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    Dr James Kollias - 1st Feb 2014
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  1. Hi girls does anyone know how long after breast augmentation u have to wait until you can go solarium?? and if I was to get a spray tan do I need to cover my incisions? I'm 10 days post op!
  2. I was a 8A barely even fit in an A cup. I would recommend going the larger size. I had the choice of 340 or 375 and I am so glad I choose 375 or I would regret it so much! Have a look at my before photos!
  3. I have uploaded photos after surgery! I got 375cc extra high profile. Did expect them bigger but maybe once they drop etc they will look bigger. Hope they don't go smaller! Xx
  4. Thank you everyone!!! So so nervous. I'll be sure to post pics after )
  5. So I have my Breast augmentation tomorrow morning!!!! I have so many emotions at the moment. Nervous, excited and scared!!! Scared I'll wake up during the procedure or I won't be put to sleep properly... Ahhh. Hope im not the only one who has these thoughts lol. I can't wait to finally have boobies though!! I am getting 375cc extra high profile. Fingers crossed it all goes well!! Wish me luck
  6. i will add you what is the iPhone add called?? Hope I recover nicely! That's amazing you could wash your own hair at day 2.
  7. My surgeon is dr James Kollias. Yeah he told me 375cc extra night will just fit in me. I'm heaps small up the top like my chest area is quite slim so I can only go extra high. If I want just high then I would need to go down to 340cc and I think I will regret that and wish I went the bigger size. He ordered me extra high 340 and 375 but I'm pretty certain I want to go 375cc now. Yeah I just want it to be over and done with already. 5 more sleeps!! Yay!!
  8. oh wow that's good you can wash ur own hair etc. I was going to just go hairdressers . I'm thinking maybe day 3 will be the worst! See how I go! Xx
  9. Yeah my friends have had theirs done and would get stuck on the recliner couch because they couldn't get up. My mum has the Monday and Tuesday off work so im hoping by wednesday I can get around myself etc. Otherwise I'll jst hav to stay in bed and not move lol. I have been practicing laying on my back and falling asleep but will get sick of it so quick I think. Guess they say no pain no gain!!
  10. I have never heard of dual plane. Jst scared coz I hav nothing to start with my skin will be stretching heaps and obv cause more pain. Think I'm more scared of being put to sleep lol but once I'm out will be fine. Thanks for ur reply
  11. i am going to St. Andrews hospital in Adelaide. Stay overnight as well so I'm hoping they keep me drugged up haha thanks for ur feedback def gna make sure I take the meds every time I am supposed to. Xx
  12. Hi everyone im booked in for 1st feb, this Saturday coming for my BA. I am sooo scared and nervous!! Not sure why but it's freaking me out. I am getting 375cc extra high profile under the muscle. I'm 170cm and 51kgs. how did everyone go with the pain after?? And does anyone have any similar stats to me so I can look at photos??
  13. Oh really wow okay!! Im glad I've found someone who has extra high because so many people just get high. My width is 11cm so getting 375cc is 11.5cm he said it will just fit!! So I'm thinking I just do that? I recon 340 wud onlly make me a C cup and I want to be a D. Do u hav photos up yett?? How's the pain? I'm also scared about that haha. Yeah I imaged at first they would be really high but once they drop etc I think they will be good!! Thank u for ur help!! I can't wait so excited xx
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