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    wantboobs reacted to excited_much in My story so far - BA in Perth   
    HEY ladies,
    I'm 5 months PO now and still waiting for the drop and fluff, breasts are still quiet stiff and have a stuck on fakish look.
    But they feel 95% normal now in terms of being a part of me.
    havnt got my total strength back at the gym for upper body like push ups and chest press etc, also feels weird when the muscle contracts for exercises and random things like yawning.
    If I had my time again I might not go under the muscle, but will wait until 1yr PO to make a final call on that.
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    wantboobs got a reaction from vlinder in Revision gone bad   
    Hi girlygirl
    I understand you obsessing, as I hate(d) mine as well as went through a stage of being super depressed about them. But honestly, yours aren't bad!! Lots of girls would be very happy with a result like that. Have you considered seeing a psychologist about it? Not saying you're crazy, but she could give you some practical strategies on how to move past this. Maybe it could also help to get a second or third opinion from other surgeons?
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    wantboobs got a reaction from vlh76 in Perth breast surgery experience   
    Hmm a couple of the "one-time-only" posts on this particular thread look a bit dodgy! But surely Dr Connell does not need to promote himself given all the wonderful results he has had. Just a bit odd that's all!
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    wantboobs reacted to overthinkingit in Anyone had revision surgery with Dr Miroshnik?   
    One thing to remember with revision is he has to fix someone else mess and that is never as easy as a blank canvas. But he has done some amazing revision jobs and is one of the best surgeons in Australia if you want the natural look.
    I would suggest not going in with any preconceive ideas of what implants you want, take him picture of what you want to look like and let him work out what he needs to use to create that.
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    wantboobs got a reaction from PhenQreviews in Anyone had revision surgery with Dr Miroshnik?   
    Hi ladies, I've been researching a lot about getting revision surgery. Essentially I want to downsize from 260cc round implants to maybe 220cc anatomicals... I realise it's not much of a size difference, but I think changing to anatomicals will improve the shape a lot (currently too much upper pole and way too wide/high for me). I'm after a really natural result!
    I've been told this is quite difficult surgery, as there is a high risk of the smaller anatomical implant rotating. It seems like Dr Miroshnik is one of the best, although I didn't like some of the photos I saw on his website for revision patients.
    I'm just wondering if any of you ladies have been to him for revision? Were you happy with the results? If anyone would be comfortable sharing their before/after pics with me I'd really appreciate it!! Thank you

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    wantboobs reacted to Cupcake85 in BA done In between having kids..?   
    Baby dust to you! We're trying for our second. I got impatient about boobs and my fiancée said when I lose 10kgs I can book in my dates but then I started thinking of another child something I've wanted for so long.

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    wantboobs reacted to rachael1981 in BA done In between having kids..?   
    I would definitely wait as my breasts changed so much with the second pregnancy and not the first. My surgeon also told me if I was thinking of a third he would tell me to wait... Your paying all that money what another couple years then they will be prefect!
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    wantboobs got a reaction from Katewell in BA done In between having kids..?   
    Well after seeing Tony again and doing a lot of thinking, I've decided to wait. I don't want to put my life on hold because of my boobs! Trying now to get pregnant, so we'll see what happens!
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    wantboobs got a reaction from Cupcake85 in BA done In between having kids..?   
    Well after seeing Tony again and doing a lot of thinking, I've decided to wait. I don't want to put my life on hold because of my boobs! Trying now to get pregnant, so we'll see what happens!
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    wantboobs reacted to tonkaT in Tony Connell Girls   
    I have just had revision surgery with Dr Connell as I had PIP implants and want to have children soon, I needed them replaced so I will be able to breast feed. Dr Connell has recommended ideally waiting 6-9 months after surgery before getting pregnant. However, having said that he does say he has had plenty of patients get pregnant straight after. He said if I could wait 6 months that would be ideal but not to worry if it does happen.
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    wantboobs reacted to Ellie315 in TCI..dont say i didn't warn u   
    Thank you Summer.daze!! I too am another unhappy patient that when I complained over obvious surgical error, one pocket too small and sitting high and the other pocket to big and in my armpit plus a gap 5cm big I was given the same excuse most girls get which is "It's your bodies fault" The only way they listen to you once revision is needed is if you pay $2000+ more to fix their mistakes. I wont be going back there ever again!
    Yes there are positive stories but the more you dig around the reason you never see negative stories is either because it is hushed up, deleted of their fan page or girls are simply too embarrassed to come forward because of the backlash TCI pro girls unleash on ones strong enough to find their voice!

