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  1. Hi Bluemoon, I'm considering either Dr Pincock or Dr Marcells myself. I'm very interested to know who you go with and how your consultations go!
  2. Hi Sarah, who were you considering for your operation? Have you had any consultations yet?
  3. Hi Hannah, I'd be very interested to know how much your consultation was and the quote you received. If you're ok with it, could you also please pm me those details. Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone, For a very long time I've been unhappy with the overall look of my nose. I have no complaints with the exterior look of my nose, however I have a rather severe septic deviation resulting in the overall look of my nose to be very asymmetrical. Anyway enough of the story. What I'm asking for is a recommendation for a good plastic surgeon within the Sydney region. I would much rather pay more for a competent surgeon who has proven results in the field rather than a cheaper alternative. So far i'm considering Dr Marcells and Dr Pincock as they appear to have fairly positive reviews. If anyone has any further information on these surgeons or has an alternative recommendation then please let me know.
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