting any before and afters, as there are so few examples of Jib's work, or can you direct me where I can veiw some? Thanks, and glad that you are so happy with the BA chacha

  13. HI Liveyging, I'm also very interested in Dr Poomee, and as you mentioned below, there are no before and afters available from him. I am trying to work whether to go to Bangkok with Poomee, which will mean we'll be doing sight seeing pretty much as soon as I can get about (with 2 boys 4 and 7 by then) or go to Phuket and stay in a lovely resort to recoup while the kids go to a kids club!! Really Poomee is my 1st choice, but I also have to consider recovery time and what will work out best for us all. Any chance you could post me some before and afters if you are comforable with this? Hope you are happy with your new BA!! chacha

  14. All the best for your up coming surgery....you must be getting so excited!! Hope it all goes well. chacha

  15. Thanks nikbri, sounds like only time will tell. Your situation is very similar to mine, and only I really can feel the difference, but if someone studied them then they could tell when I don't have any bra on (lets hope only hubby does that!) Thanks you so much for sharing with me your experience, it will hopefully help me decide the best way to deal with this. At the moment I have contacted Dr Poomee, who suggested that the under arm incision would not be a good choice (which was my first choice) as the asymmetry is difficult to deal with through there. So looks like I'll probably go the same as you, and under the muscle. Thanks again, and look forward to seeing your progress. chacha :)

  16. Hi Nikbri, i've been following your BA story, and hope you are recovering nicely. I too have some asymetry, and would be very keen to find out how they dealt with that and how happy you are with the outcome? I am nearly a 10A on the right, and 10B on the left (perhaps a bit less difference), but I certainly can't wear a 10A bra as my left would just pops out LOL! Anyhow, hope you are happy with the op, and that you've been enjoying a fantastic holiday in Thailand. chacha

  17. Hi A to D Always great to see your posts, you are very knowlegable indeed! I noticed on the Tummy tuck section, you've had this done after twins. I've had 2 large babies (not twins), both 10 lb 5oz, and have a muscle separation of around 1.5cm or so now after much hard work (originally you could put your whole fist and more in there!), and also I have a possible hernia (discovered today during a consultation with PS but needs futher investigation). I was just wondering if you could pass on who was your surgeon was, and whether you were completely happy with the results. I am now well over 3 years post babies, and pretty fit, at 55kg (ish), and not intending to have any more. Do you have any advice on things I should be asking, checking out? I am having another consult Monday. thanks in advance Chacha

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