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  1. I am going to say surgeon #2 only because I am pretty sure I know who he is and I think he is amazing. I see where you are coming from about him being cocky, I think he is just extremely confident in what he does which may come across like that. I found he also tells you like it is and won't promise something that can't be done, I really liked this about him and maybe because I have a tell it like it is attitude is the reason we got along so well. In saying that you have to go with who makes you feel comfortable and at ease.
  2. Don't get me wrong I think they are good too I just think they may be too big for my face and just want that top lip to go down and not be so pouty. It may just be because it was my first time and I did not know what to expect.
  3. So I finally got up the courage to get my lips done yesterday. Just had the 1 ml and at the moment I am thinking they are too big but I am hoping I still have swelling to go down. First image is before, second image immediately after and the third is today
  4. I find my textured feel very natural I didn't even ask about the smooth as I required a lift I just went with what Dr Layt suggested. He did however suggest moderate profile for me in a 345cc (I wanted bigger) and said if I went bigger I may have the same problem again and bottom out but said I could change profile to get a bigger look which I did to the 365cc HP. I am actually looking at going back to him next year for some liposuction.
  5. Boobswanted I have 365cc HP rounds textured under the muscle.
  6. Hi ladies I am a Dr Layt girl and a massive fan I can't speak highly enough of him and as I needed a lift I didn't think there was a chance I would be able to get my pre kids boobs back but they are amazing. Cant reccomend him enough.
  7. So my husband and I are starting a recycled furniture business and we can't think of a name and I was hoping some of you lovely ladies and gents may be of some assistance. We will mainly be using pallets but will epicycle old furniture on the occasion also.
  8. Everyone is different and I can't speak for the ladies with implants before pregnancy but my natural boobs were ruined with pregnancy and became very droopy resulting in me needing a lift and implants to fill them back up.
  9. Such a compliment bunnychook add away. I too was worried before my lift but got the boobies i wanted just make sure you express to your surgeon exactly what you want.
  10. I am so happy. I got 365cc high profile rounds. I measure at an E-F cup depending on the bra.
  11. Your more than welcome to have a look at my before and after I am very happy.
  12. I know there are pages you can join to fundraise for your boobs. My question is does anyone know if there are websites where you can promote your fundraising page and people donate. My daughter is trying to raise money for HeartKids and I can't seem to find anywhere besides my Facebook to promote it.
  13. i have been working very hard lately to get down to my goal weight and only have about 5 kgs to go and I will be back to my pre kids weight. I would like to have some liposuction done to smooth out a few areas and just wanted to see what you ladies thought. I was originally only going to get my muffin top and inner thighs done but think I should really get my stomach and outer thighs done also. What are your thoughts?
  14. Thanks Don I am making a booking as soon as they open ha ha
  15. Sorry ladies bumping this back up too see if anyone has any advise.
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