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  1. Glad you're not "unhappy" .....cos I have to say they look stunning!! Sorry meant in previous post, not completely happy with the size. Good luck with your review, you never know, he may have something good to offer, fingers crosses I haven't heard of anyone having a redo in Thailand that has Brazilians already.....but it doesn't mean they are not out there. cheers chacha
  2. Hi ABOOBIES, welcome back! Sorry you are still unhappy Have you seen Dr H to see if you can get a deal for a redo? My concern would be that if you are wanting Brazilians again, BHP is by the sounds of it more expense generally than some other hospitals, then a redo is more than a straight BA and then Brazilians are more again! Not sure what experience he has with Brazilians too? Have you contacted him yet? Even if you are only a little interested, it would be worth contacting him (via the hospital http://www.phukethospital.com/ I had Dr piyapas there, and the hospital is lovely) and ask what they can offer you and get an idea of pricing. You may find a re-do not much more back in Oz. Hope you will find the right person for the job chacha
  3. Hi mszoya, I'm almost completely certain Dr Poomee only books directly, see http://www.drpoomee.com/, and doesn't do work for agencies. I've heard of GHT saying this before, and then fobbing people off to a different surgeon. I wouldn't pay anything up front! HTH chacha
  4. I agree with the other girls, I have never read a good review of Dr Pichet. Have you looked into PIAC in Phuket, have heard some good reviews from girls on here regarding a few of their surgeons and think they tend to be a bit cheaper. I think since you have only just had your BA 2 months ago you'd be wise to wait till you are 12 months post op, (you had a lift too?) to make sure all the healing is fully settled, then go for a revision. Hopefully by then you will have saved some extra $ up to cover the higher expense of revision surgery. Think you'd be kicking yourself if things went wrong and you'd just gone for the cheapest you can find, and then you'd have to find more money again t o fix it. I know it's hard to be patient......and boob greed can be all consuming! Keep asking around and checking reviews, there maybe less known, but highly skilled surgeons to choose from. cheers chacha
  5. I think how much you've got to start with will make a difference. Being a B cup will help, and not having a large cc will too. Dont worry, explain to Dr p you are after a natural look, as surgeons can subtly make a difference as to how they do it to achieve the look you want. HTH chacha
  6. Rest up and congrates Amelia!! It's pretty rough for a couple of days, but you'll feel better soon cheers chacha
  7. I'd say you'll have reduced your risks a lot if you've stopped now. Also I think nicotine suppliments are a no no too.....but worth checking with your surgeon. take care and if you feel the urge....google "skin nercrosis"LOL!
  8. I had a little recently on my shoulders, and put rosehip oil on morning and night, and although it didn't take the pain away, it stopped me from pealing. Hope it feels better soon. chacha
  9. Hi Lexi, glad you are all ok and there's no infection. I've been thinking of you all last night, and I know you must be in so much pain emotionally Give yourself plenty of time to get over this, and i'm sure when you are feeling stronger you'll be able to make a decision. If you do go down the route of more surgery, I'm sure they will be able to even things up somehow. I hear there are some great surgeons in Perth, and in a few months you'll be able to start having consults and your options will become clearer. But for now, rest and let your partner pamper you. Hope you feel a lot better soon. chacha
  10. Have you spoken to your surgeon regarding the area not healing? That would be my first point of call. See what he says, maybe you need some antibotics or antibiotic cream? I knew someone who had a skin cancer removed (removed skin about the size of a cup and saucer plate!) and then ended up with an ulcer section about 50 cents size that wouldn't heal for several months. She saw a wounds nurse eventually (she was just about to undergo skin graft) and they put silver healing pads on and within a few days, the wound had virtually healed! It's amazing what someone with practical experience in that area can do. See was you PS says, then if he doesn't know or have any bright ideas, maybe he could recommend a wounds nurse who may have some good practical advice. Good luck, hope you are happy with your results and that you are recovering well and are in little pain now cheers chacha
