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    325cc 300cc round hp silicone unders crease incision
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    30th may 2014 dr pongsatorn (dr jib)
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    168cm 56kg 12A-B pre surgery
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    sales assistant
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  1. Hey hun if you want cleavage go with moderate or mod + I reckon, I got high profile and dont have much cleavage because they project outwards. I had dr jib, I found him ok he did a really good job but I wish I went bigger I went 325cc, they look natural but I think he was conservative with size and I found it hard making a good choice with him as he doesnt offer much opinion
  2. is probably about a 1/2 hour drive from bondi? But shopping around sydney is pretty good too bondi junction westfield is pretty big from memory and shopping in the city centre of sydney was great too with the queen victoria building and topshop and the department stores. Max brenner chocolate cafes are a must visit too! Best waffles and hot chocolate omg:o
  3. I went alone for a BA and managed fine, it was a little tough the first couple of days after surgery, propping myself out of bed was hard and I needed help lifting my luggage up at the airport. Just make sure you get a hotel with room service if you have a long recovery. I did get a little down and lonely when I was recovering but I think it might have been all the meds I was on and the fact I couldn't do much. If I went through PIAC I would have gone with Truly Medical Getaways, I think she charges no fee. Hope you find a travel buddy
  4. Birkenhead Point has great outlet shopping I love Space candles which are sold on a little stand there
  5. Hey not sure how to reply to visitor msgs, i am 2 weeks post op so I havent actually been sized yet they are still a little tender and I am still wearing my post op bra. I hope to be a D cup but I was only able to go up to 325ccs, they fit my body though I just think a little bigger would have been nice. Exciting, dr broonchai has lots of good reviews on here :) will post more pics when I get the chance :)

  6. Hi. Love ur post op pics. Can I ask your bra size now? I have boob envy! Have my op on 13 July with Dr B. Thanks, Rubie

  7. Ive seen a few bodybuilding atheletes use them on instagram, i think most people keep it their little secret, they are supposed to make a permanent difference in waist size if you wear it often enough, maybe an inch or two. You can get them off classicshapewear.com they are called squeems, you might be able to find something similar on ebay too
  8. Hi skyb24, do you not have a correspondent you are in contact with? I had jason but he was slow to reply, i would give Mark an email at Mark.an@bgh.co.th i would say dr jibs personal email is only for patients but you can ask tge correspondent anything
  9. Hi girls, I am 9 days post op BA unders,breast fold incision and I a little concerned about my incision. It looks to be healing well isnt really raised but if I press on it it feels a little hard and swollen, is this normal? I aplied some cream a day ago and I am scared it caused the incision to swell but I cant remember if it felt like that prior. Maybe I am freaking out over nothing.
  10. Hey isis saw you tried to message me but inbox was full sorry FR accepted x

  11. I got high profile too, i am a bit taller 167cm and 56kg maybe he couldnt fit me with bigger because of my chest wall looking forward to getting the bandages off feeling like i am suffocating a bit. Does the high profile look natural? Im worried they wont
  12. Thanks mawiaz, got discharged today I am managing pretty well luckily I experienced no sickness just finding it hard propping myself up and getting out of bed. Chest feels a little tight and sore but pain isnt too bad. Glad you like the outcome of your boobs thats awesome, may I ask what height and weight you are?
  13. Hi mawiaz glad to hear things went well, I had him yesterday and I too was hoping for 350ccs but the most he could fit was 300 I think, a bit sad about that but hoping they look good when the bandages are off
  14. Thankyou for the reassurance Phuketpuppies:) luckily i brought dry shampoo with me if need be
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