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  1. If it feels comfortable then go with it! I wore soft Kmart crops from the 2 - 4 week mark and then eased my way into no bra / crop. Your body will known when it's ok
  2. I know right!! I posted a pic comparison yesterday in the same dress .. I love how fit and lean I was looking in the before pic after working hard for 2 years but OMG my boobs had completely gone
  3. Except for boobs .. they're not free and are sadly the first things we lose when getting the body we want
  4. I eat clean 80-90 % of the time and I don't crave crappy food but if I feel like icecream (rare) or red wine (not rare ) I will have it. The food I buy has completely changed .. lots of fresh produce, very few processed foods, I make my own clean treats and smoothies. I've seen the transformations many people have made when they work hard and eat clean .. including my husband and I when we followed the Max / Maxine challenge last year. It is amazing what you can achieve! I've also seen amazing results from IIFYM and Paleo diets. We both had visible abs and low body fat at the end of the challenge but I will never have a nice flat tummy. Genetics do play a part as well. I have ab separation and loose skin but I'm okay with that (although I do envy women with perfect tummies ). I love the changes I have made though and am glad that we made the lifestyle change for our family.
  5. That's a shame I hope it all works out for you .. whatever decision you make x
  6. Haha! Yeah I check my boobs out way more than I should too Are you happy with your size now Mollyjo?
  7. OMG ? You look amazing!! My belly was wrecked after 2 kids let alone 4! Well done Kaaycee!! You are going to rock your new boobs ?
  8. I tried 'girly' pushups this week and they felt ok but I won't be rushing into normal push ups
  9. Great to hear Gecko105 Try adding weights to your exercise routine if you want great arms. You only need some dumb bells to get you started and can work your biceps, triceps and shoulders .. you'll be amazed at how quickly you see results.
  10. I've been using Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula (with Vitamin E) as the Bio Oil made my tape go funny ..
  11. Everyone progresses differently but I noticed most of my changes from the 5 - 6 week mark so hang in there I've sent you a FR if you don't mind x
  12. That's great to hear Southerngirl It's so good once they soften and it's even better sleeping normally! I've had my moments of boob envy as well but I asked for a natural look and to have my pre-pregnancy boobs back and I have definitely achieved that .. I just have to look back on pre-surgery boobs to realise how good they look now I've added a 10 week album today .. it would be great to see your progress too. Take care x
  13. Try not to overanalyse and compare yourself to other ladies Kaaycee .. I know it's hard but it will do your head in You will be so relieved once you're on the other side and will wonder what all the fuss was about! You're going to look fantastic x
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