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    sub muscular implants and removal of a large fibroadenoma.
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    175cm 63kg 325cc. Was deflated 12b from bf my 1and 2 year old hopefully a full 12c now

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  1. I used sick leave for the 2 weeks recovery and then a week of annual leave to make sure I was right to go back to physical work
  2. Sorry for extra late reply - yes I took endone and then Panadol osteo. Think by 2 week so didn't need much at all. Hope all is better by now x
  3. I feel like I'm the same, although I'm very early on but my creases and boobs were uneven and one crease lowered more and they just look like they are each from a differnt body! Hoping it resolves for you soon x
  4. I had an awful first 3-4 days too. Couldn't even look a the kids! Valium was a godsend. Wish I'd thought of using a bean bag that's a great idea. Hopefully will be starting to feel better very soon and get some laxatives / Metamucil into you
  5. I met my hubby online, can be done. I also have 3 other friends married from online meeting too. Crossed fingers it works for you x
  6. If plan to do it 3-4 weeks prior just to make sure. 4 weeks you shouldn't reAlly lift if you have under the muscle
  7. Good luck with your weight loss. I had literally nothing good in the house post BA and have lost over 2 kg - now 2 weeks post op. Have been having protein shakes and fruit to keep regular. Couldn't drive anywhere to get good stuff and it worked a treat. Have been baking for my daughters birthday today and the weekend is going to be hard to stay healthy!
  8. Ahh now I'm worrying I think I may have mild double bubble from crease being too low on one side (( have been googling pics tonight and pretty sure that's what it is. Will see ps friday
  9. My advice would be to stay in a smaller place as long as possible and save and then buy a bigger place. You can definitely raise 1 babyin a small place, maybe around 12-15 months they need space to run and definitely with number 2 on way. Lots of people start small and move S the family gets bigger. Buying and selling is so expensive - think an extra $60k to upgrade from 2 -3 bedroom home later on down the track at those prices. Good luck. Can alwYs take them out to lots of parks / walks when you are aick of being cooped up xx
  10. Hi thanks for your responses. The crop top is definitely tight. I'm not sure if it is looking different because of a pouch of swelling, indent from bra but then also looking at things a little more closely my new crease incision seems like it is slightly lower than the other aide and it almost looks like the implant is sitting round and then there is a line that my real boob sits on top and the curves don't meet together. I also had a lump removed although wasn't in this direct area but ps said it may still have a bit of a hole. Not due back to my ps for a few weeks now but I think I'll take a pic and email him. Thanks for the advice girls. First day off pain relief today and feeling good xx
  11. So excited to know that you have been able to do assisted pull ups!! Let me know how you go with planking x love this thread hearing updates. I'm day 12 and back on the x trainer no arms, bike hands free and walking and doing some core work lying down. Can't do crunches yet and feeling flabby in the middle!
  12. I have a trip planned to the Gold Coast this year in May when I will be 3.5 months post BA. I was wondering if anyone had been on rides post op or if they have been advised not todo this kind of thing??? My hubby loves them and we were planning a day without kids to dreamworld / wet and wild but not sure if I should be avoiding the bigger rides with shoulder straps
  13. Hi guys, I have had a bit if discomfort on one boob today or maybe even a few days. I have been wearing a new crop too I bought 4 days ago. I took it off and had a closer look tonight and have an indent line on the underside of my boob where the elastic must have been digging in. I have tried to massage it out a bit but it's still there. I've changed tips and hoping it will disappear by morning. Had anyone had this happen? I feel like it would be similar to a line caused by an underwire in the wrong place which obviously we aren't supposed to wear. I'm only 10 days post op. Thanks for any advice x
  14. I have a 3yo and 17mo that haven't noticed, although I didn't go big. They have looked at my tape / Hypatia and asked what's that and I have told them I have a sore shoulder so can't lift them. Completely different with a 6 yo but maybe have a few days apart to recover so she doesn't see you in too much pain or worry about you, day 3-4 you will be able to start getting outof bed a bit easier. I've heard people say dr is fixing mummy's boobs, with an older daughter they would understand it a bit better I would imagine. Good luck x
  15. Great to hear your 6wk update Sydney11. I was also told never to do pec work again but had been wondering about all the exs that the pecs work as secondary muscles. Have you been able to do planks post op? Also with assisted pull ups, is that assisted chin ups - I really hope to be able to continue these 2 types of exercise? Only 10 days post op now
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