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  1. Hey Bee.. I had no idea my inbox was even full! I've deleted everything lol. Yes I do have to say he is great at making you laugh and feel comfortable :) he's so easy to talk to and I didn't feel embarrassed taking off my top in front of him which is a first! That's really good advice thanks! I think that's the key to a smooth recovery, to stay on top of your meds. I will definitely download that app :) hahahahah @ the trex arms!! that poor guy .. how did he ever survive with those poor excuses for arms ? =/ ahhh the pinching feeling sounds a bit scary! hmmm that's odd... Dr. M told me he does an internal bra on all his patients... maybe he forgot to mention he did one for you? Or maybe you were someone he didn't actually do it on hmmmm... I've spoken to a few other patients of his and they all have an internal bra.. ah well even if you do have one I think it's best not to know because it's one less thing to worry about haha. Thanks for replying hun xx

  2. Hi babe, your inbox is full. This was my reply to your message lol xx I had my 8 week check up with him recently, and it was so nice to see him again lol he is so friendly and welcoming and really knows how to make you feel good about yourself!! honestly, my BA experience was so easy, I wish I had done it sooner! I kept on top of my meds by downloading an app on my phone that went off when meds are due and told me which ones. For example, I just looked at the back and if it said 4 times per day, I set the alarm for every 6 hours. I woke during the night for them too of course, and I think that's why I never felt any pain. I felt tight, like I had a super tight crop top on, but it wasn't painful or frustrating at all. And I felt hunched over with little TRex arms lol from about day 3-7 I had a pinching feeling in my side boob every now and then, but it went away by itself. And the internal bra thing didn't get mentioned, so I assume I don't have one lol

  3. My son is almost 2. I had help for the first 2 weeks, which was enough for me. By that stage I felt fine, so I started to ease into lifting him. I didn't carry him for long periods though, just short bursts when needed. He weights 14kgs though, so I took extra precautions lol
  4. I stayed two nights before flying home. That's what Dr. M recommended.
  5. Hi liz! I think definitely go the 360s. Everyone always says to go the bigger size. I think there will be a difference between mine and yours because of our stats, but they won't look small. Do you have a cup size you wanted to achieve?

  6. Hey congrats on the ba, We had similar boobs starting off, I have my ba on Wednesday . I'm getting tear drop brazillans . I have to choose 315 or 360 . The 315 are hp and the 360 are extra high. You are a good bit smaller than me I'm 167cm and 58kg do you think the 360 will look a lot smaller on me considering your stats are smaller. The implant is much the same

  7. FreshStart - you should try to get into contact with Alioop. She had beautiful results from Dr. Miroshnik too. She has a gorgeous athletic body, and got teardrop implants which have given her a big, natural rack. She is one of the first people on here who accepted my FR and I was able to follow her progress from before to after. I've wanted boobs since I was 16. I knew I was destined to have small boobies. It has only been the last year or so I have been thinking "I'm just gonna bloody do it". I went lingerie shopping for my partner's birthday, and walked out of bras n things basically crying because nothing nice fit or looked sexy. Since that day, I was obsessed with boobs. Watching YouTube vids of girls and their recovery, looking at countless pictures of boobs. Researching every moment I got. My partner was always like "stop looking at boobs" hahaha. Once I booked my surgery I started havin the doubts. But I was like "no, I've wanted this forever. I'm all in." now I've got a rack, I'm so happy I finally did it. Wish I actually did it sooner.
  8. Here's another short thread, FreshStart. http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?19526-I-cant-decide-BA-with-Dr-Miroshnik-or-Dr-Tavakoli i hope that works.. Haha
  9. Hi pumpkin! Good to hear you're doing well! What did Kate use to remove the texta markings from your incision? I still can't get mine off
  10. Congratulations on your weight loss, 30kg is a huge accomplishment! Sorry I can't help you out with any of your questions though.
  11. Thanks Hun! I can't even imagine what they are going to look like! I just uploaded a bunch of preop pics of my boobies looking not so sexy in my bikini tops lol

  12. Good luck for tomorrow, pumpkin!! You're gonna look ah-mazing with your new boobies! Can't wait to hear how you go. x

  13. Good luck, Mahalia! I hope they look after you well, and you have a quick recovery!
  14. Hi CuriousC! I saw your posts on Ang's thread. You had surgery with dr. Miroshnik yesterday? I've sent you a FR, hope you don't mind!

  15. Ang, it sounds like you're not giving up, so that's great! I think if it's too hard for you to get to him for a consult, you should get some other opinions. At least that way you will get some sizing ideas. I don't think you will be disappointed with dr. M, but you need to do what is best for you and what will make you feel more at ease! Good luck xx
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