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  1. nah i didnt ask/he didnt say. but he did take measurements. i feel like i am quote board as well!
  2. i go to the gym quite 3-5 times a week, still trying to lose 5 more kgs haha. so i think i defiantly don't want any bigger. i wish i tried on 300cc as well just for comparison . i was told you do 'lose' some cc by going under the muscle but? so maybe i will end up with the 'perfect size ' i want not long for you now! about 8 weeks?
  3. loving seeing the 'progress' photos for everyone, its good to see some so soon after surgery as well so i know what to expect!
  4. Hey Maren, so exciting yours new boobs are a week old! how are you feeling? recovering etc? now i wondering if i need to go bigger haha. I'm not looking for massive boobs, just to fill up what i have really. maybe i will have to go back for a second consult with my surgeon to try on more sizes.
  5. hey Ladies thanks for your reply! Thankyou, i was thinking about just waiting f ew weeks having a think about it and if I'm still not sure ill go back for another consult to try on sizes. i don't mind having to pay for another consult to make sure I'm 100% on what i want. hey ruby, do you have any before and after photos i could see? I'm hoping to get to a D, i don't want overly big but just decent boobs haha
  6. hey I'm 167cm and 65kgs(still trying to get rid of the last pesky 5 kgs haha), currently A/hardly B cup. I'm 28yo and have breast fed two babies and lost weight etc. so need filling back up hahaha i got to 'try on' 350cc and 400cc. for what I'm after i felt the 400cc was to big and loved the 350cc. but now I'm worried its to big. ill think about it for a few weeks and If I'm worried about size ill go back for another consult to try on some smaller ones as well. but really i think i do want 350cc. i went in with an idea of what i wanted and that was his recommendation anyway. i h here
  7. hay ladies i thought id pop in here. i had my consult today with DR mark lee in perth. hoping for early april 2017 hope to book it within the next month or so plan atm is 350cc hp round, partial under
  8. i had my consult today and tried on 350cc and 400cc. i only got a photo of the 350cc which i was happy with until someone told me its to big.i now wish i tried on something smaller just to see, so do you think trying on sizes is pretty accurate? im 167cm, approx 65kgs currently A/small B. suggested 350cc high profile round, partial under.
  9. i booked a consult with DR mark Lee in Perth, WA. its come around so quickly and i am so un organised. (5 days until consult now) I've wanted this for so long and have researched etc. but I'm drawing a blank with must ask questions! I'm going in pretty open minded for placement , size etc. i know roughly what i want so i will say that. what are things you asked, or wish you asked?
  10. I have wanted to get my boobs done for a few years now and now it's come time to seriously look at booking I don't know where to start. I have been thinking about going with somnio medical , I know I start by filling out a form with them etc But should I have an exact idea of what u want before talking to the surgeon, or will they suggest what they reccomended for you
  11. how do you feel and go about doing your normal things after a BA, looking after kids, housework, work etc. how much time did you have off work(and what sort of work do you do, obviously it depends how physical it is) my husband is FIFO, i work 3 days a week,a semi active job, i have to lift things above my head(not heavy) which I'm thinking might be an issue), drive a manual etc. and i have two kids. I'm worried what its going to be like getting back into things after survey.
  12. hopefully you do hear tomrrow, waiting sucks ive always thought mine were slightly wide and nipples set out more, i guess i will just have to wait untill i have a consult to see if i have a 'issue' or not
  13. im loving this thread ladies! congrats to everyone who has newish boobs! im in the research stage and im not as into working out as it seams a lot of you are but i still wokrout quite a bit and i love that i can follow you through it so i know relatively what to expect and time off etc
  14. hey im intersted to hear how you go joadster! i didnt even this bout this untill i saw your post, now i think i have wide set boobs and im not keen on a huge gap either. hope all goes well and you can find a solution for you
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