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  1. How fantastic for you!! Glad you are so happy, well done and congratulations. As the swelling goes over the next few months, you'll probably love it even more cheers chacha
  2. I just remembered I also used http://www.sportsbrabar.com/catalogue/21487-0036/triumph-extreme-black.html which was great and is still great, except.....it's very very small in the band. I bought a 32DD (and I am a 10 band here so same as 32) and I need an extender on it...to the longest length so should have bought a 34D at least. Was really good bra for at the 2-3 weeks post op mark, excellent support Berlei post op bra was great, and very comfy....got it from http://www.undiewarehouse.com.au/underwear/post-surgery-bras/berlei-post-surgery-wire-free-crop.html cheers chacha
  3. Glad to hear you are back and doing ok. The pain of the TT is tough, plus you have had a BA and lift, so there is prob more for you Don't worry to much about the flatness, I had terrible frankenboob at first, and it did take quite some time for them to settle. Each person is different. Did you go under the muscle?....this will slow the dropping as the muslce has to 'let go' of the implant. It's hard to be patient, but give it 4 or 5 weeks to see any improvement, and several months for the finished result....same goes for the TT really! Take care, and rest up chacha
  4. Hi girls, I have both profiles!! my left is mod+375, right is 425HP. The two sizes were to counter the fact I had more breast tissue on the left and a dip in the chest wall on the right behind the breast. My BWD I think was 16cm....so on the larger side (though not sure that my surgeon calculates this the same as everyone else?) but my chest is wide front on considering I'm a size 10 band, and so too where my breasts....pratically no gap between them. My left was nearly a B cup pre op, right was def an A cup. Out of the two, I think I like the feel and look of the mod+ better, though this may be because the right has less tissue to cover the implant. By the way, they match virtually perfectly in size....amazing really! Nipples are slightly different in position....but that was always the case and doesn't both me. Proably I notice the projection of the HP a tincy bit more ..... it doesn't project further, it's just the way it sits is probably a bit less natural looking IYKWIM, but is only noticable to me. In the end, it will probably come down to what will fit your body best, the amount of cc you want fit in(taking into account skin elasticity, current breast shape etc)then matching this with the most suitable base width to suit your BWD, whether it be mod, mod+ or HP. Anyhow, hope my experince of 2 profiles is of some help in the HP/mod+ debate cheers chacha
  5. Hi Melanie, the most commonly used implants in Thailand are mentor. Bangkok Hospital's website does say they also use Allergan (both very reputable and of high quality, used thoughout Australia). I have mentor smooth, but others have textured.....depends on the surgeon (and your preference) as to what coating you get. Piac was doing Brazilians, but are phasing them out for the time being. Bangkok Hospital will also do Brazilians, though they have to be ordered in especially, and they cost more too. I was pleased to recieve my mentor card with the serial numbers of my implants, and know 100% that they are quality implants. cheers chacha
  6. chacha

    Ice Packs?

    I sat them mostly across the top, think it was ice pack for 2 days (?) to help reduce swelling then warm packs after 2 days post op (ie microwave it) to encourage healing I also tucked them in under the bra across ways to help them stay put! HTH chacha
  7. I was almost 40 when i had my TT. I had back issues from having my kids (big bubs) and they are still quite young (under 7)as I had them in my 30's. I felt horrible naked and completely embarrassed and depressed about my body (even though the rest was quite fit!), with my saggy crepey belly looking 6 months pregnant Don't let anyone make you feel you are being vain. Your body was not meant to be this way, and you are having reconstructive surgery to fix it.....it's a bonus cosmetically that it looks better cheers chacha
  8. Hi, had my TT 12 months ago, and yes it was the best thing I ever did. Yes I had the same scary thoughts about not making it, but the risks are very small. I love my new flat tummy and the fact I can wear shorts/skirts/pants without having to tuck my belly in!! And now wearing a swim suit....it's great (particularly since I've had my BA now too! ) I was in hospital for 2 nights, up and walking (in a fashion) 1 days post op. Sounds like most ladies go home 5 -7 days post op though. Was standing straight around 10 days post op, but it took a good 2 months to be anything like feeling back to normal energy wise. Definitely shop around, read reviews, there are the odd dodgy surgeon about! Get 2 or 3 different opinions and quotes, each surgeon likes to do TT their particular way. My surgeon was very reasonable, in the end I was around $5 500 out of pocket (after medicare and private health and tax rebates). Bare in mind, if you decide to post pone as you aren't quite ready, to get the medicare rebates, you need to do it before your last child is 7. I've sent you a FR to see my pics Good luck, HTH chacah
