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  1. Thank you I requested dr piyapas after hearing and reading some fabulous feedback about him! I don't even know where to look for info on Visnu?! I've used the search bar but didn't find a whole lot perhaps I'll email the hospital for some before & afters
  2. Has anyone had surgery with Dr Visnu? I can't seem to find any info anywhere on this dr. I have been recommended a breast reduction, lift & implants by him. Have also been recommended a lift & round silicon implants with inverted T incision by both dr piyapas & dr Pornthep.
  3. Hey taniya7130 thanks for the reply! Do you happen to know what % the rebate is roughly? And if it applied to both BA + BL or just the BL or does that depend on the indiviual? So much research to do lol
  4. Hey ladies! First, hello I haven't really posted a whole lot yet, just been stalking the forums Just wondering if anyone has had a BL + BA covered at all by Medicare? I have Grade III breast ptosis, asymmetry and loose skin, and have been told I may be eligible? I had originally looked into O/S surgery, until someone mentioned this to me so I thought I would look into a bit more to see if it is infact covered at all Any info would be fantastic!
  5. Nah I can't do it before then anyhow as hubby isn't home ATM to help out with the kids, but that's okay. Looking into PIAC, have seen loads of great reviews, still no idea about surgeons though yet, or what look I want in the end. Just know breast feeding 3 kids has taken it's toll lol How about yourself?
  6. I'm not booked in at all yet but hoping end of October/November.. If I had the money right now id do it now
  7. Oh haha probs sound like a troll ^^ I call myself a sole parent cuz the boyf is not here atm (hasn't been for a year, but will be back - long story).. Just to clear that up
  8. Oh really?! I don't know anyone here and I've lived here for a year ;( my daughter goes to school in Somerville and the boyf used to live there as a teen
  9. How awesome!! I love rockabilly & pin up! (Though sole parent of 3 at the moment doesn't really allow me the time to get all dressed up very often), have some fun with it I've been hanging out to have a pin up shoot but again no time as yet lol enjoy!
  10. Hey girls! New here, doing my research! Did many of you do the group tours with a medical tourism company? Any suggestions on which ones are good and which ones to steer clear of? I've read so many good things about PIAC & the surgeons there!!
  11. Thank you kp87 How did you go booking direct through the hospital in regards to accomodation, transfers and support etc? I would like to take hubby along so I won't be travelling alone. I have gotten quotes from cosmeditour and destination beauty, but I see a lot of people talking about going hospital direct.
  12. Thank you When is peak & off peak times? Did you go through a medical tourism company or through the hosp? - if you don't mind me asking ")
  13. Hey ladies, I've been browsing the forums for a while now and have only just posted today! I have made enquiries with cosmedtour and destination beauty. One of my quotes is from Dr Piyapas, who I have found quite a lot on. The other was from Dr Pornthep, and I can hardly find anything on him or his work. Has anyone had a BA + BL with Dr Pornthep? Or know where I can find more info? Also, once you submit your assessment and receive your response, can you request another response Dr's?
  14. Ooh the household bills! Haha Is the post op wound care & drugs a lot extra? I did email the rep who replied to my assessment about what is/isn't included etc, but I feel like things will still pop up that they won't advise me of
  15. Hi everyone! I've spent most of my day reading up on BA + lifts and what not, and after reading a post about post op bras, I'm just wondering what other costs I might not have thought of. Obviously you've got: Surgery & associated costs (within your quote) Accomodation Flights Spending money whilst on your holiday Post op bras What else do I need to take into account? Please and thank you
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