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  1. Hi suzie1, just watched your last youtube and hope that you are feeling all good now that you are back in oz and a few more days post op. It is such a huge journey (having anticipated it for a year for you....) that when it actually happens I'm sure there are so many mixed emotions. I know when it's my turn I'm sure I'll be panic sticken! From your vid, your BA looks really great, and the size looks perfect for your body, despite no bra and the strap (which actually looked like another top underneith) :). Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks for the youtubes you've done which I've watched, it's really great to know all the variables for when my turn come around. chacha:)

  2. Hi Bettyboob, hope the marthon went well yesterday and that you've had a good day today with your BA op!!! What an amazing few days you've had, hope it's all gone to plan chacha :)

  3. Hi Bigbooty, how are you?......I really hope that all went well and Dr Piyapas was able to give you what you wanted. I hope you are not upset by my comments on your thread earlier, it's just I know what it's like to be stressing and obsessing about cc's when it's really a look we are after. I so hope that you will love the results when things have settled. I can only imagine how stressed out you must have been having gone all that way and not to hear what you wanted. Fingers crossed you got what you really came for, can't wait to hear how it went, chacha

  4. Hi there, you poor girl so hunched over and needing a walker!! I'm sure in the end it will be worth it, but I do remember that shocking back ache in the first couple of weeks, and the fact that you need to sleep on your back which always makes my back get really bad let alone the cripple walk all day too. I also remember looking at the scar when there was blood/stiches, and it was really scary, but in a few weeks it will change so much. Hang in there, I'm sure yours will definitely look as good as mine....probably better as you were a lot better to start with!!

  5. Hi there, thanks for the pic comment :) How are you doing? Feeling like you are able to get back into things properly yet? It certainly takes longer than you imagine to fully regain strength and stamina. Hope you are happy with how things are progressing, chacha :D

  6. Where abouts are you staying? we are nearer the airport and it will be a fair drive (not really sure how long it will take???) for me to get back with the family too!! Wont be looking forward to the trip, but it sounds like you just need to get dosed up with the painkillers before you leave ;)

  7. ps sending you a FR

  8. Hi LucyLou, just read your concerns re the endoscopic surgery with Dr Piyapas. (I'm going with him in Sept!) I think from what I've read that it does require a lot of skill, and can be a little more painful to recover from, but it results in a very discreet scar! With me he has recommended at the crease as I have some asymmetry, and he may need to try a few different sizes to match them up, and also his comment was that if it want 'that' size then I'd need to have a crease incision (going for10 DD) If you are concerned, I'd be getting in contact with the surgeon again, and see what he says, as I'm sure he'd definitely do the crease one if you prefer that, but if you scar badly, or have darker skin, you may want endoscopic where the scar will be very small and not a noticable. He has probably assumed you would prefer the least scaring. Don't worry, he's a great surgeon and either way you'll get a terrific BA!!

  9. Hi BettyBooB, all the best for your travels, the marathon and then the op!! Have a fantastic time.....you're soon going to have fantastic boobs as well as your super fit body!! ;)

  10. Have a great trip.............it'll all go fantastically. The 8th is only 3 days....eeeek!! :eek:

  11. Hi, when are you heading over to Phuket? Hope you have a smooth trip and that everthing goes to plan, will be thinking of you and will be eargerly waiting to hear how it all goes!! What date is you op again? Hope you get the size you want;)

  12. Yes, thanks for that advice, I know and trust that Dr Piyapas will choose the right size for the look I'm going for.... think I'm suffering from impatience!! Can't wait to get to Phuket and have them :D

  13. Hi there miz lisa, I imagine you are just starting to feel a bit better (although you didn't sound too bad...only panadol, that's amazing!), though I do remember my back aching a lot the first couple of weeks...but hang in there it will get better very soon. I have uploaded one picture, really not much to see, but the scar is definitely lighter and I think the puckering is a bit flatter too. Hope you are healing well and getting lots of TLC at home ;) chacha

  14. Thanks for that, yes I think I know in my heart that's how it will/should be, but my head I'm obessessing!! But definitely know that what I've been wearing with the ricers gives me the look I'm after :D Thanks again for the great advice chacha