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    wantboobs reacted to Newster in Freaking that my boobs will be too big!   
    My besties friend is very slim and barely had an A cup preop. She got small implants... only wanted to be a b cup (she's a dance teacher). My friend doesn't like them on her. Thinks she looks "matronly" with them now. I was really surprised to hear the disapproval in her voice. Pick a size that suits your lifestyle and figure.
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    wantboobs reacted to Kaaycee in I'm pregnant!!!! Is it going to wreck my boobs?   
    I'm so excited we're having another Bub. I'm slightly concerned about my boobies. I got them last year when we thought we were done, turns out we weren't. I love my girls and don't want them to be all saggy again. I know, shallow, but surely your allowed to be a little shallow sometimes, don't judge haha ?
    How have your boobs survived pregnancy? Did you breastfeed or opt not to?
    Also, did they get humongous. Before op I was an A cup and went to a DD when pregnant. Now I'm a DD, am I going to look like Dolly Parton???
    If anyone has photos of your fake boobies before you breastfed and after, I'd be extremely grateful.
    Thanks lovelies xx
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    wantboobs got a reaction from Ethereal-dream in hellppp!!! serious doubts   
    Yes I'm definitely looking into another surgery to downsize (even though they're only 260cc) and change to anatomicals to try and get them more natural looking. I have never liked them, not from day 1. They are my 2nd implants. When I had my first set when I was 18, I liked them at first. Only as I got older I realised they were too big for me and they started to get capsular contraction. Unfortunately after removing them I realised I could not stay like that. I remained 1.5 years without implants hoping my boobs would "fluff" and bounce back, but they never did, so had to go back to implants. Sadly I allowed my surgeon's office and bf to talk me into going too big again, and my surgeon told me they would look natural this time as they were under the muscle. Well they don't! But I think you could end up with a natural looking result with anatomical unders AND the right size choice AND a skilled surgeon.
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    wantboobs reacted to Honeybee089 in Dr Tony Connell   
    Tony did mine at the Mount hospital
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    wantboobs got a reaction from Ethereal-dream in hellppp!!! serious doubts   
    Hi Etherealdream. For me it's the feeling of having implants that I don't like and the way they look fake and obviously round. Probably with a super skilled surgeon you would not be able to tell on some people - but then you still have the scars. And the way your breasts look after you have implants removed is NOTHING like they would look with natural sag. It also stretches out the breast tissue so you end up looking smaller and flatter after implants. Anyway that's just my opinion. I know lots of girls love them! But I find I try to cover them up - I would do anything to go back to my cute, soft pre-implant breasts. I'm hoping that changing to anatomicals under the muscle will make them look more natural, as much as I hate the idea of another surgery!
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    wantboobs reacted to stephy85 in August 2015   
    Morning girls, whooo hooo I have boobies. My surgery went really well and I woke up well from the anaesthetic. I was a bit sick after taking some pain relief, but I have only needed panadol since. My chest feels tight and slightly uncomfortable when I move. I stayed overnight and had a great sleep. Just waiting on the surgeon to send me home. I can't stop looking at my boobies. Hope the other ladies are having a good recovery. Forgot to add I ended up getting 410 and 375 anatomical full projection. Xx
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    wantboobs reacted to Honeybee089 in hellppp!!! serious doubts   
    Hi I'm 4 weeks post op with Dr Connell and I am so happy with my results. I was also worried that my hubby wouldn't like the "fake" feel but he loves them ? once the swelling has gone done you will be so glad that you went through with it. Tony's work is amazing my scars are hardly noticeable and I also had a lift
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    wantboobs reacted to stephy85 in Implant Type   
    I forget what the percentage was, I'm seeing him again next week it's on my questions to ask ? I think it's low.
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    wantboobs reacted to Terrora in Seriously considering having my implants removed   
    So what is your decision?
    I have never regretted having them removed. I started thinking the same as you "what if he likes big boobs?" And I was worried they would be saggy after having D's for 4 years. (They weren't- I have never had kids and they looked the same) So I looked into having a lift,,,in case "Mr fictitious" didn't like droopy boobs)
    Then I said out loud "So what??!!" I spent a lot of my life worried about what some man (whom I have never met) would think about my small breasts. Crazy!
    Prior to having them done,what pushed me over the edge was that I was dating a guy who said he didn't mind that I had small breasts...or that he liked small breasts. Just before we broke up I found a list of about 4-5 porn websites by his computer,all about big breasts....for instance www.giantjugs.com etc,,all about big breasts. I was so deflated. We broke up but I was convinced that men only want big breasts. Now I could care less. Am I going to keep getting surgeries in anticipation of what some guy might like.
    I have told several guys I dated that I used to have implants. The main consensus was that they were glad I had them removed. One guy said that if I still had them he would ask me to remove them (we were talking marriage)
    Bottom line,,,do what YOU want,,nobody is out getting surgeries to look good for us
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    wantboobs reacted to Amy04 in Seriously considering having my implants removed   
    Where do I start.. wow. This is the first I've really 'talked' about this issue other than with my boyfriend. I had my BA in June last year in Bangkok with Dr Teerasit. Aesthetically, I am happy with the results. My implants are 450cc under the muscle, silicone. I was a 10B pre op and am now a 10DD. They look fairly natural and are soft. However in the last 3 or so months I have began to have serious doubts.

