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  1. Good point mum05! I do believe it is scare mungering.... my GP was thrilled for me and said how wonderful the hospitals are over there! I'm thrilled with my BA result from phuket......obviously you must do your research, choose a hospital and surgeon wisely....but there is always risks in any surgery, where ever it is. The downside with O/S surgery is less after care, but i had 2 post op appointment and am now in contact with my surgeon via email. I actually decided to stay in Thailand 3 weeks (op was day after I arrived) incase of any immediate complications. There are some bad stories out there re Thailand surgery, but there are many from Oz too!
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    Hi Floss, welcome. Ms Lisa had hers done with Craig Rubenstein, then TT aswell, he sounds like a brilliant surgeon with excellent after care. You might have a chat to to re how she feels about her ops. I actually had mine done in Phuket, but I do have vitually the same stats as you. Pre op 164cm, 54kg, 10a (left nearly . I did have complications in that I have an uneven chest wall, and breast asymmetry in both nipple position and volume. I got 375 mod+ in the left, and 425 HP right. This does sound very odd, but it was the right choice for me and although the nipple position is not quite pointing the same (would need a nipple lift to do this) I am really thrilled with how they are progressing.....8 weeks post op today, so have some time to go till they are fully settled. I'm sure you will get a beautiful BA with him, let us know how your consult goes will send you a FR so you can see my pics chacha
  3. Hi, I went to a D when breast feeding and hated the look of my boobs, they looked like udders!! Originally I wanted a C cup (hubby thought this was too small), but realised after much reading that implants seem to measure differently to real breasts, and tend to look smaller in clothes than what they measure. In the end I was aiming for D or DD. (now a DD with 425 right, 375 left to fix asymmetry) I must say my boobs (thankfully) look nothing like my breast feeding boobs, they are perky and round and to me, look fab! In clothes though I actually look like a C cup.....just thought I'd mention this as it is worth thinking about, as if you end up a C cup size, you find, they'll look like a small B in clothes. My hubby was keen for me to get big implant (ended up with the biggest my surgeon was happy to put in), though he understood I'm not attention seeking in any way, and didn't want people checking me out, and I feel my size is perfect and no one has even noticed I've had it done (was wearing padded bra pre BA) Good luck with what you decide, in the end it's your body, and you need to feel comfortable and happy with how you look cheers chacha
  4. Thanks for sharing your story and glad the op has been a success, but I am so sorry to hear about your neice, what a tragedy for you all .... will be thinking of you and your family during this very sad time. take care xxxx
  5. Hi Rose, if it's not a prob when fitting bras, ie if they are not half a cup different, then you are probably ok, but in saying that, from my research, any differences there are will be emphasized the bigger you go (this is particularly true of shape and nipple placement). i have read of many girls who decided to go with the same (or were advised to!) and have regretted it, and a few who've had different implants and wish they'd gone the same. It will all come down to what cc difference you breast tissue is, which is really difficult to tell by a photo. Mine was 50cc difference (I worked this out by wearing rice sizers and adjusting the amounts many times till they felt pretty much the same), which felt like 1/2 cup size, and it bothered me a lot, as I never fitted evenly in bra (not even close!). I must say that I'm thrilled to have them more even (left is still just a tincy bit bigger...may 5 or so cc which is close enough for me ) I'm sure there was someone on here a few months ago with the very same delema with furrys, seeing Dr Harwood. Not sure what she decided now, but you could do a search on asymmetry/harwood/brazilians and see what was said and how she went in the end. Think she was advised to go the same, but he check it out during op and if need be he'd up the size on one....... One day if I ever had a redo i'd consider going for brazilians, but I would have a size shape delema too. Hope you can work it all out chacha
  6. Laura, Dr Piyapas I think uses smooth generally, I haven't heard from anyone who've had textured, but that doesn't mean that he wont do them?! He generally does unders too, which does have a lower cc rate. The 125000 is for the op, stay in hospital and implants (for a BA with no lift) then there are tests you will need, depending on your history/age etc and these for me (as I'm 40 )cost around 5000TB - had stress test, bloods, chest xray, and I had already done my mammogram at home and brought my results which they accepted (needs to be less than 6 months old). HTH chacha
