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  1. Hi there, I had my surgery with Dr Piyapas at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket (booked direct through the hospital) and made my own arrangements with flights and accommodation. The BA was just over $4000 and my lower eyes cost just under $1000. I am thrilled with both and the hospital was 5 star!! If you search for accom and flight, you can get some great deals, prob more likely during the rainy season which I think is around July to Oct (we were there in Sept and it was lovely....only one windy stormy day in 14 days!) chacha
  2. sorry you didn't get any real answers yet, but it can be a long road. Waht a shame your GP was so dismissive, but glad she did refer you for the gyno ultrasound. Fingers crossed that some light will be shed for you in the near future, either through diet or otherwise. good luck with the gluten/lactose free diet.....I put my son on it for a considerable time and it was tough going (the bread is disgusting)!! He really missed his pasta and bread but luckily liked goats milk!?! take care and hope things turn out well soon chacha
  3. Hi Mumoffive, sorry missed your question over the easter break. I am sure you are ok with probiotics (you could always check with your surgeon via email?), they are more like having a lot of good probiotic yogurt or yakult drink, rather than a herb/vit suppliment. I def had them before and after surgery, to help prevent any tummy upsets with change in diet, and they also help prevent the after effects of being on antibiotics wow....only 6 days to go, you must be getting super excitied!! You'll have a fab time. cheers chacha
  4. Hi Kim, thanks so much for sharing your story, and thrilled that you are so happy I'm toying with the idea of vaser/cool lipo over there one day, and really appreciated hearing how it all went in such detail. Sent a FR if that's ok? thanks chacha
  5. Sorry to hear you are having this problem Sydneymum I'm glad you are seeing you GP, and not to scare you, but is there a chance you may have a growing fibriod or something of the like? It just seems so low and dare I say it pregnant like, particularly conisdering it's first thing in the morning....which is when i'm my flattest?? When you see him, see if he can feel anything there, and also if he can send you for a scan to check this out.....please don't panic though, the other girls have all suggested diet, and that could well be the cause, but best to check all bases. I knew someone who had a large fibriod, and she couldn't understand why she looked preg (having never had children). It all turned out well after shriking it with meds, then having it removed. When are you seeing Dr? Hope he can shed some light. Just so sad that you are having this happen after such brilliant results. i'm sure it will get sorted in the end once you know the cause. take care chacha
  6. Congrates on the surgery hellofeet! Sorry to hear you are in pain both front and back, but it is typical. I shuffled along very slowly and stooped for several days post op, and then by about day 10-12 started to stand straight....it wont be long. Also prop a pillow under your knees (and slightly under your thighs) and this will help when laying on your back by taking some of the pressure off it. At least when you are laying down you will hopefully be more comfy. Glad it's looking so good cheers chacha
  7. Great news!!! All the best for today!! cheers chacha
  8. I love love love my Pancache ultimate underwire sports bra http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Panache-Full-Bust-Sports-Bra-Grey-Purple-Sizes-14-18-D-F-Cup-/180868655474?var=#vi-content got mine in UK, was significantly cheaper, and now have ordered 2 more, wear it virtually every day as they are so comfortable with the silicone coating over the wire. Looks great under clothes too and super supportive Also have the triumph extreme wirefree bra which is very supportive,http://www.sportsbrabar.com/catalogue/21487-0036/triumph-extreme-black.html though I feel the band is very very small and would recommend you going up to the sister size, ie I'm 10dd, I should have bought 12d, but it's still comfy with an extender......the girls barely move it's so supportive!! cheers chacha
  9. Hi Kristen, thanks for sharing your story They look fantastic, terrific size for you too. Mine dropped at different rates, it's really frustrating, but they did even up. I think he was right though, you befores look virtually the same size with so little difference that 25cc would have been wrong. When the right muscle lets go they will for sure be very even. I started taking vit E (1000mg morning and evening) which I'd read can help with the making of the capsule and thus helping reduce risk of cc, but I also think this helped them drop....plus some vigourous massaging once my scars had fully healed. Glad your happy, and thanks again for sharing chacha
  10. Oh no!! You poor thing. I know it is hard to take, but it is def better to be safe than sorry and conforting that they really take your care seriously. Please take advantage of this time, between now and Tues to do some things that perhaps you couldn't do post op, enjoy swimming, perhaps go on a tour to phi phi island etc, as you may not feel up to it after the op. In saying all this, do rest up, drink loads and recover. Hope it doesn't cost you too much more with the changes in flights etc. cheers chacha
  11. Hi Katrina, the only issue I see with this would be if the band is on the small side because of swelling, it might be tricky to use a extender on the band because of the racer back. Think the following one was highly recommended by one of Dr Harwoods patients last year Mrs B, he thought it was brilliant, and she just cut out the wires. It was either http://www.boobytrapwarehouse.com.au/product.asp?pID=31878&cID=30 or http://www.boobytrapwarehouse.com.au/product.asp?pID=29828&cID=40 might be tricky finding the right size?! But it's tricky any which way! I think with brazilians you want a crop bra that will hold them firmly in place, without pushing them in/out/up if that makes sence. good luck chacha