    When I booked my surgery I was in a whole different stage of my life. My confidence was at an all-time low, however I researched the procedure and risks for a year before booking my surgery. At the time, it was exactly what I wanted. So I would not say I 'regret' having them done.

    But I have never, in 7 months, accepted them as part of my body. Although they don't look 'fake', every day, every shower, during every workout, I am so conscious of the foreign objects in my chest. I get irritated when my boyfriend touches them and I push his hand off, because I know they're not me and although he doesn't care, it annoys me so much. My girlfriends keep asking why I don't wear lower cut clothes to 'show them off', but I am starting to resent them I keep them covered at gym, at work, at home.

    I have always suffered from severe allergies (eczema, food allergies etc) and in the last few months have undergone drastic dietary changes, for the better. I've cut out canned food, wine and soft drinks along with a heap of chemical-containing skincare products. My allergies have improved so much. I think a massive part of these feelings about my boobs is because this health overhaul has made me look at life and my body differently. It's like, since I am being so careful with what I put in my body, the fact that I have fake boobs is really irritating me.

    I don't mean I'm worried about leaks etc... it's hard to explain. I know they're not unhealthy. Haha It's more like, they are a reminder of an old chapter of my life and I don't feel like they're 'me'.

    I have an appointment with Dr Kim Harwood in Brisbane on the 22nd to discuss my options... thanks for reading ladies, this is a huge weight off my chest (no pun intended!)
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    wantboobs reacted to MyBoobies in Before and after photos - Professor Mark Ashton   
    Hi Ladies
    I'm having surgery with PR Mark Ashton on 19th August for BL/BA.

    Were you given a list before surgery of any vitamins to take, what to bring & what to wear going home or anything?

    I've had my last Appt before surgery with him on Monday & I just don't feel like I may have all the info.

    I may be comparing myself to someone else I know who had a BA with a different doctor who just seemed so much more thorough with tests she had done before surgery & list of vitamins she had to take & also advising her to wash her breast area with antibacterial soap & so on.

    I think this is what is making me nervous!
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    wantboobs reacted to Honeybee089 in Tony Connell Girls   
    Hi all, well here I am 24 hours after my op and I'm feeling fine. I had hears so many horror stories about having a TT BA BL AR all in the one op. I am feeling quite dizzy still my blood pressures low but as long as I keep up with the pain meds I feel fine. Surgery was 4 1/2 hours then quite a bit of time in recovery. Had no vomiting so far so pretty hdppy about that. I'm on a clear fluid diet so that's pretty boring just want some real food. As for my boobs I LOVE THEM! I ended up getting 410cc both sides XF so love the size of them. I was so worried that I would end up huge but I'm not at all I now have upper pole fullness. My tummys tender as he did a bit of lipo as well...... Wishing next weeks ladies all the best for their surgeries xx
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    wantboobs reacted to Honeybee089 in Tony Connell Girls   
    This time tomorrow I'll be in surgery with Tony TT BL BA AR can't believe how quick the weeks have passed . Oh I hope I can deal with the recovery
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    wantboobs got a reaction from Usplusthree in Tony Connell Girls   
    Hi ladies
    I have been absolutely set on having a revision / downsize with Dr Miroshnik in Sydney, but after reading all of your posts I'm going to book a consultation with Dr Connell, as I'll be moving to Perth in August. I've sent a lot of you messages to hopefully see your before/after pics to help with my decision.
    Does anyone have an email contact for Dr Connell? I'm overseas so it's easier than calling.
    I am hopeful that Dr Connell may finally be able to fix me and give me the natural look I am after.

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