  11. Hi Angel, 7 days for me would be the bare minimum. I stayed 14 days in Phuket post BA, then another 5 min Bangkok! For me, I'd prefer to stay longer, but ultimately you are the one making the decision. What does Dr Poomee recommend? The longer you can stay, the better you'll feel travelling home. If you are on your own, you'll have cases/trollys/overhead lockers etc to deal with, and you'll still have quite a lot of pain 7 days post op. Also the longer you stay, the more post op care/check ups you'll have. cheers chacha
  12. Hi Batty Girl, I've read that the biggest issue is complications with healing, being directly related to skin necrosis which if you google it will stop anyone smoking pre op!! Have a read through: http://www.realself.com/question/long-stop-smoking-before-breast-implants good luck chacha
  13. Oh lexi that is so shocking! You poor girl, I'm really feeling for you. How long would you have to wait for a new implant if you decided to keep the one that's in? Please try to speak to a top PS asap to see what they would recommend regarding removal of one or both.....I know you're probably not thinking clearly, and when you need to make such an emense decision in a hurry, it would be useful to know all the pros and cons of each senerio. Thinking of you, keep strong. chacha
  14. Hoping all goes well today Lexi, what a terrible drama you've had. Hope Dr has some good news for you. chacha
  15. Thanks for the update Pocketrocket! So glad you love them Funny about your kids....just like mine...totally missed it, despite usually being extremely observant! We had a lovely swim at our local pool today.....unbelieveably my first swim since having my BA, and I can completely understand your happiness and feeling of confidence! hope one day we can see your uploaded pics!!.....hope it will be sorted soon. cheers chacha
  16. Hi lexie44light, don't panic, it sounds like you've done all the right things seeing the Dr etc. When I had the spitting stitches, there was a bit of ooz and then there was a small hole prob the worst one was 2mm, but it did scab over and healed ok. In all likelyhood any infection you had would only be superficial, and not internal, so don't panic. In a week I'm sure you'll find it's improved out of sight! I must say with mine, I avoided putting anything over it, once it had scabed over and wasn't oozing so as to let it dry out. I am allergic to various tapes, so I used some very light steri strips and keep it clean with betadine and kept it dry (often used a hair dryer to quicken the drying) and also tried to avoid sweating too much hope it settles down soon chacha
  17. Great storey Buby3, sounds like you're "all fixed up"!! My 2 bubs (singletons) were 10lb 5 each and they made a mess of me (size 8/10 and short waisted). It truely is a life changing op, I'm still astounded when I run my hand over my tummy and it's flat !!!! Congrates on your successful TT, hope to see your pics soon cheers chacha
  18. Oh I'm so sorry to hear of your bad experience with this Dr, I've only ever heard good things from him?! (sorry that I'd mentioned his name to you ) Don't worry about it though, perhaps he didn't feel confident to do you justice, I'm sure he is fully aware of what he's cabable of and what he's not. There is always someone out there that can help you, but perhaps you can use this negative experience to help you be more clear on what you want done and what expertise you need from your surgeon? Good luck, and be patient, the right surgeon will be out there. cheers chacha
  19. Hi judgemenot, I think if i was in your situation, despite having had a brilliant experience with Dr Piyapas (just BA and lower blepharoplasty....which both look brilliant) I'd probably choose Dr Poomee if there was a lift involved. This is not to say I wouldn't trust Dr Piyapas to do it, but I suspect he may charge quite a bit more, and I haven't actually seen many/if any examples of his lifts! Seen a few girls on here over the last year that have had a lift with Dr Poomee and they were thrilled, with very neat stitching. Plus I read that he's great at facial work. Ultimately it's up to you, but I've met both, Dr Piyapas is confident and a perfectionist, but quiet and not entirely a people person (in my opinion), and Dr Poomee is very warm and friendly, and gives plenty of information during his consults and is very thorough (had a consult for rhino while I was over there, but can't personally vouch for his surgery......but there are plenty of good reviews!). I'm sure both would do a great job. In the end we chose Phuket (and hence Dr Piayas) for our family holiday....while I had my ops, the kids and hubby had a relaxing and fun time too. HTH chacha
