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  1. Thanks so much fox. My right side produces next to no milk and my left (problem boob) produces a lot more. I think she's also self weaning a little bit. She's not really interested in feeding from me and wants the bottle so I think maybe I could be getting engorged etc. I had my gp check the lump on the side and she thinks it's a milk gland or tissue moved around from my implants. I'm hoping they just go back to normal when I finish bfing
  2. He never mentioned pregnancy to me. It was treated with antibiotics. I got onto it within 12 hours of the pain starting so it was treated very quickly.
  3. Hey everyone. I haven't been on here for ages! I've had a baby and am still breastfeeding. I got a lot of stretch marks on my boobs while feeding but now I think I've developed a complication. I felt a pop sensation a month or so ago and a bit of pain but it was after a bout of mastitis so didn't think anything of it. I've noticed over the last few days I now have a bulge under my breast and my tissue hangs over. The scar has also moved higher onto my breast. I have a phone consult with dr miroshnik next week but I'm exactly one month out of his two year warranty. I'm really worried he won't cover the surgery and I can't afford to get them fixed right now as we just bought a block of land and are building a house. What does it look like to you ? ta!
  4. I've been very absent as of late because I am pregnant I'm due in April with my first and i'm hoping that my boobs hold up ok through the breastfeeding. they have already grown about 1/2 a cup size!
  5. i'm late to the party. I went with dr stradwick i was not happy with my results. There are alot of great surgeons in the gold coast and bris area.
  6. i got subfascial and mine are unbelievably squishy. I did have c cups to begin with but with my first set (unders) they weren't this soft. Not sure if its the implant type dr m uses. listen to him though as he is amazing!
  7. I didn't even know this was a risk until last week lol. I had a clean 5 months PO.
  8. I have subfasical. Basically they put the implant above the muscle and under the fascia which is like a strong webbing type stuff they detach from the muscle. Gives more support than your straight forward over implants and reduces rippling.
  9. MissH


    ive got 400. they aren't too big imo
  10. i was with hcf and they honoured it for a removal and replacement (not cc). I've ust switched to bupa though cos their extras are crap.
  11. I have 400 cc lol. He was going to do 460 anatomicals on me but I said I didn't want them that big so he chose in surgery to do the 400 rounds instead. Placement has a lot to do with how natural they look as well
  12. I couldn't pee properly after surgery. Freaked me out. I would be busting but it would come out as a trickle and was super u satisfying lol. I asked the nurse and she said it was the ga. it can do funny things to your body
  13. I went through dr m for my revision and have rounds. He is an amazing surgeon and fixed my job from a different one. He's with every penny!
  14. depends on your surgery. I didn't for my original BA but i did for my revision as i had drains and my surgery was on a friday and my surgeons clinic wasn't open saturday to remove the drains
  15. I was a C-d cup and went to dr M. I got subfascial (overs) and my boobs are super soft and squishy!
  16. MissH


    I tried IIFYM and couldn't handle it. it was too much stress counting every single gram and gave me alot of anxiety. Try egg whites as they are super high protein. Also beeg jerky but that may take you over sodium.
  17. I have had a horrible experience with an Aus PS but i've also had an amazing experience with a different.
  18. I had a revision with Dr M and i'm stoked with my results if thats any help
  19. it takes 2 weeks for the GA to get out of your system. The nurse at the hosp said drink at least 2 ltres of water a day and heaps of green leafy veg as it help flush it out.
  20. I went from unders to overs. feel free to fr me
  21. If you are super confused, go another consult. Especially because both opinions are so different. I consulted with Dr Scamp as well and he does seem to know what he is on about. In the end, i flew interstate and saw Dr Miroshnik and went with him.
  22. He is a wonderful man! I had my revision with him and he was so sweet and caring. He made me feel like he actually cared about (even if he didn't) and completely put my mind at ease. After care was fabulous as well. I travelled interstate to see him and i still can't believe my boobs look like they do!
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