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    Dr Broadhurst 19th December 2015
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    59kg, 172cm, small 10B, hope to be large 10C/small 10D with 360cc L and 390cc R, textured, round
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  1. Hey everyone! Firstly thanks so much for everyone's support on my last post! Here I am with a new concern hahaha so I am now 8 days post op and have all of a sudden 10 minutes ago felt a burning sensation on the outer edge of one of my incision... I decided to take a photo so I could see them and have noticed that the area that is burning is right on the end of the tape and the tape only JUST reaches the end of the incision! I feel like it should have been put so that it went at least a few mm over the edge of the incision not right on the end -.- (photo attached so you can see what I mean) freaking out that the burning sensation is a sign that bacteria has gotten under there and an infection is starting because it's such a coincidence that it's burning only on one incision and on the exact outer edge where the tape doesn't cover propert and not the whole thing!!! Is the burning sensation normal? Infection is my worst fear! It still burns the same as it did when it came on 10 minutes ago!
  2. Yes totally…. see 3 months vs 1 week…. CRAZY hahah It seems strange hey… i'm not comfortable with putting anything on my scar at only 2 weeks post op doesn't sound right, maybe another week of tape… let me know what they say to you! What take are you using? Micropore is the best for sensitive skin! Did you research between silicone tape vs gel? I can't decide which one some say the silicone tape works better! Is that what you heard? I agree we should wait till 3-4 weeks to be putting silicone on because that seems to be the general timing i've found online and gonna go with the most common thing haha would hate to ruin my incisions or cause an infection and risk CC!!
  3. I can't help much in this regard i'm sorry but just wanted to point out how different my instructions are and it's worrying me… i had Dr Broadhurst and he put on some papery-feeling tape at my 5 day postop appointment (couldn't get exactly a week as i was travelling) and he said leaver hat on for one week then remove and that's it… no more…. and can put on scar treatment such as silicone??? Does that not seem WAY too early compared to what everyone else of here is saying! Stressing me a bit! All these things you never think of before hand haha
  4. Who is your PS? What brand/profile are you going for the implants? You can look up the difference between them in size exactly in terms of grams! For example I had Nagor Impleo textured and I can access the size guide to see the difference between for example 360 and 390 here http://nagor.com/pdf/Nagor_Product_Catalogue_2013.pdf (which it confirms for me is so minimal haha) Don't be scared to go back and keep trying n the sizers as many times as you need and taking videos of you wearing the in a white singlet so you can keep watching and get a good feel for the size!
  5. Thank you haha i'm happy with the front on picture they don't look too bad shape wise for 5 days post op! Yeah I was like you kept swapping between the sizes but in the end the nurse convinced me to go bigger or that I'll be one of the girls that come back a year later regretting it! You have pretty much the exact same stats as me….exact nearly!! I don;t know my measurement as Dr B doesn't measure but I assume I'd be similar! If I had the choice now I'd choose the 375 I think because I'm hoping some of this size right now is swelling and they'll go down a bit! In my photos they look a good size in real life to me they look bigger but maybe that's just to me I don't know Im just freaking out hahah but I feel like 335 is quite small do you have an option for in-between like 350? We can get away with that easy for our height! thank you!! Maybe it's just in the mirror/real life i'm freaking myself out about size… I like the look of them in pictures too… hoping the photos aren't lying to me hahah!!
  6. That's so good you didn't freak out hahah it's not a nice feeling! Although your total would be 360cc cause if they were both he same size (I had one 360 one 390 to bring them both to size 390) and there isn't a huge difference between 360 and 390 so we must be quite similar in terms of sizing! Yes very daunting… I don't feel happy or sad yet sort of neutral haha just want to skip the next 5 weeks and hit the 6 week mark!! Thanks heaps xx thanks heaps! I hope you're right! I too think the photos look okay though… in real life they look huge hahah!
