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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Pongsatorn September 15th 2014
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    168cm 50kg 300cc round smooth mod plus profile under muscle

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  1. Idea say give it time, I had different sensations on and off for the first year. If ur worried speak with ur surgeon for peace of mind
  2. I actually found mine whilst in Phuket, the ones I bought with me were too small so I went to the department store there and found a good 1. I still wear them as gym crops today ?
  3. I got the biggest my surgeon could fit and wish I could go bigger, once ur used to them they feel a lot smaller
  4. I'm nearly 12 months post op and they feel really natural, I forget I've had them done.... There just bigger ?
  5. Lucky u 420cc, I'm 168cm and 50kg and could go no bigger than 300cc due to narrow chest. Wish I could go 400, still a d always boob greed
  6. Smooth round mentors, u only need to massage daily for the first 3 months. I still do it every second day to be safe. There great
  7. Hi I'm 168cm and 50kg, I have 300cc mod plus round smooth unders. Started with a aa-a cup and now measure a d. Hope this helps
  8. Good luck ladies, u have a lot to look forward to
  9. You feel pressure on your chest but it's bearable and you know it won't last forever. It only lasts for a few days, u'll be fine
  10. Organise yourself, it's sooooo easy and you can ask questions directly. Worth saving yourself some money
  11. Wash and blow wave is only about $10 in Phuket, may as we'll pay to get it done. I went somewhere near hard rock, she was lovely
  12. I have a small frame and got 300cc, I would have got bigger if my measurements allowed. Mine measure to a d cup but look smaller than that
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