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  1. I don't think your being negative at all x yes I did research but at the time negative reviews were few and far between.. I was lead to believe that dr pitch was educated and trained in america and thats whats made me feel secure... ive since discovered thats not the truth. my dad told me not to go... i should have listened! ! Agree completely that there there is no need to go overseas.... the way the os websites sell it to you makes it all so convincing and exciting!
  2. Update: still being ignored. Why i got my hopes up is dumb. On a good note, I now have private health and will be having my surgery fixed by dr gaffield here next feb (after private health kicks in)... so only 11 months till im human again. At least there is an end in sight.
  3. Hi I have an appointment for botox tomorrow...at all places my dentist!!! They charge $7.50 per unit which is so cheap just wondering if I need to go barefaced i.e. no make up to the appointment or??? and can you wear a hat or something afterwards to hide the bumps?? i don't want ppl to know!
  4. JP1983


    one of my friends got veneers in puket... they are lovely and white but they look to short and make her smile look goofy looking. Get them done here.
  5. Does anyone know the CEO of yahnee hospital? or anyone else I can complain too> its like its being kept in house without the officials of yahnee hospital being made aware and dr pitch is just ignoring it all like im a piece of sh*it that hes butchered and doesnt give a crap about it.
  6. Yep, I know ppl that have had successful surgeries overseas too but after whats happened to me by not just the surgeon but the lack of support and help from the hospital i just can not recommend yahnee hospital or dr pitch. The hospital should be having an input to!! Still nothing new to report ..surprise surprise. =(
  7. Read my horror story. Save and get it done in Australia. I do not recommend destination beauty - they are great up until surgery then if something goes bad you don't hear from them and your treated like a pest. I went to yahnee hospital - have been promised a full refund and its all just lies.
  8. =(( your not alone - i have a horror story too from bangkok (dr pitch from yahnee). This is awful it has to stop HOW CAN THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS!!! i agree with dee girls need to stop going o/s - sorry not sorry but its just not worth it....
  9. We have a mortgage/child I can't afford to get a loan simply because I don't want to set my family back who are more important then me (i.e private school is more my priority then wasting more money on myself). I have $6000 saved up of my own money so will just take a few years to save for the $9000. I'm huge on not having loans and like to buy things outright like my car/uni ect. Just have to see how it all goes - end of the day they need to be revised but in the meantime I will just have to suffer/endure it.
  10. No further response from Yahnee hospital. Went to my GP today for antidepressants. Will update (if) I ever receive any information but for now I need to reduce coming onto this forum as its simply to upsetting for me. Thank you all again.
  11. I've been through too much to respond further to this post. Thank you for your well wishes.
  12. So beautiful! Really good ideas too, it get hard because its so embarrassing I don't like people to know - it took me almost a year to tell my mum (given she warned me not to go). Just want to hold out for a bit longer for this email before I go to A current Affair but as each day passes it makes me more angry that he can get away with this. It's not right.
  13. Becca, I really thank you for taking time to respond and share your story. That is unacceptable what happened to you - when I first complained about the implant looking like it was basically under my arm i was told it was just swelling and like you was told to wait. I agree completely that all they see is dollar signs. I felt like VIP when I first went there and as soon as I complained i'm nothing - an annoying pest. I think its a disgrace that they are not there to help when complications arise as a direct result of surgery there. I am waiting for a response following yesterdays correspondence -hopefully I hear something back within 5 working days surely (though I have learnt not to get my hopes up). I'm not sure what PIAC is?? I will have to get a loan as is to pay. Going to thailand was not cheaper nor worth it in the slightest. Biggest regret of my life. Women need to be really selective of where and who does there surgery - that is something I didn't appreciate before and have had to learn a very hard and expensive lesson. Thank you everyone that is commenting, I am new on this forum and I am so appreciative of all your warm wishes and support.
  14. Beautiful ladies, thank you so much for your continued support. Today is a very nerve-wracking day with a final decision apparently being made by Dr Pitch - I am checking my email every two seconds but will need to go out soon to take my mind of it! =) Will keep everyone updated with the case progress.
  15. Thank you so much Megz and IsThisHappening- i'm so surprised and comforted by how pleasant everyone is on here! Wish I had found this site earlier. Good luck with your surgery Megz, i'm sure they will be amazing =D
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