  7. Hi Mrs G I bought the berlei post op (open back and front which means you can use an extender incase of swelling) which are great, and i often sleep in this one still. I bought a 10D and fitting very nicely in 10DD now, but as it is quite stretchy (yet supportive) I can still wear it very comfortably. It was the one I used as soon as I took off my bandage on the day after my surgery before I left the hospital, and I could put it on easily on my own. http://www.undiewarehouse.com.au/underwear/post-surgery-bras/berlei-post-surgery-wire-free-crop.html I also had other sports crop bras (double layered and quite supportive) from target that did up at the back, but they have stopped making this sort, and only do ones with adjustable shoulder straps, which wont be helpful when you have swelling to deal with. They are great to sleep in too. The other bra I bought was from the UK, the Triumph Extreme http://www.sportsbrabar.com/catalogue/21487-0036/triumph-extreme-black.html and this is super supportive, though I would go for a bigger band, as my 10DD is too tight and I have to wear it with an extender, so really I should have bought a 12D.....but I still love it, though prob not perfect for the first few days post op, as it is not particularly stretchy. good luck not long to go now!!! chacha
  8. Hi Laura, originally regular textured implants were to prevent CC, but it widely agreed that they make no difference. I have also read many times that textured implants have a higher rate of rippling which inturn can cause rupturing as it weakens the silicone wall of the implant. If you are talking about Brazilians this is a completely different coating (polyurathane), and works differently to a standard textured implant as the coating is shed during the process. They have lower cc, ripling, rupture and rotation rates, but can be trickier to do and should be done by a surgeon experienced with using them. Also regarding massage of smooths, I must say it is a chore because it takes time! But the whole reason for doing it is actually to attempt to keep the pocket larger than the implant (so it can move around freely and be soft) to prevent scar tissue (which is what the pocket lining is) tightening over the implant and thus causing the distortion in severe CC. Generally if the pocket is too big, it is because the Dr has over disected the pocket in the first place. HTH chacha
  9. Hi rubii, yes that's too expensive for a TT, and I personally wouldn't even consider it. I also felt some of Dr Piyapas' prices were on the high side, rhinoplasty for one, but his BA and blepherplasty were more in line with others....not sure why!? I know of a few girls who have gone to Bangkok and had sucessfull TT, one who comes to mind is Mousey77 who went with Dr Preeyaphas Bangkok Hospital Thailand, through Bangkok Makeover, and she looks brilliant. You might ask her what it was like and how much etc. When you say you've been quoted $7000 in Sydney, is that before or after rebates? If it's before, then it's a great price, if not, it's still pretty competative! It's a big op to get over, and it will take several weeks to feel anything like normal, so take that into consideration when choosing where you will go for you op. For me, I was so glad to be close to home, and just be able to sleep in my own bed with my family close by. I had help around the house for the 1st week, then I could manage to some degree after that abeit at a snails pace and many things just didn't get done! good luck on your search chacha
  10. Hi there tummytrouble, welcome! I had my TT in Jan this year and it was the best thing ever. I didn't loose as much weight....(only about 12kg) as you (congrates on that though....amazing!!!) but I did have 2 babies around 10 lb 5oz each, which on my small frame took a huge toll on my tummy muscles and skin. My surgeon was Dean White in Box Hill. He is young and I believe uses some newer techniques, and did a terrific job. And the biggest plus was that he is reasonably priced!! In the end I was around $5 500 out of pocket, (after medicare, private health, and tax rebates). I think it will also depend on what you need done, whether it be a TT or a body lift.....only the surgeon will know what will give you the best results. Also I would recommend you loose as much of the wieght as you can before the op to maximise your results.....it will be soooo worth it I'd recommend you have 2 or even better 3 consults, and go from there. After my consult with Dean White I knew straight away he was my surgeon and felt comfortable and in safe hands. The hospital I went to was Epworth Private and they were great in every way. I'll send you a FR so you can see my before and afters and if you have any questions, fire away. I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done for myself!! chacha