  20. :o Thanks girls (am just a tad embarrased!).......in reality I'm just "passing it on" as I recieved so much support, information and advice over the last year with my surgeries. I'd like to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me.....there are sooooo many of you out there, but most of all I want to thank everyone for contributing their honest experiences, as without them so many of us wouldn't have had the courage to go ahead with our surgeries HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL and good luck to all those with surgeries coming up in 2013!! chahca
  21. Yes, it's true, most who travel O/S for surgery keep it quiet, I did. Also the media do like to make an example of the "bad" surgery stories, which may well be to help benifit the Australian plastic surgery industry as the are loosing $$ Don't get me wrong, there are complication examples from Thailand, even on the forum, but most of those complications also exist here in Australia, such as cc, haematoma, reaction to anaesthesia etc. So when you are conisidering going O/S you really need to think long and hard about whether you want to risk the chance of complications when you wont even be in the same country for aftercare in the long term. To help reduce the finacial risk, you can take out medical travel insurance, which will cover medical expenses for problems arising direction from the surgery for a limited period, such as 6 months. I used GPS, cost around $400 for 2 proceedures....you also have to go to a internationally accredited hospital to be covered. It's a tricky thing to weigh up, and if I had my time again, I'd probably still do it as I've been lucky so far with no issues and I really think my surgeon was excellent but in saying that saving a few $ may not be the be all end all, and having the security of a good surgeon here may be more important. If you do go for a surgeon in Aust, you want to check out what after care and guarentee they offer, incase there reop is needed. If and when I need a redo, I would prob have it done here with Brazilians and a bit bigger.....hoping this will be 5-10 years I'm sure that's made it clear as mud but ultimately you are making the decision, which would be wise to base it on sound research cheers chacha
  22. Hi reduceme, my collage of before, just after and then 8 weeks will give you an idea We went to Bali not long after 8 weeks, perhaps around 10 weeks. HTH chacha
  23. Hi Mum05, I just bought some underwire bras from Target when I was first allowed to wear them. I figured, if I dropped and fluffed a lot to the point of no longer fitting them it wouldn't be a big deal (which actually hasn't happened) But i was suprised how comfy they are. My avatar, the red bra is from target and I love it. It's nicely shaped and fits me very well without feeling caged. I have also bought online some Panache bras and a panache Masquerade (which fits the best), and I tend to go for the balconette styles, so I'm supported from below, but not strapped down IYKWIM Got these ones from http://www.brastogo.com.au/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=50&Itemid=65 which is their clearance section. hope you find something comfy soon cheers chacha
  24. Hi miss mel, yes you are prob right that it is safer, as with any scans the breast tissue should be clearer to see under the muscle rather than over. In regards to the going under the muscle, this is suppose to help reduce the rate of cc, and also for those with little breast tissue (particularly little upper pole) it gives a more natural look/slope, without seeing an obvious line where the implant is, same with rippling, less chance of seeing it, as the muscle is over the implant at the top. Unless you are wanting a faker look, or wanting a quicker recovery, under the muscle will give pleasing results, and depending on the expertise of your surgeon, you can achieve a natural or fake look although your shape/chest wall shape and condition of your breasts pre op obviously have a huge influence too. HTH chacha
  25. Hi Polishgirl, I must say I did find the recovery harder than expected. I'd heard loads of girls being up and about 2 days post op, which I certainly was not! By about day 5, we went to one of those timeshare promotions for 2 hours (mainly sitting and chatting) and that was all I could manage. I mostly sat about relaxing. As I had my eyes done too, I did look a fright, so didn't want to ventue out anyhow. Also as I had kids in toe, my recovery was probably less relaxing than ideal, and also had a few nights stressing as one of them was ill, then I got the flu around 7 days post op! I would definitely recommend having a few days before your op to do some exciting things, then just plan some relaxing activites afterwards and some shopping if you are keen. cheers chacha
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