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    Breast Implants
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    Dr Tang 11 July 2014
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    170cm/ 59kgs /12A
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  1. Mine are so high to 10 weeks post opp my crease was lowered but my nipples face down
  2. Same I had 385 yesterday and I was an 12a and they don't look very big. I can't do anything at all not even hold the phone to my ear to talk to ppl. I'm now day 1 post opp hopefully day 2-3 are better
  3. Had my surgery yesterday. Good luck to the up and coming July girlies
  4. Did anyone get a numbness in their thumb after surgery. I had surgery today and I have a numb/ pins and needles feeling in my thumb :/
  5. I'm 11 July, dr tang, The cosmetic institute 390cc high profile unders only 3 days!!!
  6. I've only told a few people haven't told my mum or sister and my sugery is in two weeks. I know if I do tell my mum disapprove and drive down ( I live 9 hours away). I'd rather just wait till I see her in august when I'm heeled.
  7. I'm 18 days pre opp so it's pretty interesting to read about dropping and fluffing
  8. I transfer the money and paid $1000 installments until I paid the whole amount
  9. Hi njf86 yes I am definitely getting excited its coming up really quick. I'm going to the cosmetic instutite in sydney which is only an hour and a bit from home so that's good. I'm booked in 11 July. I send you a friend and we can follow each other progress
  10. Hi I'm a similar size to you 60kg, B cup, 170cm and Im getting 390cc in 4 weeks. Apparently I should be a D to DD my surgeon said that's the largest can go
  11. July is coming up way to quick I find myself getting nervous already !!! Ive bought stretchy shirts, sports bras, bio oil, moisturizer, vitamins. Still need to get a neck pillow ice packs and stock up on easy food the week before.
  12. Hi mumxoxfx3 did you always have nipples facing out or just aftera ba? Thanks
  13. Congrats I hope my pain is as good as yours after
  14. good to know that they won't stretch hopefully. Mine are already big and I don't want them any bigger thanks everyone for your posts
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