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  1. I am interested in seeing who has had their BA with Dr Widdowson at the Lotus Institute and how they went ?? He is next on my list for potential boobs...
  2. Next thing confusing me is that I am quite sold on the brazilan furries(cc rate and not moving!) but figure if they are under the muscle they won't naturally drop?? I don't like the idea of rippling therefore overs aren't ideal?? I love the teardrop shape - and was told to go 465cc teardrop with high profile... but I kinda think they maybe too picture perfect.. I am 40 - I guess this is the fun process of looking toward surgery!
  3. as we do.... I have been looking and looking and looking!!! for these kind of boobs and I have finally found them - they are done by putting the implant over the top of the muscle... I really like that pendulous look but not sure how long they will last - at least now I know how it is achieved
  4. I am wondering if anybody else is not so keen on the perfectly stay up perky new boobs look? I am figuring teardrops and perhaps a lower profile may achieve a 'saggy' kind of look?? Like Kim K or Sophie Vergara kind of softer big boobs?? Can anyone help me with how to achieve that look??
  5. To me - Dr Miroshnik does amazing boobs but he is in Sydney - and I am in Queensland... Dr Harwood here in Brisbane has a massive fan club so he seems like the obvious choice for surgeons here.. Perhaps Dr Miroshnik has more pics on his website of the teardrop implants and that is why I am liking his 'work' ? Do you think it would be ok to go in to a consult and show another Dr's work??? Or am I putting unreasonable expectations on one Dr to fulfil another Dr's boots?? Is it easy enough for these Dr's to have a similar results using the same size and shape implant??..
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