  12. Oh and also I really recommend taking a supply of probiotic tablets, which help ward off food poisoning/tummy troubles, and also helps keep you regular after all the meds. There are some new ones on the market now that don't need refrigeration which is great
  13. Def take the antibacterial wipes, very helpful when you can't shower! Won't hurt to take some other med supplies like betadine, antibacterial soap etc. I did take waterproof bandages, but didn't use them, as Dr Piyapas used a special glue like substance which protected the incision for 3 weeks. 1st week had a full on dressing and wasn't allowed to shower, then I was given special antibacterial soap to use all over my body whilst I was healing which lasted a few weeks. Def recommend taking a neck pillow, one of those ball filled ones that are light, as sleeping propped up is really hard on our neck. Also take a thermometer to monitor you temp. cheers chacha
  14. Yay!! Good luck today, I'm so excited for you chacha
  15. Congrates TT&boobs, glad to hear all has gone well and you are recovering well Take care at home not to overdo it with the kids, I managed by disappearing for naps throughout the day, and going for mini walks (albeit very slow walking) and drinking heaps of water. You'll be feeling so much better very soon!! chacha
  16. Hi Emmajane, I think you'll find that neither of these girls went to Bangkok Hospital Phuket, but the threads are definitely worth a read to fully understand the risks and be fully informed when choosing a hospital and Dr. cheers chacha
  17. Hi Aimz.xo, glad to hear all turned out well just a tip, I wouldn't put your personal phone/email details on the public forum. Alternatively you can send a private message to someone by clicking on their name and selecting private message from the drop down options. I'd suggest you quickly go back to your post and edit out the mob number and send her a private message. thanks again for your helpful story!! cheers chacha
  18. Had mine done by Dr Piyapas, and yes it was always on my mind, but did not happen thankfully. I was on antibiotics for a week, plus anti inflams and pain killers. I did develop a temp and was immediately seen by the hospital who gave me the all clear....was getting the flu, temp, rash, aches then sniffles. Was very comforting that they looked after me so well Do check out lexie44light 's threads, and as it is said ther is always a risk as it is in any country, but in her case I think that she believes that the infection was actually caused by the incorrect removal of the stitches when back in oz and it definitely happend sometime later, well after her return. cheers chacha
  19. Well done Lexi, congrats!! So glad all has gone so well and the nausea has subsided. Rest up and enjoy:D Chacha
  20. Sorry to hear that Lexi, hope you have some insurance to cover it, but it is such a pain, and then there's the feeling of having your personal space..(ie car) violated. Been scarce on the forum but have just noticed tomorrow your day....yay!!!...hope all goes well for you, you deserve it Chacha
  21. I think for best and lasting results you probably need a lift. As Jenjen said if you go big enough you 'might' get away with it, but in saying that I doubt Dr Piyapas will go 500+ on you....but I could be wrong. Had a chat to Becbec34, she opted not to have the lift and think she was not completly happy. It all depends on the results you are after. Do you want perky and nipples higher? If so def go for a lift. If you are happy with you shape/nipple position and just want 'bigger, fuller boobs', then probably you'd be happy without a lift. good luck, not long to go!! Looking forward to hearing how it all goes, especially the lipo!! cheers chacha
  22. Yay....tomorrow's the day! Best of luck girls, hope all goes smoothly chacha
  23. You poor thing , hope the pain subsides soon, and that you heal up well and your results are still good.... sounds like it will all be ok take care chacha
  24. Hi there, I had my TT just over a year ago, after having 2 large bubs (4.7kg each)on a size 8/10 frame, during the second pregnancy I had pelvic instability (actually had same issue undiagnosed in first pregnancy) and could barely walk for 7 months, and this in turn had a really bad effect on my middle/ lower back, which has never been good since, to the point of being in constant pain when in bed, particularly laying on my back. My separation was very bad inicially, but had lots of physio which helped somewhat, but didn't help the back pain. Eventually decided to have my TT (kids were 3 and 6) to see if that would help....plus I had a lot of horrid saggy skin, a small hernia and looking 5 or 6 months pregnant didn't really help my confidence! My back pain now, after seeing a physio and doing pilates post TT has improved somewhere between 50-70%, which I'm happy with, and am generally not having to take painkillers in the night. I was not recommended a recliner, though I'm sure I would have used one if we'd had one. I would recommend getting one of those little neck pillows (ball filled or memory foam) as sleeping sitting up definitely caused a stiff and sore neck. I just used plenty of pillows to prop me up in bed, but a good neck pillow would have been great. I was out of hospital day 3 (2 nights stay) and although I was quite crippled I still managed. My parents stayed for a week (who are elderly and average at helping!), then I had the kids on my own. I'm sure with a full week in hospital you'll be well recovered if not going stir crazy with bordom! I was also recommended a high protein diet for after surgery, it helps the muscles repair more quickly, which is definitely a good thing. I was in quite a bit of pain, but the sheer exhaustion was the biggest thing and took several weeks to overcome....I'm sure it's you're body's way of making you slow down to let it repair. The worst pain was from sneezing and coughing.....so what ever you do, don't catch a cold! Hope all goes well in 2 weeks, you will love you transformation keep us updated chacha
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