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  1. Yes I was advised after my TT to use micropore tape for up to 6 weeks. My wound dressing was removed around 1 week post op, then had micropore tape put on. As Sukii said, re-apply every few days but you can shower with it and then pat dry (or blow to be thorough) And it is for that very reason....to prevent the scar from stretching whilst healing. I found it very good.....then became allergic to it after about 3 or 4 weeks so had to stop, but I'm sure it helped during that inital healing phase. Then once it was fully healed and I couldn't use the tape anymore, started massaging with oil and using silicone tape. Check if your surgeon recommends to massage and from when, as I felt this really helped. hope you're healing well chacha
  2. Hi I'm allergic to quite a few things, morphine and it's derivitives, some penacillan, micropore tape, some bandaids, pollen, lanolin....to name a few! Though I don't take antihistmines all the time, just during the hayfever season, and then continue most of the year with eye drops. I think when I had my TT, Dr was fine with me taking anithistamines, and with my BA and lower eye surgery dr was fine me taking them after the op (hadn't asked to take them before, but after the op my eyes swelled up..more than would be expected, with a reaction to the antibiotic cream) Best to always check with your surgeon and explain to him your concerns. I'm sure he'll understand and perhaps advise you on what ones that are safe......or see if you can have him pass on your concerns to the anaesathist who often are the ones who know about all the meds. cheers chacha
  3. Good luck, hope all goes smoothly cheers chacha
  4. Yes in saying that please remember you will still have limitations, like picking up little ones etc, but by this time you all will have adjusted hopefully to doing things differently so that you wont risk undoing the surgeons good work cheers
  5. Hi Flattummytime, sorry you are feeling miserable about your results, everyone's body acts differently to operations, plus I found I swelled up a lot more with my BA op than my TT, just because the weather is so hot and humid in Thailand in comparison to Aust. I think I couldn't even bare to look at my incision during the first week it looked so hiddious, give it time and things will settle down. Hope you don't mind I've sent you a FR thinking of you and hope you feel better soon.....stay positive chacha
  6. Hi TTandBoobs2013, sounds like you've got your bases covered. You have heaps of help organanised which is brilliant. As Hazel said, it is a major op, but it is do-able with a high level of support. My kids were 3 and 6 at the time, and were great at being careful and I had no lifting to do....mind they are ridicously heavy kids so I shouldn't be lifting them anyhow. I had help from my parents for a week. Watch stretching up, think this was one of the things to avoid for TT for a month or so. Get cooking so there's plenty of ready meals and snacks for the kids, and have some new quiet activites ready to bring out for when you get home so you can go have a rest while Hubby or friend minds them and they'll be less likely to want mummy for a while.I'd say by 2 1/2 to 3 weeks post op you'll be feeling pretty independant, and you'll know your limitations and will have modified any little things you do ready for when you have the kids on your own again. good luck.....one month will be here before you know it! cheers chacha
  7. Hi I had something similar.....they ended up being spitting stiches which came to the surface in the end, but probably started around 4 weeks post op and lasted 3 or 4 weeks. I have heard sometimes the scaring hardens around the internal stiches (this has happend on the muscle repair of my TT under the skin), but will eventually soften up with massage. Just keep an eye on them that they don't open up and if you are at all concerend that it might be more serious I'd see your PS or GP. cheers chacha
  8. Hi, I think from your current size and pre op pics that your PS is spot on! You could even go a touch more to help fill them out(and honestly I'm quite a conservative person!) You will find the upper pole settles down and remember rounds will look more natural when laying down Sounds like your PS has a great reputation 3 weeks will fly by, and soon you be loving you new look.....I'm sure you will have fantastic results...good luck chacha
  9. Hey there, great to see you They look brilliant.....very perky!!! Hope the "brick-tits" settled down (that still makes me giggle;)), and they've softened up a lot. I hope to put some 6 months pics up next month. chacha
  10. Hope all goes well....will be thinking of you chacha
  11. great news flattummytime!!! Rest up and enjoy chacha
  12. That could be, though I'm not sure.....if you do want to enquire with Dr Piyapas, email Mark on mark.an@bgh.co.th , he was really great at getting info to me. cheers chacha
  13. Hi Homebrue, had mine done same time as my BA with Dr Piyapas, they are perfect and I'm sooo happy. It's taken 10 years off my face, hubby was stunned at how they immediately looked so much better.....even with stiches in and swelling! Cost about $1000 AUD (30,000TB....a significant saving too chacha
  14. Hi good advice from TheFox, and if you are going to go over the muscle you may want to consider having Brazilians to lower the chance of cc. PIAC were using them, but have recently stopped getting them in, I think by special order you can have them done at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket, but not sure how experienced or who would be experienced with Brazilians there. Def go for a consult here with a good PS and see what they say, a photo can only say so much, better to chat in person. Also you may get a rebate (depends on the severity of each individual case) on medicare here, as I believe some BL and fixing of tuberous breast can have a medicare item number....in turn then I assume if you have private health your hospital stay may get covered too (again if a medicare item number is given)......but don't quote me on that! Anyhow, find a good surgeon in your area and book in for a consult and see what comes of it cheers chacha
