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  1. Victim too - Let me know if you'd like to discuss with me one day. He was very clever with me, getting me to sign paperwork first, and then stopping ongoing treatment. I'm literally thousands out of pocket trying to fix his mistake while he rides around on his Harley like a knob. I'm over it. Time for action.
  2. Hello there, I received terrible nerve damage from facial surgery by Dr Simon Rosenbaum 3 years ago. He tried to fix it a year later but he just made it worse. He returned my money with a promise to fix my face with ongoing treatment if I didn't go public with my case. I signed the papers and he stopped treatment. I'm now left going from surgeon to surgeon getting Botox and fillers to try and even my face up. Does anyone have any recommendations? Is there a wiz out there who understands symmetry and doesn't overfill lips? To say this has depressed me would be an understatement. This photo is AFTER last treatment I paid for. This seems to be the most symmetric they can get me.
  3. I don't usually write reviews, but a combination of being happy with the results and a bit bed ridden bored here I am. i went through Kelly Douglas at BKK cosmetics in Australia, and have to admit I was nervous after reading reviews that Yanhee hospital was like a surgery factory. Nothing could be further from the truth! Dr.Somsak is a delight and knows exactly what he's talking about. My surgery was two days ago and already I can see when the swelling subsides it'll be great. cant recommend BKK cosmetic tours or Dr. Somsak highly enough.
  4. Yes I'm in Yanhee hospital right now and besides a few blocked off streets it's fine. Nothing to worry about at all.
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