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    Tummy tuck with lipo and breast lift
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    Thailand 6th Feb 2014
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    166cm 86kg 16E
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  1. So I am now 6 weeks post op from full tummy tuck and lipo also breast lift. My recovery has had a few issues but overall it has been good. Being overweight most of my adult life, I was always shy and not very confident. Since I began my weight loss journey my confidence has risen slightly. But since my op I have to say I feel like a super model lol. For the first time in my life I am happy with my appearance, starting to feel sexy and I know things will onlt get better. My husband has been so supportive through the whole thing. Only ever wanting me to be happy. Never once commented about my weight . His only wish wad that I wad happy in myself. I have been having fun trying on new clothes. Going from a size 22 before weight loss to a 14 now ( with swelling) I feel great! I have even been cheeky and started to take some sexy pics to send to hubby ad he away a lot lately with work. To my surprise tho he was shocked and a bit put out by my pics? This was like a kick in the gut when he began questioning why I was doing it. My question is. .... has anyone else had this problem. I mean we all have gone through some sort of transformation, has anyone elses partner taken a bit of time to accept new confidence? Maybe I'm just reading too much into it. Please help. Also any hints on how to take a good sexy selfie? I still not put off I love my new body and want to capture this moment.
  2. Got drained again today only 300 mls so getting less amd less. Will go again Friday if need be. Swelling still bad up top but no fluid there so hopefully that will resolve soon .
  3. Well I did get drained on Friday. 520mls infact. Wearing binder so much more comfortable. I have already noticed that the fluid is starting to come back just above incision line. The binder is really tight not sure what else I can do.
  4. Ok so I have a very large amount of fluid after my tummy tuck and lipo. Seeing plastic surgery team who have to do ultrasound etc to determine whether or not to drain in. My stomach is like a water bed. No one can tell me if wearing my binder will help or not. He said damage was already done and after fluid is sorted will still have flabby skin. Do I still wear it even tho it pinches pulls and causes indents in fluid filled tummy or not?
  5. Been to see plastics team at royal perth. Still no joy. Have to go back for an ultrasound then back Friday to see surgeon. They not sure how to tackle fluid. I am so frustrated because I know the longer it sits the more chance fpr infection and also that my skin will stretch and all this will still result in me having a flabby belly. Also no one can give me a straight answer on whether I should still be wearing abdo binder or not. With all the fluid it hurts so much .
  6. Well I am home. Stiff sore and full of fluid. Supposed to be having an appointment with plastics team at royal perth today but still haven't been told what time. Don't u love hospitals lol. Has anyone seen plastics at royal perth? I have found a couple of surgeons in Rockingham area so if don't get my luck with royal perth I will contact the ones in my area. I need to get this sorted. I am having pinching pains in my sides and pressure all along the suture line.
  7. Still in hospital. Was questions about sending me for a plastics consult for my nipple but after a hot shower the scab is coming off and colour returning which I am happy about. Stomach still swollen and uncomfortable but no more leaks . Still having IV antibiotics with review this morning.
  8. I have a large fluid seroma trapped between the skin and muscle. Also my left nipple causing them some concern so I have been admitted put on IV antibiotics and being monitored overnight until surgeon arrives in the morning. I organized the trip myself after recommendation from a friend. Dr Chatchai wad my doctor. I don't know if it was anything done there or just bad luck.
  9. I am now in emergency waiting on a CT scan to see what large mass is in stomach. I am actually surprised I don't have much pain. Sitting here by myself as husband in a meeting he can't leave.
  10. Hey ladies yeah I had my surgery in Bangkok at Absolute Beauty Clinic. Just been doc . Very embarrassing had another leak while waiting. Lucky I was wearing black. Had most of the stiches removed but doc her is concerned I have a large blood clot and because I can't get in for ultrasound I have to go to the hospital. Also my left nipple is nearly black after BL so concerns about that also. So waiting for babysitter amd off to hospital I go to sit and wait in emergency:-(
  11. I have doc appointment in hour. Hope its ok.
  12. Well I have had a large amount of fluid built up in my stomach after tummy tuck 6/2 . My plan was to go to hospital today but woke this morning to a very large amount of fluid that had leaked out of wound last night. My bed soaked compression garment and pj's covered in fluid and blood. It is still leaking slowly out of one area. Very scary but I must admit alot more comfortable.
  13. Heading home tonight. Yay!!!! Can't wait to see my family. Had a lot of fluid built up and had some drained in Wednesday. Built up again hoping will be ok on flight home.
  14. Well it is day 5 now and I am feeling ok . My doc doesn't believe in drains so I don't have any in. I am a little concerned about fluid build up in my tummy. Anyone else had this ?
  15. Hi ladies . Does anyone know where I could get another compression garment from. I am staying in Thonglor Bangkok. The one the gave me is starting to feel loose already. Thanks
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