  9. It is true, there is one girl on here who was a Dr Piyapas patient who has deveoped capsular contracture, and there also is another lady from back late 2011 who saw Dr Poomee who has developed cc some months later too. The debate as to the cause of cc is on going, but from my research it is most likely to be from your own immune system. It can happen early on or years down the track. Definitely research your surgeon, but it is also important to know and understand the risks involved in BA surgery. Many girls sail through it and all is well, but a percentage will develop complications. Just be sure you are fully aware of the risks, particularly when travelling abroad. Don't get me wrong, I had a terrific time and am thrilled, but you have to accept risks and the lack of after care once you are home. chacha
  10. Hi, I had a similar situation, though mine were always a little different (so asymmetrical in tissue) but this was emphasized by breast feeding making the nipple sit lower (and it points sligntly out too!) I also had a dip in the chest wall behind the smaller side. I was never recommended a lift, as I really didn't have any sag as such. I could have had an areola lift on the left to bring to closer to the centre, but I still had a difference in tissue to deal with anyhow. In the end I was give left 375 mod+ and right 425 HP, and I'm thrilled with the results. It took a while for them to even up, as my left was slower at dropping. Volume wise they fit a bra near perfectly the same and the nipple height is darn close too. I'm very pleased not to have had a lift, but was considering it for a while post op until the left dropped and they evened out much more. I have noticed with the Brazilan implants that if you have some difference in breast size, they do matching base width with a different profile. For instance, a round base implant with a diameter of 11.8 can have Low, mod. HP and XHP profiles, but they all have increasing amounts of cc, ie low is 295cc, mod is 325cc, HP is 355cc and xhp 380cc....but they all have the same base diameter....therefore front on they will look the same, but projection will be different. This flexiblitly will work for some asymmetrical issues, but obviously not for everyone, it depends on many factors. If I ever need a redo I will seriously consider these. There have been a few girls who have had similar issues to you and had a lift on one side. Marymartini saw Dr Piyapas in Phuket and had an areaola lift on one side. For me, I'm thrilled with my results and as both sides feel virtually the same in volume and thus weight, and therefore I'm hoping any act of gravity on them will be even so that they continue to match for a good long while!! HTH cheers chacha
  11. Hi, my tummy went pretty flat post op, though I was pretty slim for me at the time of my op. Mostly kept the weight off, though I have noticed my body has decided that under the new tummy skin (which had been stretched down from above my belly button with little fat underneith) to collect a little area of fat ....seems our bodies can't be tricked into doing otherwise! It does depend on your existing body and how much fat you have, whether you have lipo as well etc. Also I found my tummy was looking much more toned once I started doing some light pilates around 6 months post op. When I sit down, the skin does crimple up a bit (mostly as it is a bit damaged from carrying babies and has stretch marks that seem to wrinkle), but standing straight all the excess skin is gone...yay! I'll send you a FR and you can check out my pics. I'm now 12 months post op. cheers chacha
  12. I also had same 2 surgeons in my final list. In the end went with Dr Piyapas for a few reasons, one being that I went with family, and Phuket was definitely going to better for my younger children, and also in my contact with Dr Poomee, he felt he wasn't confident of making me competely happy with a straight BA, as I had a few issues with asymmetry (in breast tissue, chest wall and nipple position!) So this made my decision much easier. I did however have a consult with Dr Poomee when we visited Bangkok for rhinoplasty, and he really is such a lovely Dr, and gave me some really sound advice and a comprehensive consult, so if I do go back, I'd consider him for rhino. Bumrangrad looked nice, though I did feel Bangkok hospital Phuket looked a bit smarter.... I can also say that the staff and the running of Bangkok Hospital Phuket were brilliant but I've heard Bumrangrad is terrific too! In the end Dr Piyapas gave me left 375mod+ and right 425HP (lowered crease), and they look great, very even and near as symmetrical as one could ever hope for! He seems to be good at dealing with asymmetry issues, though I did emphasize that this was my priority. Also had my lower eyes done....and they are amazing....not scar in sight and perfectly even. Best of luck choosing, HTH chacha
  13. Hi teelee, I'd be very suprised if you are recommended a lift. The side on view shows no actual sag (they're in great shape after have 4 kids!), and I think you'd pass the pencil test! Your nipple position is good too. To give them a little lift you may be encourage to have an anatomical implant, but even rounds - HP will give them a boost and some good upper pole without the need of an actual lift. Good luck with your consult, I think you'll have fabulous results chacha
  14. Yay!! Well done, rest up and enjoy some TLC chacha
  15. Hope all has gone well Homebrue12!!! Wishing you a quick recovery, can't wait to hear how it went cheers chacha
  16. Hi Mermaid, I had left 375mod+ and right 425 HP, had asymmetry in breast volume, chest wall (dip behind the right breast) and nipple placment to contend with. Dr Piyapas said the nipple issue would only be really fixed by a nipple lift (but didn't recommend it), but I am thrilled with the results. Volume wise they fit a bra near perfect and they sit very evenly and I love the size. Started off virtually an A cup (left was nearly a ....if I could have I
