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  1. Mentor are slightly firmer according to my surgeon - allergan more nautral
  2. I back what missSJ said! I'm also a Mark girl, so call me bias but another girl on the forum livkat had a few BA's which were un successful and went to mark and he fixed them right up!! I also had a slight issue with my breasts, I had a short crease to nipple distance and Mark made my boobs look great. I also saw Craig, and I thoguht he was great but I felt more confident and flexible with my decision! As missSJ said it will just feel right
  3. inbox is empty now - re send x

  4. The problem with ladies getting there boobs done is they have unrealistic expectations. At the end of the day you're boobs are only going to be as good as the boobs you have pre op, 'just improved', if that makes sense. Perhaps thats why your friend had an undesirable outcome in your eyes. Either way, if you are looking for a more natural look i'd book in with Craig. I did see him and would have gone to him had I not found Mark. I just found Craig a little too conservative size wise - still a great surgeon - many girls on the forum have fantastic results. I know you mentioned issues about money and travel but like sezzy mentioned at the end of the day putting it into perspective its worth it. Trust me, I jumped at the thought of thailand surgery for around 5k! Then I changed my mind to stay in Aus (mainly for post op care reasons), found Dr. Harwood (who has AWESOME results) but I am based in melbs and he is bris, really the reason I considered travelling there was because he has an all inclusive package for 9,500. But then I decided to put money aside as a factor. I ended up spending close to $14k and I couldn't be happier. I know I have had top quality treatment and surgery! At the end of the day it is your decision, but you need to be confident in it and your surgeon
  5. Firstly, I think it is important to book another consultation or two. Popular Melbourne surgeons on this forum are: - Hamish Farrow - Craig Rubinstein - Mark Ashton (who was my surgeon) - Tim Brown Generally they say that for people with more breast tissue overs are suitable, although, your cup size and your weight (you're teeny tiny) makes me wonder. Are your boobs deflated, so to speak? Sometimes thats when surgeons use overs to really fill out the deflated breast. I'm no surgeon though of course, but thats why I would suggest another consultation just so you can compare the two. I have textured unders and I chose them because they are more firm, and don't move as naturally (like smooths). I think another consult would be the way to go like I said to compare! Good luck x
  6. Massage really comes down to the surgeons preference. I have textured and LOVE them. My surgeon described it like this: when lying down do you want your boobs to have a natural sag to the sides (smooth) or do you want them to be quite firm and not move (textured). Aparently there is also a lower risk of CC but I don't even know what the statistics are with that, hence why that wasnt my deciding factor in getting textured. I wanted perky, firm boobs!
  7. Just letting you know your inbox is full but I have accepted your FR :)

  8. Heheh totallllly going to! How freaking exciting!! Ps bloody smoking avatar!!!!!!

  9. you should totally update your sig to an F cup biattttttttttch ;)

  10. Hi Ladies, I actually deleted my photos due to the spam on the forum!! I have to re-add some for you all to see but basically I am thrilled with my results
  11. Wow! That is a realy shock because I found the nurses to be amazing!! I even wrote them a thank you letter as they were all so caring and accomodating. That is SO rude!! And even the wait time is comes as a suprise, I waited less than an hour before I was on the operating table. Sounds like a very off day! Good on your for complaining, I would have probably told her where to go if she kept probing me with those sorts of questions. Probably jealous that you were going to get some amazing new boobs from the amazing Mark
  12. Well I got 400's and I'm measuring an E!! 750's would be measuring wayyyy bigger than E! I started with a B cup
  13. Most of the girls on this forum have had their procedures done without any assitance from medicare/private health due to the fact that a straight BA is not covered. Personally, if I could have been covered and had to wait I would. I guess it depends on your financial situation as well
  14. You'd have some awesome puppies by the best surgeon everrrrrrr right now ;D xxxx

  15. Its all very technical and thats when a surgeon knows what to advise you best but like I said it never hurts to get a couple of consults which you have and it is a good thing if they are all consistent! In my experience though: 1st consult: 275cc 2nd consult: 345cc 3rd consult: 350cc 4th consult: UP TO ME! and I got 400's Its amazing how opinions differ! x
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