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    in need of a breast implant replacement after having breast augmentation 17yrs ago!
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    TBA. sometime 2014
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  1. Thanks for your time; may I ask the surgeons name you are referring to?
  2. Hey herveybaymummy, great to read your positive experience and I'm really excited as I'm just starting my investigation to have lipo on inner & outer thighs .. so far! I dislike everything about my legs, sadly I've got veins, cellulite & stubborn fatty areas that wont budge no matter how much healthy eating and exercise I do!! I'm sure its part hereditary I'm on the Gold Coast and noticed they do have an Ashbury clinic here I'm wondering if Dr Chen operates only from Brisbane or if anyone could recommend a surgeon on the GC that would be great. I don't think driving to Brisbane is a deal breaker. Look forward to viewing your pics when they are up, sending you FR if thats ok
  3. Hi Caterpillar, thanks kindly. I will take a peek at yr pics thank you again for sharing your experience.
  4. Hi Minx, thanks for your positive real experience, much appreciated.
  5. Most frustrating I hear you. Thank goodness for forums like this where we can share our good/bad experiences. There really isn't a great deal on the net re: lipo. I'll keep you updated and send a friend request to see yr pics if thats ok.
  6. Hi Cosmetic, thanks for your post. Do you know of anyone personally? or did you read something on another site? I need as much infomation as possible and I'm hoping you could expand on this.
  7. Hi caterpillar thnx for yr response and I'm sorry to hear of yr experience, do you think it was the Dr or the actual procedure? Is revision an option for you? I'm very interested to hear of yr friends revision with dr Chin whom I have actually heard about. Thank you for your time and also the link which I'm going to read thru now. Hi Donatella thank you for your reply and recommending somewhere on the GC. I did read about this clinic and and am going to make an appointment, see for myself and will post back with my feedback. I've been on their website & like their before & afters! Many thanks again.
  8. Hello, thanks to all the reviewers, where would we be without each other's help. I am researching my options to have liposuction done on inner, outer thighs and buttocks. I live on the Gold Coast but haven't found a great deal of info where to go. I guess brisbane is only an hour drive (on a good day!) wondering if this would be too difficult tho. Would love to hear any of yr experiences. Thanks for any help much appreciated in advance.
  9. thats a great sign give the left one time. our bodies are so amazing when its ready things happen. so much more happening 'behind' the scenes! my left feels completely normal not as sensitive yesterday but the right is going to be an issue. there was definitely an issue with removing the old implant and inserting the new one and trying to achieve the result I was after.
  10. pink butterfly ... guess what I just bought at the grocery store??? nursing pads .. lol! Somebody suggested them on another site. They do feel more protected which is good. So I'm feeling now like I'm back to the old breastfeeding days. Its actually a very similar feeling to feeding dont you think? My skin and nipples are so dry and I've just been using a very mild moisturiser on them but pawpaw is a great idea I'll try that. I can't believe it will be 4wks tomorrow; its absolutely flown by but they seem to be getting more sensitive. I also read it could be nerve regeneration so I guess that's a good thing. Thanks for your post & ideas and good luck with your recovery
  11. thank you diishere that totally makes sense what your ps explained. Funny thing is I had implants 17yrs ago on top of the muscle and I never experienced this maybe pain .. this time I had them placed under the muscle. Not only are the nipples super sensitive but there is quite a lot of pain in one of them mainly around the areola and the surrounding area particularly underneath where he had to place mesh inside ... can't remember why! crossing my fingers it will go quickly
  12. mmm .. not sure what's worse ... no feeling or pain when your feelings do return I hope they are not like mine. I guess there is alot going on in our bodies right now its pretty amazing really and hopefully in time we will look back at this stage and think thank god its over good luck with your recovery.
  13. lucky you! My understanding but I need to confirm he said 6wks so I've still got another 3 weeks I'm scratching all around the tape as well. I went to the chemist to ask for a different tape that doesn't cause irritation and got a product called Fixomill ... its just as bad.
  14. thanks Nikstar for your reply ... showers arrgghh! every day I wake I hope it gets a little less sensitive but not yet it seems to be getting worse maybe I'm focussing on it too much I cant wait .. so impatient but worth it.
  15. Usplusthree thank you for your reply. I'm thinking maybe I should get some tape and definitely a medicinal glass of wine in the evenings sounds like an excellent treatment plan My right breast is harder than the left and still quite tight and swollen; there were issues with the right one. The left one has settled, the shape is perfect .. the right one isn't; hopefully time will settle it, early days still. I'm finding the incision tape is driving me nuts, I'm literally scratching like a dog
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