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  1. I would LOVE to hear from anyone who's had breast implant revision surgery in Perth recently. Happy if you want to private message me rather than reply publicly. Any surgeon recommendations? I'd like to see someone who has plenty of experience with revisions and ideally who also does fat transfer. I am wanting to go DOWN in size from my current 260cc implants. I saw Tony Connell, but he only wanted to go down to 225cc which I don't think would make much of a difference. I have an appointment booked for August with David Colbert, and was called to book with Mark Hanikeri but the non-r
  2. I just called to book a consult with Dr Hanikeri, they said there's a $250 up-front charge to book the appointment, and if you cancel then you don't get a cent back! Even if you cancel months ahead. It's unlikely that I would cancel, but that put me right off. What a money-grab.
  3. The explant forum doesn't seem to be a very active one! But I'd love to hear from anyone who went through this. Were you happy with the results? Did you have fat grafting done, or need a lift? Even better if anyone from Perth has had this done! I HATE my implants. They're "only" 260cc but look huge on my small frame. My youngest is going to be full time at school next year so I feel like this is the perfect time to take the plunge. I'm just not sure whether to drastically downsize my implants (to the smallest size possible!), or remove them, with / without fat transfer. I've bee
  4. I would love to hear from anyone who has recently had a BA or revision with Tony Connell in Perth? I searched the forum but there are only very old threads. I hate my current implants (too big, unnatural) and want a revision to get smaller round implants. I saw Tony about 4 years ago, but decided to wait until after kids... and so here I am! I have a consult with him on Monday, but I feel nervous about the lack of before and after pictures, reviews etc, even though he seems like a lovely man and competent surgeon. I hear that he has recently (in the last few years) started to fav
  5. Hi @Cupcake85, I'm just catching up on everything I've missed in the forum over the last couple of years! It seems that Dr Connell is now doing more round implants rather than anatomical... very interesting! That was my main reservation of having my implant removal and replacement done by him, as I don't want any risk of rotating. Also interesting that it was all covered by Medicare, as I heard that wasn't an option since the end of 2018. I think I'm going to try and book another consult with him and go from there.
  6. @cantwait Did you end up having your implants replaced? Who did you go with in the end?
  7. Wow thank you for taking the time to give such a detailed reply. I am also very much keen on as natural a look as possible. It seems like small anatomical implants would get me there, but I just don't want to take the risk of needing more surgery if they rotate (and constantly worrying that I may move them from exercising etc). I wanted to consult with Dr Tavakoli while I was living in Sydney, but his consultation fee was so crazily high, and his office wouldn't really answer some of my questions before booking an appointment to check that he was the right surgeon for me, so I left it
  8. Wow looks great! What revision did you have done?
  9. Hi TheFox, I just wanted to check how you're feeling 2 years after your explant? Your explants were quite large... how long did you have them in for? I've had my current implants for 4 or 5 years (lose track!)... I was desperate to downsize but decided to wait for after kids, so now I am MORE than ready!! I'm worried that after this long my skin will be badly stretched. And when I was investigating my options a few years ago, I really struggling to find an understanding surgeon with experience in downsizing. I saw a handful, and they all just said they thought I looked fine. I think
  10. Dr Tav is crazily expensive for redo! That's a pity that he can't reduce his fee if you had his original surgery with him. I wanted to consider him for my redo, but $1,000 for a consultation alone is just insane.
  11. I have an appointment with Dr M in just over 2 weeks, and after reading a few reviews over the last few months I have huge doubts about going with this surgeon. Problem is... he made me pay a non-refundable $495 for the privilege of booking a consult with him. Has anyone managed to cancel and actually get this money back?
  12. I feel sometimes like there are no decent breast surgeons in Oz. I had my BA with someone in Melbourne who is supposed to be the best, and he just didn't listen to what I wanted and gave me unnatural results. It feels like we are so far behind here sometimes.
  13. I'd also like to know if this is Dr M? I have a consult with him in 2 weeks (which I paid a non-refundable $495 for... this is INSANE, considering he would easily refill the appointment if I cancelled. It's enough to turn me off!!) Anyway, I just have a bad feeling about it. Please let me know if this was your surgeon?
  14. Hmmm this is strange. On Realself he has 73 reviews, but almost all of them are from people with just that 1 review and no other account activity... so are they all fake? It's just so weird that zero of his patients are on this site.
  15. Hi Girl1999, yes I've got photos - you should have access now to see them. They haven't really changed much since then. The PS who recommended going down to 205cc said I wouldn't need any pocket work or stitching (and that this can cause puckering). I'll be downsizing to rounds so that implant rotation isn't a factor. I came across quite a few people on another forum who downsized significantly without pocket work and said that everything tightened up by itself after a few weeks, but I still don't have many before and afters.
  16. I am planning on having revision surgery to downsize my 260cc implants. The PS I consulted with recently recommended going down to 205cc Motiva Ergonomix low profile implants, but this will only reduce the diameter by about 0.5cm and I just don't think it will be small enough for me. Has anyone downsized their implants to a similar size? Did you need pocket work or a lift? Were you happy with your results. I would love to see some before and afters if anyone is able to share! I'm 53kg and about 160cm, so quite a petite frame.
  17. Anyone? Lol I don't know whether it's a good or bad thing that none of his patients are on here!!!
  18. Hi, has anyone gone with Dr Steve Merten for their BA or revision? I'm having so much trouble finding active members who can give me feedback. I'm booked in with him for a consultation next month, but would love to hear from actual patients.
  19. Hi TheFox, sorry you had to have them removed. Did your original surgeon to the explant? I'd be very interested to see your before and after pics once you've had a chance to upload them.
  20. Hi girlygirl I understand you obsessing, as I hate(d) mine as well as went through a stage of being super depressed about them. But honestly, yours aren't bad!! Lots of girls would be very happy with a result like that. Have you considered seeing a psychologist about it? Not saying you're crazy, but she could give you some practical strategies on how to move past this. Maybe it could also help to get a second or third opinion from other surgeons?
  21. Hi ladies, I've been researching a lot about getting revision surgery. Essentially I want to downsize from 260cc round implants to maybe 220cc anatomicals... I realise it's not much of a size difference, but I think changing to anatomicals will improve the shape a lot (currently too much upper pole and way too wide/high for me). I'm after a really natural result! I've been told this is quite difficult surgery, as there is a high risk of the smaller anatomical implant rotating. It seems like Dr Miroshnik is one of the best, although I didn't like some of the photos I saw on his website
  22. Pity I'll be in Melbourne on the 23rd. I'll keep an eye on this post in case it is rescheduled
  23. Yes my surgeon said that because of my age (35), he would highly recommend having babies first. He prefers his patients to wait 12 months after surgery to get pregnant, otherwise you don't know if changes to the breast are surgery-related or pregnancy-related. The part that made me undecided is that I actually want to downsize slightly... and I thought I would get less stretching during pregnancy with the smaller implants. Also I'm so unhappy with my current result that I just wanted to have it fixed and get on with everything else! But putting babies on hold a year sounded crazy. And thi
  24. Well after seeing Tony again and doing a lot of thinking, I've decided to wait. I don't want to put my life on hold because of my boobs! Trying now to get pregnant, so we'll see what happens!
  25. Hi GirlyGirl, I'm so sorry to hear of your painful journey It can be gut wrenching. Also scary as so far I've only read good things about Dr Connell. Have you been to see him again to discuss your results and your sickness? How do you feel now about your results?
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