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  1. Wecome home Me_Again, sounds like all has gone so smoothly for you. I agree with your advice, it's best not to much dwell on the pain, just take the meds rest, and defintely get moving bit by bit. I had 2 nights in hospital and started taking short walks (well shuffle for a little while )each day when I got home....amongst getting plenty of rest mind! Congratulations again and glad all went so well, sent you a FR, if that's ok cheers chacha
  2. Thanks for sharing this info and pics....sent a FR if that's ok cheers chacha
  3. Hi, I'm down in Melb, but CS1982 had TT and BA around the same time last year, Jan 2012. She saw Dr Jake Lim and her results were brilliant. Don't think she's on the forum anymore, but he is defitely worth researching Good luck, and congrates on all the weight loss.....you will be thrilled when you've had it all done, you'll feel like a new woman !! cheers chacha
  4. Congratulations Boobie mumma, so pleased you were able to have the redo.....that's brilliant that your surgeon is such a perfectionist Rest up and look after thoses babies!! chacha send you a FR, hope that's ok? xx
  5. Hi, I'd say it's pretty normal, everyone has different pain thresholds. I was definitely still in pain for a week or more....mostly on one side. Just be sure you are not developing a temp and check for suddenly extra swelling or burning redness on the breasts as this may point to an infection. With going under the muscle there's a lot of internal healing going on and swelling that can press on nerves, so don't panic, take some painkillers and rest up cheers chacha
  6. Hi Natlis, yes there are post op check ups after your surgery....depending on how long you stay for recovery and what proceedures you are having. I had a BA and lower eyes done at Bangkok Hospital Phuket with Dr Piyapas and stayed for 2 weeks (though this is longer than some stay....but just because we were on holiday). I was seen twice after the op by my surgeon and another time by the nurses when I had a temp (got the flu!) Each time the hospital collected me and took me back to our accommodation which was 45 mins drive away!! Great service and care whilst you are in Thailand.....but once you leave you will only have email contact, which is harder, but if you have no complications you are fine. But.... if there are complications then you'll need to have a supportive GP or find a PS in your area or visit the emergency department. Most girls (but not quite all) go through plain sailing.....it's just one of the risks you have to bare in mind if traveling abroad for surgery cheers chacha
  7. chacha

    Dental work after BA

    That sounds brilliant.....hope it all goes well with the crown fittings today
  8. chacha

    Dental work after BA

    mmmm the timing for the whitening sounds familiar.....think I've got it wrong, and that it was the same as Kristen...ie 4 lots of 20 mins!! Darn memory!!
  9. chacha

    Dental work after BA

    Hi re the teeth whitening, different ways of doing it will cost different amounts. We had "bright smile" and which is light/bleach treatment (I think) and we had 3 (45min) (sorry correction this was 4 times 20 mins)consecutive treatments, which gives visible results. Not sure about what they use here, but have seen deals that offer only one session of about an hour....so probably not as effective and would possibly need further treatments to achieve the desired results. But that's only from what i've gathered from looking at pricing here and pricing there,........there maybe be places you can go here at comparible prices? cheers chacha
  10. Sorry to hear about the Monkey bite (ouch:()......what are the odds?!? So pleased you are taking it so well, and now you can just relax and enjoy your time there. Perhaps you can shop about for consults, see a few different surgeons, and get a good idea who you'd like to use when/if you return? take care chacha
  11. I'd definitely go the larger option. As your PS is the professional and very experienced - and if you have plenty of skin to fill out I'd go with his recommendations, hopefully it will help you get a perkier result too You will find that after a couple of weeks they wont feel that big at all, and particularly in clothes they really don't look that big. I'm a 10DD (had 375mod+ and 425HP) started from A (nearly B on left) and I do wish I had a few more cc, though I still love them. I also quite quiet and shy, so not wanting to draw attention in any way, they probably look like a C inclothes.... so I assure you, you'll love them I suspect you'll get the 12D or DD from the larger ones, which sounds big to you (but it's only a bra size), but really it's not that huge once you've lived with them a little while. There are some great deals out there too for the larger bras, I always found the 10B and 10C were always first gone.....now I'm spoit for choice HTH chacha
  12. chacha

    Dental work after BA

    mmmm that is expensive!! We paid around $300 dollars each for whitening, and hubby had a filling which was about $80. If you are just enquiring, you can easily get a quote from Bangkok Hospital Phuket by sending an email. My contact was mark mark.an@bgh.co.th if you think you might be heading to Phuket. I'm sure you can also get quotes direct from the hospitals in Bangkok too. cheers ps you are going to love parading on the beaches after you BA....great time to go:) chacha
  13. Hi girls, looks like she's natural....though nice look see http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Ashley_Sky I was thinking probably a smooth implant to get that sort of look, and probably mod profile, maybe mod+ chacha
  14. chacha