  11. Hi read this recently regarding complication rates written by Dr Pelletiere in US on another website regarding a study.... ".....recently done by my colleagues at Georgetown University Medical Center as it relates to capsular contracture rates and incisions used for access. It was published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal this month. Dr. Scot Spear was the primary investigator, and he is regarded in the plastic surgery world as about as good as it gets when it comes to breast issues. The study looked at 336 breast augmentations and found that the rates of contracture at one year when using the inframammary incision was 0.5%. For the periareolar approach, it was 2.4%, and for the transaxillary, it was 6.4%. These are very close to the same rates that I see in my patients as well. The lowest complication rates are seen with the IMF approach, while the highest are with the transax approach. I always tell my own patients these issues, since each person needs to balance out the risks of complications vs. the scar placement." By the way 'Transax approach' is endoscopic through the armpit, and I have also read in my extensive research the complete opposite regarding the placement, that it is more difficult to achieve symmetry and much more painful to recover from (possibly when having unders anyhow). Anyhow, this is just what I've read, but for some it is possibly a better option regarding the scar placement.... all food for thought cheers chacha
  12. Hi, just sending you a private message, see Private messages in blue near the top of the screen (in a few minutes)
  13. When I took in my pics, I had about 6 or 7 before and afters of the look I loved and 2 or 3 of the ones i really didn't like.....with a big red texta X through them.....so there was no confusion. It was handy to have the print off of all of these, as he said he'd take them into surgery just to be double sure.....can't do that if you've just shown him over your phone Plus these PS's are busy people and I'm sure they've seen so many pics that I just didn't want to risk any confusion!! cheers chacha
  14. My surgeon provided one like the ones on the website below. Check them out. They were comfy for while and great that I didn't have to undo them to go to the toilet at the beginning and they're adjustable. But a few weeks post op I then changed to some super tight control pants (shorts) that went up to the bust line. http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product.do?id=93854 http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product.do?id=33107 cheers chacha
  15. Hi, by the looks he uses Brazilians and there are so many shapes and sizes!!......so it's going to be a very tricky guessing game LOL!! good luck chacha Oh and by the way, some of these were my "ideal" boobs which I showed my surgeon....particularly the black and white ones
  16. Hi have sent you a message on your profile, had Dr Piyapas and was very happy with my BA cheers chacha
  17. I had my surgery with Dr Piyapas 6 weeks ago, and phuket was a lovely place to relax and recover. We took the kids, hubby was great with them, and we got quite a bit of us time as our resort had a terrific kids club, I really did feel like we had a holiday (after a week of recovery!). We went to Bangkok at the end our our holiday and it was crazy and exhausting. Lots of girls have loved it there and had brilliant surgery....and I hear it's a bit cheaper, but for me and the family it would have been all too much with the op as well. Bangkok Hopsital Phuket was amazing and I would highly recommend it. I had BA and lower lid surgery, and my teeth whitened, and am very happy with all chacha
  18. I did as we went over with kids, but you need to have them (ideally) 6 weeks before travelling. If you go to a travel clinic it is cheaper and they don't always charge you for the consultation. I went to one on cnr of Burwood Hwy and Middlesborough Rd, much cheaper than seeing your GP. For me I considered it very important, but each to their own. cheers chacha
  19. Hi my PS removed dressings at my post op appointment and there was already a glue on them which I just had to leave on till it came off around 3 weeks post op, and nothing else. But I did use micropore tape after my TT here in Oz (although became allergic to it after 4 weeks) and it was good for keeping the scar together. Changed mine every 3 days, and dried with hair dryer. Doubt you can use the oil over the tape, as I think it will make it come off. Re you BA, I took over loads of things, water proof dressings, micropore tape, steri strips, etc, but didn't use any of them. When I asked about swimming (which my surgeon preferred that I didn't) he said if I must, he could put on some water proof dressings, but it would heal better without it. I was also given a special antibacterial wash to use once I was allowed to shower (after 1 week post op and after he's removed the dressings) HTH chacha
