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  1. Week 7: seen surgeon yesterday, his happy! But if my left boob doesn't drop in 6 months his going in to fix it, my stitches still haven't let go. Made 30 minutes at the gym, felt great but I used my binder and that worked a treat, so I'm starting back now I have the all clear. I still have to take it easy!! I'll put updated photos on later.
  2. I had a breast lift and reduction 6 weeks ago (Full TT to) but my boobs are very different! I love them, they are 100% better than what they were.. My left boob got a clot and I had to go back in and have a second surgery, my right is perfect! Buy now lefty is nearly an inch higher than righty.. Lefty seems to be still stiched up?? Will the stitches eventually let go? Or now the healing has started will it always be up? I have photos up if anyone wants to look.
  3. I was feeling so good, I vacuumed, big mistack swollen and drugged up!! I think I need to slow down just a little bit ?
  4. Well I have made 6 weeks (and 1 day) I feel like doing cartwheels, seems like a lifetime ago this all started! I made the gym yesterday for the first time, I could of vomited walking in I was so scared it would hurt!! I only make 15 minutes but I have started, swelling was main issue but not to bad (binder free didn't help, I'll take it with me next time). I have been binder free for 2 days and I'm loving it. I will take it with me when I head back to work tomorrow, (the life of a shift worker!) The control pants seem to get to tight when I swell. Next Wednesday I head back to the surgeon, I'
  5. How are all you ladies now?? I'm thinking that i'm eating to much and that is why I get "so" bloated\swollen, I was hoping to start back at the gym slowly next week, oh that is tomorrow! Anyway, just hoping you ladies are all back to te flat side!
  6. Day 4 at work didn't happen, I'm not sure but I think it was a combined effort of my whole body telling me it was to much! I felt sore and like a zombie. My belly swelling by the end of the day gets me down, I can be my size 10 at the start of the day and by the end I'm like a size 14!! work trousers have now become loose fitting tights to just make it through. Back to work for the weekend, and I have the next 3 days off, the life of a shift worker! My body is good other than the swelling, my scars look awesome and I'm happy there, I still want my left boob looked at as its still and inch
  7. Well day 3 at work, I'm so tired! half way through my working week.. I have bloated or my fluid gets bad by the end of the day, my control undies are to tight by end of shift so today I went back to my binder, now my trousers are to tight.. (argh) Other than that, my body is good, well my scars look really good, no problems at all. Except I'm craving food all the time, I'm not sure if it's just because i'm healing? I just want to eat and it's not good! Did anyone else experience this? I want to go to the gym to start walking but I have no energy, hence eating I assume. Im now 5.1 weeks
  8. Work was tough!! I had, had enough by 830, I started at 7! I did make it through the entire day and I will go back tomorrow. I'm going to wear my binder tomorrow as my control undies got to tight when my belly bloated, my back hurt and I drugged up at lunch time. So after nearly 5 weeks off, another week would of been great!
  9. Back to work tomorrow - I'm not wearing my binder as I feel the control undies are doing a great job. Wondering how tired I will be and if i will cope :| soon find out so a 530 start for me!! I really am starting to feel really good, scar still touchy, but I love it!!
  10. Best of luck at work today! Don't forget to let us know how you go!! ?
  11. I had a BL and BR with a TT 4 weeks ago and hubby wants me in a bikini next year, but my scar is higher than I thought, so I may end up in a 1 piece, least my girls will stay put!!
  12. Still feeling wonderful! I'm binder free today, just wearing control undies, working fine! ☺️ I will still wear my binder of a night. My boobs are fine for now, I bought some soft bra's from kmart although you have to pull them on they are so comfortable and soft, yep I'd recommend them feels great on my scars... Yep I'm happy, ???
  13. Yes lefty is on the improve, removing the tape and irritation seems to of helped. I have no holes and the scars are starting to settle back down. Still have 4 days of antibiotics left, so fingers crossed she behaves now!
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