  15. Hi there, just wondered if you could tell me if you did the rice test before you went to Thailand? I realise you originally thought you would need around 500cc, was with based on your BWD and pre op bra size, or from trying different rice sizers? It's just that at the moment I am happily wear 450L and 475R rice sizers, and they only look slightly bigger than my bras when I add extra padding, and is a great look. Also my BWD is around 13 (just by meauring in a mirror) so I can take a reasonable sized implant, but am starting off with very little breast, 32A/B. Anyhow, just wondered as yours look so fantastic but are no where near the size you'd predicted you'd need to get that look. Thanks again for the youtube!:D

  16. Hope all went to plan today tinkles, and that you are now the proud owner of the a flat and beautiful tummy!! (well the beginnings of it.....you're prob a bit swollen now) :D Hope you are comfortable and getting lots of attention from the hospital staff too. Take care, and would love to hear how it all goes when you are fit and able. :) chacha

  17. Hi cherryblossom, welcome to the forum, I'm similar stats to you, (use to be 10B but now 10A after weight loss), 54kg, and 164cm tall, wanting a 10DD too;) Wondered if i could send you a friend request as I've recently done the rice test to try to see what cc's to get, and am thinking of 450L and 475R, so similar to you. What implants are you having? I'll be going mentor smooth. Anyhow, would love to hear how it all goes, and hope you get lots of help from the forum :) chacha

  18. Great news!! So glad you avoided the vertical scar :) Sounds like you are doing really well, only panadol, you must have a high pain thresh-hold!! Think I took tramadol for the first 4 or so days, alternating with panadol. Can't take anything with morphine or codine as I'm alergic to it, which is usually the thing that makes people feel nauseas. Great to hear from you, and hope you get to see it soon.....don't worry if it looks scary, I'm sure it wont look pretty for a little while, but will be stunning in a week or 2 when the swelling goes down :D

  19. Hi newmein2012, friendship accepted :D Good on you, you'll feel like a million dollars by Christmas....in fact a newme...Just like me;)...can't wait for my BA in Sept, just wish I'd done it all in one go, but I suppose it really was the fear of the unknown then, plus it would have been a lot to get over in one go. All the best for your BA in July chacha

  20. Hi mandausudie, just wondered if I could send a friend request to you? I am hoping to get around the 475cc mark, but am curious to see what the mentor ultra high profile looks like, as not many girls go for that. How have they settled in? Hope you are still loving them :D chacha

  21. Hi miz lisa, best of luck for today!! Will be thinking of you, and hope that all goes well :) chacha

  22. Hi sellabella, just popping in to see how things went with your surgery? Been following your youtube diary, and I will be heading to Phuket in Sept. I've sent a friend request if that's ok. Hope all is well chacha

  23. Hi xtine, am contemplating a consult one day with Dr Southwark(he sounds brilliant), and was wondering if I could send you a friend request to see your results? It's so great to hear that you are really happy with it. I'm mostly wanting a tip reduction but am very scared to go ahead with anything (been talking about it for more than 20years!) as it's my face. I think I would only do it if I was completely sure. Thanks for sharing you great experience on here, as it really does help us all sort out the good from the bad!! chacha

  24. Hi there, glad you did the test....did you like the look? They don't feel too good though....very hard:p Take a look at http://www.mentorwwllc.com/global-us/Breast.aspx click on the MemoryGel® Breast Implants Smooth Round High Profile section and it will show you all the stats for the different sizes. They tend to go up in 25cc, so 480 wont be there, you'll have to choose 475 or 500. It's odd, but I've seen on several sites that the sizes jump by 50cc after 400cc, but on this one (the actual mentor site given to me by the hospital) it's going up by 25cc. That will be perfect if that's the case, as ideally I would go for 425 and 475. If you like the 400, 500 will probably look perfect. This is what A to D chose having worn the rice sizer of 400, and she looks fantastic and not at all too big. Not long now!!

  25. Hi Wobbleguts, how are you doing sweetie? Hope you are starting to get more mobile? take care chacha

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