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    Freshstart got a reaction from Rhiannon in Drop and fluff bigger or smaller?   
    Is drop and fluff likely to make me bigger or smaller as there is quite a lot of swelling but smaller than what I was expecting! No doubt will be 100 times better than what I had before tho!!
    also how long for things to start looking normal? 
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    Freshstart reacted to Quinn in What should I expect pain wise when I'm recovering?   
    The first day I was on morphine and didnt have any intense pain until I got out of the hospital bed but it was bearable. I had a lotof tightness like someone sitting on my chest making it hard to breath. By day 3 I had almost no pain sensations just a general ache. Today is 7 days postop, I was out shopping and sight seeing all day, got back to the hotel and still felt good. As long as you stay on top of the pain meds and dont over exert yourself you'll get through the pain quickly.
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    Freshstart reacted to Sniff in Anyone experienced ba with dr mark vucek or dr ian tassan?   
    ""Sniff I just read this! Omg was there any particular reason he made an incision there? And what was the. Complication, was it caused by a previous surgery with Vucak?""
    Boy, it's easy to miss when someone asks you a question on here. I did click 'follow this topic" but nothing showed up on my email yet. 
    Freshstart....Mark Vucak did my friends BA. She had to have her creases lowered and after the surgery there was some problem with the lowered crease. A bubble effect or something. I honestly can't remember, but she had to have it fixed because it did not look right. He offered to do it in his rooms. 
    Instead of going back in through the crease incision, she woke up with a while new incision in the lower cleavage. Not a huge long one, but still, totally unnecessary and he did not tell her he was going to do that. He did not apologise either. 
    I must admit it put me off him. Again, that was over ten years ago. 
    I have found it is always a good idea to ask beauty therapists in your home town. They often know of client's negative experiences with any particular surgeon. 
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    Freshstart reacted to DanniP in Finally booked and starting to freak out   
    I won't have mine done until November but I see it like this. To ease your mind think of these things: heaps of girls on here have been to TCI, and they all have rave reviews of the experience. You've done your research, so you know you're in safe hands. You've probably wanted this for some time - and now it's finally happening :) . You're going from interstate - wooo a mini holiday .
    I will keep you updated on mine too (different doctor but same place and I am an interstate traveler too).
    To keep my mind occupied I have started all my planning. What to take with me, what cream to rub on my boobs to fight stretch marks, some sports bras to buy to live in for a little while, gazing at all the wonderful clothes I will soon be able to fill haha. Nervousness is normal, I've just been replacing it with excitement .
    I hope you get lots of positive responses to make you feel better - because you are going to be just fine. Well better than fine, fine with great boobies
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    Freshstart reacted to Jen in Feeling depressed today :-(   
    I know how your feeling, I am still a bit emotional at 3 1/2 weeks and wondering at times "what have I done to myself", but then I look at my pre op photos and then I remember! It's tough dealing with the pain, the emotional ups and down as well as day to day life with the family pressures! Our men, bless them, try their hardest, but they never quite get it right do they! Haha

    Nipples facing down is a good thing btw, when your swelling goes down and they will rise up to the correct position, if they were at the correct position now, they would end up right up the top pointing to the sky! Mine were also pointing down and one boob is still a bit wonky, but day by day as the swelling goes down they are looking better and better,

    I'm learning to be patient with my new assets! Same with your stretch marks, they are looking more pronounced because of the swelling and will settle down, I'm sure! I had rippling between my boobs and was also freaking out, but that has gone now!

    My advice, be patient and kind to yourself. Don't obsess over your boobs and try not to forget about them, stop looking at them 20 times a day ( I know you are! ) make yourself a new rule, your only allowed to look at them in the morning and before you go to bed! it will take time, your body and boobs have been through

    No one except hubby has seen my booobs yet ( he love them regardless!) I didn't want that kind of reaction you got, I know they are not very pretty yet but I know they will be! I had a great surgeon and you did too, so relax and let yourself heal emotionally and physically!

    Take care Hun! Xx
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