  20. Congrates Melbel.....rest up and enjoy your new girls chacha
  21. Sounds like you've had a wonderful experience!!! Congrates and I know you will just love them take care and rest up chacha
  22. Hi Sydneymum, yes I was sleeping on my side sometime around 2 weeks post op, as it felt ok, Ps said was alright as long as it didn't hurt. I have simlar incision that curls up a bit into a smile. As to swelling, like mousey I changed to a tummy control garment, came up under ribs, and at the bottom had like cycling pants. It really is important to wear it all the time! I remember when I was something like 5 or 6 weeks post op, and decided I was ready and ok to clean the shower, so took it off (as I tend to do it with underware on so i don't get the cleaning stuff on my clothes....prob should worry more about my skin LOL!) anyhow, I swelled up a lot, just because I didn't have it on and was exerting myself a bit. From memory I think I wore it till I was around 8 to 10 weeks, but then still I tapered off from wearing it, as my muscles would get sore and I'd feel a bit swollen. Prob 3 months was when I stopped wearing it altogether. The other thing I did was go for regular short and slow walks.....then rested with my legs up for quite a while. I think it's important to get the blood and muscles moving without overdoing it and stressing your tummy. Mind you by the time I was 12 days post op, I was having to do the school run, walking my little one in, which was absolutely enough for me at that point! Little by little you'll start to feel better, and before you know it, all of this will be a distant memory! regarding the collection of fluid is it in pockets? my PS said this was common, but didn't happen to everyone (didn't happen to me), and that it can be syringed. If yours couldn't get any out, there prob isn't that much, so just keep on with your compression garment. When is your next post op? Is your swelling in a pocket, or is it just localised swelling of the whole area? If the latter, the garment and time will do the trick. If in a pocket, then PS can deal with it, or it may just reabsorb in it's own time. If you are really worried, give your PS a call, I'm sure he can reassure you. HTH cheers chacha
  23. Hi there, yes it's perfectly normal to be nervous! I have 2 small kids 2, (we all went over together though) and that was my biggest worry, making sure I was going to be there for them. I remember saying to my surgeon just as I was going under, "please look after me.....I have 2 beautiful kids!!".....he smiled and said "of course!" while holding my hand. I haven't got experience at PIAC, as I went to Bangkok Hospital Phuket, but I hear great things about it on here, so I'm sure you will be in good hand. Make sure you stop all vits, herbal remedies and medication (unless you need them and they've been ok'd by surgeon), and relax!! In a few weeks you be looking down and smiling My hubby says it's the best money he's ever spent LOL! As to size, it kind of depends on many things such as your current BWD (breast width measurment) current tissue. But for me (was an A cup on right, nearly B on left) and my BWD was big....16cm (as I nearly had no gap between them) and I got 425 HP right, 375 mod+ left. You might want to think about what you prefer.....projection or sideboob, as the profile you get will influence this. I ended up with both mod+ and a High Profile to fix asymmetry issues in my chest wall and difference in breast tissue......both now fill a DD cup perfectly, and when laying down they sit exactly the same projection wise! You sound quite tall so I would say you could easily pull of a D or DD cup. Mine DD's dont look anything like it in clothes...more like a C. Don't worry too much about the cc's to have, as the PS will have a better idea of what you will need to fill out what you currently have and get you to your desired look when taking into account your body shape. Take some pics (regardless of what size they measure....as I think american sizes are quite different) of the size and look you are after, then they can see what you want. I actually took a few of what I didn't want too (with a big red cross through it)....just to be sure we were on the same page LOL! Good luck, and keep calm, it will all be over soon enough and I'm sure you will be in good hands. cheers chacha
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