    Dental work after BA

    I had my teeth whitened about 12 days post op, they cleaned, checked and the did "bright smile" whitening. Had no probs, but I wouldn't go having a root canal, or something quite invasive with higher possible infection risks. Had mine done at Bangkok Hospital Phuket....they were brilliant. It was uncomfortable sitting precisly still for 2 hours in an awkward position, and had sensitive teeth for 24 hours.....but it was so worth it. Both hubby and I had it done and they look great, and would def do it again if we go over. The hospital picked us and dropped us off....was good service Chacha
  15. Hi there, I had Dr Piyapas and am thrilled with my results. I had tricky asymmetry, a chest wall dip on right side, which was also the smaller breast, and the left nipple was lower and pointing outwards. I have 2 different implants in cc and profile. left 375 mod+ and right 425 HP, and they are very near perfect! He did say that the only way to change the nipple was with a small lift, but we both considered it unnecessary. Post op for a few weeks I was worried, as each side dropped at different rates, but now they have settled properly, they are great and I'm very happy. I think he's very experienced and the perfectionist type, quiet and caring. He gave me good advice regarding size and trying to achieve the look I was after. I have read good things about Dr Pongsatorn too, but can only speak from my experience. Bangkok Hospital was lovely, and had I a great stay there, and the pick up service was great too. HTH, good luck with your decision chacha
  16. How are you doing Mermaid? Hope you've had some relief by now, did you manage to contact your surgeon/hospital? Hope it's all ok chacha
  17. Any luck Onee-Chan? Hope you are doing ok. chacha
  18. Yes it will take several weeks if not more for the main swelling to go down, but you'll probably find it goes up and down for some time during your recovery depending on how much you do, and whether you are wearing your compression garments. After 2 weeks I started wear those super-dooper tight fitting gurdle pants/shorts that go up to just under your boobs, and found this much more comfortable and great support. It also helped keep a check on swelling. I found that my side on profile improved more when I was able to exercise (think this was around 6 weeks post op) but more so when I started pilates which I wasn't to do until 6 months post op, just to be sure not to undo any of the muscle stitching! Give it time, you will find it goes down. Also you may be somewhat bloated from differnt foods and medication. I found taking a probiotic helped a lot, if you can drink a couple yakult or the like each day it may help too, and keep a check on the amount of carbs you consume as they will agrivate bloating. Hope it settles down soon chacha
  19. What a shocking thing to do! You poor thing Glad though you are enjoying Thailand...it is magical. I would also add to the other girls suggestions to contact Racheal at Bangkok makeovers (think they use Bangkok Hospital). At such short notice you may find people have cancelled for one reason or another , and there may be some excellent surgeons available. Good luck, and spend some time contacting agencies and hospitals, and it all may work out......crossing my fingers for you chacha
  20. chacha

    Uni boob

    Hi Naja, I have naturally close breasts, and was worried about symmastia before my BA, but my surgeon said going under the muscle will help prevent this. Are yours unders? I do find mine sit apart 1 cm with no bra (further when laying down), then with an underwire bra on, they make a V shape in the centre, but in a compression bra/sports crop with no underwire the skin lifts a bit but I know it's actually my own breast tissue that is kind of squashing together if that makes sense. Are you in underwire bras yet? I found these help to support and separate the girls nicely. I have the Panache Tango Balconett bra on now and the wires come up high and close in the centre which is perfect as they support the centre part, as opposed to a plung bra that has lower wires in the centre. Do contact your surgeon with pics to show him, incase it is more serious, but it's probably just your natural tendency to have close clevage. cheers chacha
  21. Hi there Mermaid, sorry you are suffering I did have some really bad pain late in my first week post op on my left side, (which had more swelling, and took longer to settle). I would definitely ring/email the hospital with your concerns asap and insist that you be checked out. I came down with a temp the day after my check up and they came and collected me and gave me another check over (with the nurses), if it had looked serious I'm sure you'd see the Dr. I ended up just having the flu (rash, temp, headcold and aches) so was nothing to do with BA, but better safe than sorry. If you get onto it straight away, you may even be seen this am. Take care and hope it settles down very soon. Chacha
  22. Hey Kristen, I had teeth whitened too....and yes it was qutie painful and uncomfortable sitting there fore sooooo long!! But love my results and the nervy feeling went away within 24 hours, so it will pass soon. Hope you are doing fine...you did well to have your teeth done so soon after your op....you must be feeling pretty good! cheers chacha
  23. wow not long then till your consult From what I've read he's a brilliant surgeon....hope you can get them asap:) chacha
  24. Great to hear from you Kristen, glad you like Dr Piyapas, he comes across so calm and reassuring Hope all goes smoothly today.....you must be bursting with excitment!!! cheers chacha
  25. sorry to hear that Lexi, but still keep pestering them for an update....so that they actually do follow through with something with a conclusion! What are your plans for having the BA redone, when/where/who? chacha
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