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    BA done in Thailand.
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    Dr. Poomee, July 26th 2014
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    60kg/170cm/12A now a 12DD

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  1. Yeah, would definitely recommend him! Thanks for the sweet words, taurus <3 He showed me heaps of before's and after's at the consultation and they were all excellent. His wife was nice and held my hand as they were putting me under for the operation, so that's how I drifted off, haha. Definitely not sedation, you're out cold until you wake up whenever. The hospital that you stay at is amazing; it's the fanciest hospital (super clean, everything is modern and new, my room was MASSIVE along with the personal bathroom and I even had a view) I've ever been to and all the staff were very polite and the nurses that came to check up on me were lovely, especially one and we got talking about her daughter and as she helped me to get dressed, she tied up my shirt in a way that she thought looked really nice on me, so sweet of her! My healing was excellent, I basically stopped taking pain killers two days post-op because I just didn't think it necessary, I could deal with the slight pain. Honestly, I was probably too active, I really wanted to make use of my time there so I did a bunch of tourist-y things and was out all day for most of the time. It definitely made them more swollen (which in turn, made them more painful), but if I had relaxed properly, I'm sure it would've been even easier. I just found the discomfort manageable, so it wasn't an issue for me. Good luck to everyone! Hopefully this comment helps out someone, taurus did a really good job of explaining the things he does.
  2. Definitely the best choice to go with if you're getting it done over there. He's spent so much time over in the States, he knows his stuff. You pay a bit more, but it's worth it knowing you're going with the best!
  3. I can't make any comment on the surgeon and that hospital but I did go to get the BA done by myself and I would definitely recommend having someone go with you. It was more just nerves but on consultation day I was so scared and anxious and I really would've loved to have had my partner there with me, or at least a close friend. After surgery I didn't really mind because the "scary" part was kind of over, I just had to try and look after myself. I had fun, it was just a little difficult doing some things.
  4. Hi girls, just wanted to say that I've had a BA done with him at the end of July this year and that I highly recommend him. He's very professional and knows exactly what he's doing. The hospital he works in is absolutely beautiful and I've had no qualms with him. Unfortunately he doesn't have any photos of his clients online but he does show you a book of photos of the girls he's operated on.
  5. Unfortunately by myself, I'm hoping that I find some other girls who are also around. Are you staying in one of those hotels where all the people getting stuff done through the agency are staying?
  6. Hey, happy recovery! How was it all? How are you feeling? So excellent that you got it all over and done with!
  7. Hey, just wanted to say that I will be around from the 25th of July until the 3rd of August in Bangkok I am getting my BA done in Bumrungrad hospital.
  8. I don't know if you've heard of Dr. Poomee, but he is one of the few surgeons in Thailand who is also American board certified in PS, so he might be an option to check out? He is more expensive than the other surgeons, but I think it's probably a good idea not to be skint when you're going for something like surgery. I'm booked with him the end of July, and all the things I've been able to find on him have been really positive reviews. I know how stressful it was deciding on a surgeon, wish you luck!
  9. Haven't seen a thread yet for July, so I thought I would kick one off! I am booked with Dr. Poomee for a BA on the 26th. I am getting more anxious as time is passing by but I am also super excited. I will be in Bangkok until August 4th, would love to hang out with someone as I'll be traveling solo.
  10. For gaming recs, have you played Mass Effect or BioShock? Both are excellent, awesome plots, would highly recommend them if you haven't already played them TV wise, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine Nine and New Girl if you haven't watched them
  11. Yay, so exciting, congratulations! I hope your recovery is quick and smooth!
  12. Hey, thanks for the concern, I will be flying out around 7-8 days post op, so I'm not too worried as I'm also getting overs as opposed to unders, so there's a different recovery rate for that. I'm going by myself so I would prefer getting back home a little bit quicker just because it will get lonesome being on my own for that long (I will be there longer than the week because consult and surgery aren't on the same day). Anyway, I hope you're right and I do meet some other girls over there, it would be nice to have some company
  13. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that there's no minimum stay policy for me and that I also don't have a surgery insurance but Dr. Poomee has promised that if anything should happen he would take care of it for free and that if anything does go wrong, it usually happens in that 7 day frame, so I should be sweet. Thanks again for the reply, it helped to clear up a few things
  14. Congrats, that's so exciting! When are you booked with Dr. Poomee? I just booked my flights and accomodation to Bangkok, yesterday, eep! I'm booked with him for the end of July. I'm also flying back 7 days after surgery, I know it's a bit shorter than how long most people stay in Thailand for, but I'll be going by myself, and I figure I will be happier once I'm back home and with the boyf.
  15. I have been in touch with my surgeon and he replied saying it was okay to travel back after 7 days post op, but to avoid lifting anything heavy (of course). I'm having the BA at the Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok Thanks for that though, I'll have to ask whether his policy is the same in regards to that, I wouldn't want to void it in any way!
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