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  1. Some days not quite but other days YES! My other half has been very supportive and told me he liked my body regardless. Has sex improved? I think so. Clothes shopping definitely - I am more confident in choosing that plunging neckline which I would have been scared to pick up before. I also feel better looking in the mirror because I always had a larger lower body and a very thin upper body.
  2. High neck shirts that are loose at the waist. Thats what I have been wearing to work and noone noticed!
  3. It all comes down to the look you want to achieve. Of course taller girls can pull off a larger implant but what size ideally would you like to be. I am the same height and thin frame. I got 325cc and happy with my choice. They look natural and I wouldnt have gone bigger. I was considering 350cc but side on because my waist is thinner - I would feel they looked more fake
  4. Hey chichi I got the same size but overs and also started with an A cup. Do you have pics? Would love to compare

  5. Hi Felicity! I have numbness on my lower part of my boobs from nipple down. I hope it resolves itself
  6. Hi there - how exciting and not far away for you! I didn't have a BL so cannot be of any help but from my personal experience - listen to your body and do not discount vitamins. I took high doses of vitamin C about 2 weeks prior to surgery and throughout the first week of my surgery but of course consult with your PS first. Arnica was a lifesaver for me as I am an easy bruiser. I began Arnica 3 days before and continued to day 5 post-op. A good pillow is necessary - some girls prefer the travel neck pillow but I was attached to a U pillow. So comfy to have it around your middle back around you when relaxing on the couch and also sleeping. I found it stopped me from rolling over. Try and start a nutritious diet including plenty of water as soon as your body lets you. I know its such a simple thing and I think some people just write it off as not making a difference but it does. It signals to your body that you are providing nutrients it requires and helps with your bodies internal healing process. I did a lot of juicing and blending to aid with my recovery and ensured that I was feeding my body even though I wasn't hungry. All the best and good luck!!
  7. This is a good question and I am keen to hear other girls experiences who are longer post-op than myself. In my experience, at first they were numb (first week) and I couldn't really feel anything foreign in my body. My lower breast still has a numb feeling to this day but nipple sensation has returned. At this stage, after I have a long day and I breathe in and out deeply it almost feels like a pressure on your chest - very faint of course. But i believe what it is is a combination of swelling and feeling the implant sit on your chest.
  8. I think people easily discount the positive effects of vitamins mainly because they are 'herbal' and not considered a medicine. I would recommend Arnica and in my personal experience I most definitely experienced a difference with bruising along with restarting a nutritious diet straight away. But you should trust your PS and know they have best intentions for you and your recovery.
  9. I had the exact same dilemma!! I was tossing up 325 and 350. I felt the 350 looked unnatural with the sizers because I have a slim waist and side on they looked too heavy for my body. My PS agreed and said a 325cc will look more natural. I decided with 325cc and i absolutely love them because I haven't got one person that has asked me 'did you get your boobs done'!! But now that I look at my breasts I know that if I had gotten the 350cc it wouldn't be as 'bad' as i thought when I have sizers. The extra 25cc wouldn't be noticable.
  10. I've heard great things about carefix but haven't got one... I bought a post-op bra from Target size 12 whereas I am a size 8 in crops... It was too small! I bought new crops in size 12 and some of them fit while other don't. I think you'll really need to look at the material covering the breast and if it's a style which is a lower cut crop then go 1 or 2 sizes up.
  11. Hi there - thanks for your lovely comment. I got 325cc mod plus Mentor implants

  12. I am 18 days and feel each day is better with swelling. From my experience - day 7 was when I could actually see the shape of my breasts and I had a lot of swelling up the top which was noticable side on. Glad to hear you're recovering well!!
  13. Hi love - I think 390cc will be much larger than a D! But I have to say in a lot of clothes I am wearing at the moment - they still feel 'small'. It might be the boob greed kicking in and also because i am wearing unpadded sports bra and once I wear proper bras I probably will feel better. I think around 350cc would get a nice D cup. Look up the measurements between Nagor and Mentor. I got Mentor implants Mod +. Nagor Moderate are almost same dimensions as Mentor HP... Let me know what you choose :)

  14. Great to hear you are recovering well! How are you feeling now? Be sure to start keeping up a nutritious diet during your recovery and don't discount vitamins. Hope you have a smooth recovery
  15. Hi love, I would just go to your GP and then raise it with your PS at your next check-up... I had a freakout about 6 days post op when I felt a squishy lump on my right side... I went to the GP and they confirmed the implant was in place and it wasn't a crease or a fold. My PS had a better look and said it seems like a muscle, left over fluid or fat deposit and we will just keep an eye out. It was on my right side which is also my dominant side. Are you the same? I find my swells towards the end of the day but I am hoping it resolves itself. But in comparison I am 18 days post-op today and have no pain in raising my arms... I do however sometimes have a pulled muscle feeling in my right side as well when I breathe in deeply Let me know how you go !!!
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