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  1. aw ya poor thing!! i haven't had nausea but constipated i agree the changes from day 1 are mad!! like already mine are so much softer!!1 ive been emotional i think thats my anesthetic side effect!! xxx
  2. oh sorry hun i thought yours was in 4 days lol ah congrats so were both 4 days post op hope ur feeling well xxx
  3. hey hun Best of luck tomoro!!! im 4 days post op!! FR me and you can read my story... x
  4. Hi Guys I posted a topic here a few days ago ( thinking of cancelling my BA, Pls help!) i was so so scared and ready to cancel!!! i just want to say thank you so so MUCH to all the "BOOB ANGELS" who commented on my post! I needed the support and hearing all your positive stories really really helped me calm down and realise why i want this!! your all brilliant!!!! Thanks again!!! Jena xxxx
  5. amazing!!!!! love them!!

  6. im kinda thinling i want unders more than over.. if i have kids later on it will less sag.. oh decisions decision lol
  7. im seriously looking into these!! lower CC rate.. like the sound of that urs look great in profile pic bex31
  8. exact same!!!! she is a great surgeon so im trting to just take her recommendations, just worried about silicone.. had it in my head saline but she said silicone..
  9. small@thewaiste thanks a mil.. our stats are kinda similar, im goin for 360cc over muscle too.. im hoping to get a D lol
  10. love this site!!! bare with me ladoes, new to site so tryin to get used to it im goin for smooth, have my last pre op consult on 21st of march, tryin to gather as much info as i can in order to make my final decision.. im not sure about overs really, CHEM yours look amazing but im concerned about if i have enouhh to pull it off.. and more chance off CC.. arragghh confusing lol
  11. yeah, and if they need to remove then id say thats a tough enough job.. my doc does offers them all so just weighing up the pros n cons
  12. hi all Im getting 360cc round silicone HP over the muscle.. reason for over muscle is my to give fullness to the top of my boobs.. PS said i have enough to cover it.. im wondering what your opinion is on silicone? im hearing alot about Brazilian implants, are these polyutheraine? has anyone changed from silicone to these or visa versa? thanks xxx
  13. hi Mizzyz thanks sooo much for reply!! how are u?? i went for a lot of consultations before deciding on Dr. Patricia Eadie. im also worried about CC.. how soon after your surgery did u get CC? and how long did you wait to get a Re op? i have so many questions lol jen xxx

  14. Hi Jena, I got on really well I loved my choice of surgeons. Feel free to ask me anything I am very happy to help :-)

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