  7. Hey guys sooo I had my BA on Saturday the 19th so i'm day 5 post op or 6 however some people do it! So I've sort of only just taken off the bra to have a good look at them as I've had an absolutely horrid recovery so far and have just been in too much pain to do it before now. (Haven't been able to take the pain killers as they just made me vomit constantly since day 1 so been doing his on panadol :() Anyway…. I got 390cc on top of B cup boobs…. My immediate thought when I took off the bra was "these are way too big for me… what on earth have I done, I knew I should have gone smaller!!!" The nurse reassured me I should go 390 rather than 350 or a little less because she said she was certain I would regret it… but I'm regretting the 390!! I know I've seen lots of you on here say 390cc is not big at all but really, I have such a tiny frame and I didn't really want this look… I asked for a 10C… I look a DD at least! Sort of freaking out…. did anyone else feel this way at first? I'm scared they're only going to get bigger as I D + F! I will add a photo but they don't look overly big in the photo…. can't capture what I'm seeing when I can't do a whole body properly when I'm still so hunched over with limited use of arms still haha! Just looking for reassurance really…. I really don't want to regret this whole thing especially considering how bad the recovery has been so far!! Ps. Ignore the boxers and majorly bloated belly haha
  8. I am day 4 post op and have been in severe pain from the get go…. have been vomiting as of yesterday due to the pain and got a script for panadeine forte to see if that as well as tramadol could help my pain but it just made me vomit instantly…. I think we just have to ride it out i was totally not expecting pain this bad…. I can't get up on my own or anything and am really struggling to breathe properly. It's ridiculous because I believe I have a high pain threshold… I've fractured my back and had two other surgeries before and coped very well, this is a shock! Just cannot wait for the nausea to pass. I rang Dr Broadhurst and told him and he said maybe its the meds making me sick so to have two panadol and two ibuprofen at once instead and tramadol as needed but hasn't seemed to fix anything. My tramadol runs out tomorrow at 11pm too which is scaring the hell out of me to be off pain relief by then when I still feel this way. My post op is tomorrow so I am going to ask for another script because I don't believe it's the tramadol making me vomit! Sorry needed to vent haha hope we all feel better ASAP!!
  9. I'm feeling okay.... Sore and tight as expected and slightly nauseas from the pain relief I think! ive got tramadol not endone for some reason! In holding off on icing because I think it slows the healing process but if I felt I needed it id do it! That's so great of DrB to be making such good decisions for his patients while they're under, I felt in such safe hands with him! Mine look so small I'm wondering if he changed mine too baha but sure someone would have told me! Hopefully they're still 390! Glad you're feeling happy about the size. I am too scared to take the bra off at all I don't know why so will probably wait until tomorrow to do that! It's actually not feeling as tight as t was at the hospital so a little worried about that as they aren't being held as close together as they were! Maybe cause I've been sleeping at 45degrees rather than fully up! I can't sleep fully up! That's lovely of your husband, my partner is being great too, yay!
  10. Oh really, I considered upping the size too but decided not to, my frame is too small! I do and don't wish it was Sat already haha! Oh really, I'm not worried about the operation in any way whatsoever never have been as I'm in the medical field and have a good understanding and can reassure myself haha the thing I've always been worried about it future complications such as CC and how many redos might be necessary in a life time (praying its like 2) But you're right, it requires no effort from you you will be asleep away with the fairies, nice little nap hahah! So are you buying the LJ crop that was linked above? I don't know what size to buy haha
  11. I am wondering this too… what other bras we should have other than the one he fits. Dr Broadhurst told me we only need to wear the one he gives us for 2-3 weeks and then we can go into a crop…. (I asked through the receptionist) I am also worried about it not being clip/zip up because I don't want to hurt myself trying to get it on and off! I am thinking I will buy the one that was linked above from Lorna Jane because it looks comfy, hopefully it's supportive enough, it just makes me wonder why lots of girls have to wear the really tight one for 6 weeks and we don't haha PS. you and I are getting the exact same…. 390cc textured under muscle by Dr B on Saturday!!!
  12. Sort of just want to post to have a bit of a vent! How unlucky, I only noticed symptoms this morning (never had one before but know of the symptoms) so I went to the doctor knowing my surgery is this Saturday and got tested and it's positve for UTI! (Urinary Tract infection for those who aren't sure) I have done some googling about surgery whilst having a UTI and apparently there is some little evidence to suggest it increases your chances of CC…. and that most surgeons would refuse to operate if they knew you had one. I don't know what to do… I can't reschedule as I don't have another time I could have this done until this time again one WHOLE year away!! How unlucky can I get! So anyway I have started the antibiotics immediately, but don't know what to do in terms of mentioning it to my surgeon!
  13. I have just been told my surgery s at 1.30pm and that I'll need to be there at 12.30! All getting real now! Hope I see some of you there and we can be nervous together haha!
  14. Me toooo! 390cc with Dr Broadhurst on Saturday 19th! So nervous… haven't been told what time surgery is yet!
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