  17. For me, the initial swelling didn't last too long so by 2 weeks post op I could see how it would be, though if I wasn't wearing my support garment and I over did it, then I'd have general swelling again, anything up to 2 or 3 months post op. I just needed to pace myself and really listen to my body to make sure I didn't over do it. good luck, not long for you now cheers chacha
  18. Hi Maz you'll be given a heat/cool pack to use, I got 2, one for eyes, one for boobs! Take a thermometer to keep check on your temp. Anti-bacterial wipes are a must, as you wont be able to have a shower! And yes, def a neck pillow, your room will prob have heaps of other pillows, but the neck one is a must. Post op bra, Dr Piyapas usually recommends a sports bra, no wires. I like the ones with a wide band, stretchy, no seams, wide shoulder straps and adjustable at the back (and front if poss), then get a bra extender (like from target) to account for swelling. The berlei post op bra was good, but in any case you'll need to have at a bare minimum 2 bras, possibly 3 or 4, as you'll want to be putting clean ones on each day. Hand sanitiser, for just general out and about, you don't want to get sick before your op. Probiotics (I took blackmores probiotic chewable tablets), helps you combate bloating from meds, and also helps keep you regular too. Stock up on fruit in your room for when you get back from the hospital for plenty of fibre in your diet. Can't wait to hear how the lipo goes.....would love to have a bit done here and there cheers chacha
  19. Hi Mermaid, the driver will have your name on a board along with the Hospital name, and he will/should know where you are going to, ie your accommodation as you will have emailed this to your contact at the hospital. Our driver didn't know much english, but the sign was very clear, and had the hospital name and logo on it Don't panic, you'll be fine. chacha
  20. How are you doing Rubii? hope you are home and healing up nicely now. cheers chacha
  21. Hi Lexi, please keep fighting to get something out of GPS, in their business they want to pay out as little as possible, and will try it on. I know it must be incredibly confronting and emotionally draining but if you can get your claim accepted it will be worth it. You need to prove to them that as a direct result of your surgery you are now suffereing and the only thing that will fix it is a BA.....it is not optional! Perhaps if you can gather all your medical documents, including photos of your before and after breast pics and present your case. It would be such a shame for you to miss your trip with your parents but I can understand how down you'd feel if you don't have a BA to look forward to. Can you wear a flattering push up bra with a bit extra padding to boost how you feel dressed? I know mine were asymmetrical and I did feel horrible and self conscious naked, but dressed I had it sorted. Do you think by July you could have a plan in place, so that by next year you can head to Thailand. In doing this, it may cost a bit more with flights, but you may have more time off work by then so you can stay and enjoy Thailand and take your time recovering and weather should be better too. Think of it this way, the trip is a once in a life time thing as you will probably be sharing accommodation (and obviously the accomm expenses!) so really if you did it on your own you'd pay so much more.....so going with family you'd be saving money in the long run. I know it's not all about money, but more how you are feeling! I really hope you can get some joy out of GPS.....keep pestering them! Another alternative is to get a loan......though you'll pay more in the end unless you can get one from a family memeber who'll know you'll be good for the money. take care, really hope you can work something out that will make you happy in every way. chacha
  22. chacha

    I'm Done

    Oh Judgementnot, you poor thing, what a termoil you are going through I really hope that it all can be dealt with without any further surgery, particularly since it was such a small amount. When are you seeing the cancer specialist? Sounds like you've caught it very early, which may mean having your BA/lift was a blessing in disguise. Fingers crossed all will pan out well for you, will be thinking of you over the coming weeks. I'm sure you are in good hands at Bumrungrad. take care chacha
  23. Hi, have a read of the link below, it is true that your chest wall does make a difference, but a good surgeon can help make a difference too! http://www.advanced-art.com/Breast-Aug-Cleavage.htm cheers chacha
  24. Hi, I have been around for a long time, with Dr Piyapas as a special interest as he was my surgeon, and there is only one confirmed cc on the fourm who was a patient of his that I know of. There are many factors that can cause cc, and from my reading the biggest cause of it is your own immunity causing the over growth of scar tissue around the implant. So yes, you definitely need to research your surgeon/hospital, but also be fully aware of the risk of complications, as there is no certainty that you will be free from complications whether you get it done in Thailand or Australia. I was confident that Dr Piyapas is a highly skilled and conciencious surgeon and have been thrilled with my BA and lower eye surgery cheers chacha
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