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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr. Poomee, September 23, 2014
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  1. Hi gals! I'm 3 weeks post op from my breast augmentation and I am absolutely loving them. I wrote up a little blog post (let me continue to reiterate that I am not a doctor!) about the things I learned before and after my surgery. I've gotten some great feedback from friends, peers, and strangers about it who are thinking about getting theirs done so if you're curious- have a read! Cheers and enjoy! http://mischkebusiness.com/2014/10/21/the-boobs/#more-2938
  2. Hello ladies! I'm having BA done in six weeks and am wondering if anyone has any tips, advice, or insight into stretch marks when receiving surgery? I don't have many- just a few on my bum- but am afraid that the skin around my breasts will get stretch marks going from a small A to a small D. I've been using coconut oil daily as a moisturizer but if anyone has advice it would be much appreciated! Thanks xx
  3. I hope things went well! I'm booked for BA with Dr. Poomee in September- I'd love to hear your experiences!
  4. Bumrungrad has excellent facilities and since it's in the heart of Bangkok you're surrounded by everything you could possibly need! I've only heard success and happy stories from BA coming from Dr Poomee and I am booked with him for September!
  5. Congrats to you too! That's brilliant and so excited to see how they turn out for you! I won't have time before September so booked for then, but I'm a quick flight away (literally 45 minutes!) so even though I am staying a short amount of time Dr Poomee said that a full 4 days recovery should be sufficient and I'll also have my mom and boyfriend there so lots of SUPPORT. Ha, which I'll be needing in many new ways! Let me know how yours goes and so excited for you! x
  6. I go between 52 and 53 kilos and am 5'4 and a teeny tiny A. I want to be able to fill out swimsuits, dresses, and overall feel like a woman! I wouldn't mind going to a full C or small D, but have a small ribcage and frame and don't want it to look too overdone...I'm debating between 300 or 325 ccs at the moment, textured, teardrop, under the muscle, but am up for suggestions!
  7. Absolutely! I'm not booked until September, so it won't be a while I'm just doing as much research and prep beforehand. I've spoken to a few doctors about the stitches and aftercare and 4 was the answer from all of them, even from my contacts back home in the states. Basically it's just tons of rest, little to no movement, and somewhere they can take the stitches out if they're not ready by day 4 but other than that I think things will be a-ok! <3 I will keep you posted though on my experience once its finished and if the length of stay was long enough after (I'll be staying 5 days including the day of surgery).
  8. Thanks so much! I'm super excited- only heard great things about this doctor and seen brilliant results from a friend in town. I will probably have textured, or at least that's what I have in mind unless he suggests otherwise. I am SO excited now that it's booked- it's reality now! I was thinking under the crease too so thanks for the confirmation! Def send me a FR and I'll add pre and post photos once it's done! Thanks so much for your input. x
  9. Hi Dee! Yes Dr. Poomee knows my travel plans, my flight back to Phnom Penh is only 45 minutes so it's not too bad but in his surgery recommendations he takes the stitches out on the 4th day anyway so I think it should be fine- definitely will be taking it easy once I arrive back home though
  10. Hi all! I've finally booked my augmentation surgery with Dr. Poomee at Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok after seeing some brilliant results. Now that that's done...the nervousness sets in! I basically want to go with a full C and am told 300-325ccs will do the trick, I weigh about 52 kilos/114 lbs give or take and have a small rib cage- so don't want thing to look too unnatural. Does anyone have advice on incision area, recovery time and how to best heal, and techniques for the best "drop and fluff"? I'll have my boyfriend joining me for the surgery and will be staying in Bangkok for 4 days after before I fly back home but am filled with questions now! Any feedback would be much appreciated
  11. Jess! Finally got around to checking your photos- THEY LOOK AMAZING! You have literally just sealed the deal in my decision I am so glad they're working out so well for you and thanks so much for your insight and advice. Can't wait!
  12. Hi Jess! That's fantastic- I am so glad things went well for you and you had someone there to take care of you too! I would love to hear how the progress goes as they drop and fluff because the one thing I am nervous about is them staying high and apart but I know that should change after time (I will go behind the muscle as welll!) I am wanting a full C and am getting responses that 300-325cc will be best for what I want. I've got a small frame though so don't want them to look too unnatural. I'm so happy for you and congratulations! Thanks so much for you insights and feedback.
  13. Hi Jess! How did your surgery go? I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback! Hope everything went well and you're happy with your results! Cheers x
  14. Hi Amyjane! That's awesome- I'm so looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences with him! I'll just be going through our regular travel (Air Asia or Bangkok Air) since we're coming from Phnom Penh and having my boyfriend take care of me for a few days while I recover in Bangkok! Let me know how your experience goes- I am thinking around June or July is when I'd like to go as long as I can save
  15. One question! I understand his surgery costs cover pretty much EVERYTHING which is great- but for those who have looked into other doctors at Bumrungrad, is it the same deal? And are the surgery costs the same (if you happen to already know)?
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