  15. Hi Homebrue12, I had my lower eyes done, and the results are brilliant, no more bags! The scaring is completely invisable.....you just can't see it's there. It took a few months for the entire swelling to go down fully (much less than for rhino though I'd say), but I am really thrilled I had it done And no one noticed at all.....I just looked refreshed. Good luck saving up. cheers chacha
  16. Another to keep to a minimum is almonds...they are high in Vit E which also thins the blood. Can you ask your surgeon if you can reduce your coffee and green tea? I had been on 5 or 6 green tea a day, and reduced this to 2 pre-op, and one coffee as usual in the morning cheers chacha
  17. I'd think about going for the epidural, but that's cos I get really sick (vomiting)with sedation!! My only concern would be laying there for up to 6 hours fully awake and not being able to move!! Lack of pain next day would be brilliant! By the way I've had 2 epidural before, and full anaethetic several times. Good luck, hop all goes well chacha
  18. Good luck, will enjoying hearing how it all goes
  19. Hi there, BP, don't worry, how you are feeling is quite normal, I had some similar worries at first. I too suffer from some serious allergies, morphine, penacillan to name a few, and all went perfectly. Be sure to speak with the anaethatist and make sure all he and surgeon are fully away of your allergies and you'll be fine. As to rejecting the implants (also a concern of mine) I've had mine 5 months, and they are behaving perfectly You will love having your new assets. There have been several girls on here with the same condition and with terrific results and by all accounts you have chosen a good surgeon. I say go for it!!! chacha
  20. Hi there If you have hospital cover with your health insurance, as far as I know, (but dependant on the level of your cover and you may possibly have an excess for your policy) if you are given a medicare item number, you should have cover for you hospital stay....as I said dependant on the policy you currently have. Bupa were somewhat evasive at the time, (but did say I would get covered for the hospital stay if the surgery has a medicare item number), and definitely couldn't tell me what I'd actually get back from them, but I did get a very good estimate from my surgeon, as they tend to deal with this on a regular basis. When it came to claiming some money back from the payment we'd paid to surgeon and anaethatist, I only had to take it to medicare and then they forwarded it onto Bupa (medicare did most, and bupa gave a bit), and then the money we got back went straight into our account. Can't remember the actualy amount, but it was something $1200 all up. You can also claim tax back on your medical expenses once your medical bills exceed $2100 (pharmacutals, appointments, consults etc) (but don't quote me on this amount, think it changes each year) I'm in Vic so there's a chance it's different, but I'd doubt there'd be much. Good luck with it all, hope you can get some joy out of it.....sounds like you've dont an amazing job at loosing weight....congratulations. You'll be so thrilled when you have it done cheers chacha
  21. You may get recommended to have a good low GI meal just before you begin fasting to help keep your blood sugars level. Also I find that the extra adrenalin because of excitment and nervousness lifts you blood pressure and sugar levels a bit anyhow, so you may not feel quite as bad as you're anticipating Hope they can schedule you first up, best of luck chacha
  22. Hi there, sorry to hear this , hopefully you've got it early and may be able to avoid it getting worse. Was it vit d, or e? I've heard of ladies taking vit e (I'm on them as a precausionary measure) but not of vit d.....be interested to know about this. good luck, and hope that you get some swift improvement. chacha
  23. Hi there, I have 375 mod+ left and 425 HP right, to counter difference in breast tissue (and a bit of sag after breast feeding) and a dip in the chest wall behind my right breast. I will send you a FR so you can see my before pics.....they don't look hugely different, but I could feel a difference in bras....but not a massive different and was super sensitive about it. (My chest wall dip def affected how they sat in a bra too) Anyhow, am very pleased with my outcome, they fit almost identically in a bra and sit very similarly. Nipples point slightly differently, but that was always the case, and lefty nip is a tiny bit lower, but it has raised up a bit. If Dr Harwood suggests it, I would trust him, he seems to be highly regarded. Perhaps if you have another consult, you could ask to see some asymmetry BA's he's dealt with to ease your mind. HTH chacha
  24. Hi The Fox, had a look at your befores and am positive you will get a brilliant result....perky for sure!! There really is so little sag, mostly you have some loose skin because of loss of upper pole, which 375 or more will def fill out. Don't stress, by all accounts your surgeon is terrific and you will get awesome results. Also I think the vectra scan is only an indication, and gives you an idea of approx size and shape, so don't worry you will look great. Also I noted that the first pic in your ideal boobs album are loads saggier than yours!! You will have a much perkier set than that!! cheers chacha
  25. Hi Girls, best to check with your surgeon, as there is a slight risk that raising your blood pressure can bring on a heamatoma (so I found out after doing it around 4 or 5 days post op?....oooops!).....so best not to rush into anything, and be guided by your surgeon's recommendations In saying that, I'm sure 3 weeks is definitely going to be fine for you guys cheers chacha
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