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  1. I've done some searching around the net and found posts by people with the same kind of thing and it's generally nerve pain from the nerves regenerating. I'm away from home for a week at the moment but if it's still like this when I get home I'll visit my gp.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I have no idea what kind of hernia it was, I didn't even know I had it until after I came out of surgery. The sharp pain is around my belly button which I did have problems with the healing and now have quite hard scar tissue around it. It's mostly when I cough or sneeze, I didn't think those would still cause me pain this long after surgery.
  3. Hi, I had a TT with M/R and hernia fixed in February. I had it done by Dr Boonchai and I'm very happy with the results. The last couple of weeks I'm getting a sharp stabbing pain just below and to the right of my belly button. I've recently taken up walking (including some bushwalking) and I'd like to get this pain checked out. Does anyone know how much it costs to visit a plastic surgeon here in Australia for a check up? Also can anyone recommend someone in Brisbane?
  4. Hi everyone, I had a TT with M/R and a hernia repair back on 10th February. I healed pretty quickly and had barely any pain. I wore my binder 24/7 for 12 weeks and then gradually stopped over the next week. I work from home online so I'm sitting all the time and don't get much exercise. I've recently started walking (about a month ago now). I try to go out every day and walk for between 20 mins and an hour. The last couple of weeks I've been swelling again, when it's bad I skip a day or two walking and rest. I'm kind of torn though, I don't want to over do it and swell up but walking is sup
  5. I try to keep mine pulled down low enough to cover my incision which means it sits just above the start of my ribs. My problem is that when I wrap it comfortably tight around my waist it's too tight over my hips and the bottom of it folds up. I also found that it made me itchy and the top edge would rub against my skin. I went to KMart the other day and picked up some snug fitting lycra tank tops for $8 each which I now wear under my binder and I'm so much more comfortable. They're also really long so I fold the bottom of them back up over the binder which helps stop the bottom corners diggin
  6. Hi,I was on a tablet that the packet said was for pain and inflammation for about the first 2 weeks. I also had packets of painkillers of varying dosages which I haven't used. Obviously I've had some pain but nothing bad enough to make me take anything for it.I was still getting the stabbing pains overnight when I woke up to change positions but it seems a lot better today. I'm taking it really easy and being very careful how I move.How are you sleeping now? I can't wait to not have to wake up every 2 or 3 hours to turn over.
  7. I'm 4 weeks and 3 days post op and everything has been going well (apart from some problems with my belly button but it's now healing well too). This afternoon I started getting a sharp stabbing pain just below and to the left of my belly button. First off I did the obvious thing and panicked thinking I'd ripped a muscle or pulled a stitch out. Then I did the next obvious thing and did a google search. This seems to be a not uncommon thing. I've been wearing my binder 24/7 and haven't done any obvious thing today that I can think would cause damage and there's no swelling, bruising or lump
  8. I had a TT with muscle repair at PIAC with Dr Boonchai on 10th February and I'd recommend him to anyone. My scar is very low and healed well and I'm extremely happy with my new flat stomach - well flatter, I still have swelling as I'm not quite 4 weeks post-op. I had problems with my belly button weeping and ended up calling the hospital 2 days before my scheduled checkup. Dr Boonchai had me coming back every 2 days so he could check the wound and change the dressings. On Monday 24th (2 days before I was due to fly home to Brisbane) he decided to reopen my belly button and resuture it as he
  9. Hi Rose, I'm going direct through PIAC for a TT with lipo and I've been assigned Dr Boonchai. I've read lots of good things about him so I'm happy. I was originally planning on going with Dr Thiti in Bangkok but decided against it due to the political unrest there at the moment.
  10. I'm supposed to be going to Bangkok for a TT at the end of this month but I'm worried about the political situation there. Is there anyone in Bangkok now who can provide any information?
  11. Thank you for your reply tummytime. I'll need lipo as part of my tummy tuck. 6 children from 5 pregnancies left me permanently looking 6 months pregnant and then I had a hysterectomy last year. The hysterectomy itself went fine but 2 months later I gained about 5 kilos which left my stomach asymmetrical, flat underneath and huge. I was thinking more about the fact of having to bend down to put on undies or shorts than the rubbing on the incision line, although that's also a good point.
  12. I'm having a TT at the end of this month and was wondering what clothes will be best for after the surgery. I normally wear shorts all the time but doubt they'll be practical. Will over-the-head dresses be okay (no idea if raising my arms will be a problem post op) or will I be better getting some button front dresses? Also undies - wear them or go commando?
  13. Hi Leelee, I'm also having a TT with Dr Thiti at the end of this month. How long did you stay in Thailand? My package is for 14 nights but I'm a bit worried whether I'll be up for a 9 hour flight home by then.
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