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  1. Im a Tony Connell girl and he is the best! As he doesnt advertise you can't find websites etc but there are a few girls on here normally happy to share results. Feel feel to send a FR if you would like to see mine Good luck hun
  2. Dr Tony Connell is the man here in Perth. Not that cheap but by far the best and price is comparable to other top surgeons here. Has a bit of a wait but absolutely worth it. I just had a straight BA but he specialises in only breasts and does lots of reconstruction and after children work he is a must for any list! Good luck
  3. Hi Hun, I'm also a tony girl and happy to accept FR if you want to see more of his work. I'm also extremely happy with my results, very natural and minimal scaring these days. Haven't uploaded recent photos but almost 12 months now so will do soon good luck
  4. Hi Punka, your friend is right! Tony is the boob god over here in WA but doesn't do all the other stuff, he specialises in breasts which is why he's so good at them. I believe be does tummy tuck if at the same time but I'm not 100% sure on that. Good luck on your journey! Ps. Congrats on the weight loss that's very impressive!
  5. sg14

    Dr Tony Connell

    I stayed in Perth for 2 weeks but was ok to go home after one. Driving only though, he said no flying for three weeks after to me. He's so easy to work with once your on the books, they have got me in when I've been able to get to Perth so it's been easy to see him for aftercare in that way.
  6. sg14

    Dr Tony Connell

    Yes also another very happy Dr Connell lady. Again I sometimes would like bigger but I love how natural mine look and that no one would know. They really are perfect for my body like both myself and Tony were aiming for! He's hands down the best surgeon in my opinion
  7. I wore them and its just standard for my surgeon. I kept mine on for a couple of days after too. No big deal and its just a precaution.
  8. I'm a little taller at 5"7 but chose between 255 and 295 mod height full projection and went the bigger. I'm very happy. Feel free to send a FR if you like
  9. I remember hearing one surgeon say once "where would it go?" So it might get swished to start but it's still there and doesn't disappear. Once the muscle relaxes it is what it is! 300cc is still going to be 300cc. That's what I think anyway.
  10. I had endone, tramadol, voltaran and panadol. I used them all and loved them. Some only recommend panadol but I'm glad I had a pain free first week! The endone made me itch so I only took at night to sleep but I loved the tramadol. Each anaesthetist will prescribe different pain killers so you could end up with anything.
  11. I had someone look after my kids for 5 weeks and even after they got home I was still sore! Don't worry it gets better slowly! i thought it was just me and something must be wrong but remeber they are cutting and pulling and stitching a lot of stuff inside so don't worry, take it easy for as long as you can and be careful as overdoing it will make it hurt again for a while each time, but remember you probably aren't doing damage just causing yourself some extra pain. From my experience anyway.
  12. Yep Tony for sure, I'm another Tony patient and have smaller implants that look 100% natural like i was born with them! He will look after you and he makes sure you're proportionate in size and don't look at all like you have fake boobs Feel free to ask anything you want to know hun.
  13. Im happy with my smaller implants, I would not want any smaller and only sometimes i think i would like bigger, but i also know it wouldn't suit me and i had slight rippling for a few months due to going my max implant size and while its non existent now i would have hated to have rippling permanently so very happy i went with my smaller size. Nothing wrong with smaller implants if they suit your body type!
  14. Dr Tony Connell in Perth is the best Hun. He specialises in only breasts and does a lot of reconstruction. Before you decide on anyone add him to your list. By the time you get over east and pay for accom etc it's about the same $ wise. hes not big on large fake boobs but does amazing proportionate breasted to make you look natural yet amazing. Feel free to send a FR if you want to see my results Hun
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