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  1. Hey ladies quick update. Day eerrrr I'm gonna say 3.. Didn't get any sleep the first night but slept well last night. Didn't shower yesterday as felt a lil woozy in the head but think that was due to being so tired. Took bra off for the first time this morning for a proper look. No pain or light headedness. They look hard and firm lol but that's to be expected. I'm hoping they are pretty swollen because they are huge. But a lil part of me is hoping they aren't lol. No regrets. For the ladies who have breast fed l think it feels like when your milk comes in and they are engorged. Big and hard but not as painful.
  2. I had mine done Thursday there. So results are probably too early to tell. I know of at least 10 ppl personally actually friends who have used tci and haven't had a problem. I've been happy with my treatment so far. I think there is a lot more to the story. Yes ppl are going to get bad results but you have to take all the factors into consideration and then be happy with your decision. I would only trust credible new sources and current affair isn't one of them. I know some of the girls involved are on here and your probably best hearing the story from them. Media like to sensationalise stuff it's what gets people watching and reading. But when it comes down to it. Do your research and do what you feel happy and confident doing.
  3. Well today was the big day. After 42 years (26 since puberty never hit) l finally have boobs. Surgery was at tci in southport with dr Nguyen and went well. l ended up with 525cc extra high profile as l had a very deflated b cup from years of breastfeeding. No breast tissue at all. Ive felt fine since l got home but trying to remember not to use arms is hard. No nausea from GA . Was well informed of the risks ect. Everyone was lovely and helpful. Will add before and after later. One of the best things love ever done. I don't regret leaving it this late in life to do as this was the right time for me.
  4. Im so sorry hun. Take time. Cry. Scream. Do what you have to do. I had 4. My thoughts are with you xxxxx
  5. Wow ??? you have an amazing body. And 3 kids woah. Im having my done in 5 days l CANT WAIT.
  6. Hey there. Im going with Dr Nguyen at TCI on the GC. I have about 5 friends who have used him and are very happy with his results. 5 days to go.
  7. hey Ladies, Most you wouldnt know me but l was regular on here a couple of years back. I was all booked in to get my boobs done in Thailand , flights booked, accommodation booked, procedure booked then found out my lovely hubby of 10 months got himself a 23yr old girlfriend. l cancelled and lost a couple of grand. Two years later lm now 2 weeks off finally getting my boobs lve waited so patiently for. Its funny how many ppl think lm getting them for male attention and dont understand lm doing it 100% for me. I dont need boobs to get attention from men. l thought id just drop by and say hi and lm back and will post pics. lve breastfed 3 kids and have the empty sock look going on. lm 42 175cm and roughly 68kgs. I wear a 14b but could probably fit an A and hoping to go to about a D. Lots of people are asking if lm scared or nervous and lm not in the slightest. After 42 years of being the president of the itty bitty titty committee lm ready to be thrown out of the club. Jacqui
  8. Hey there, Im September 8th on the GC, coming from Melbourne.
  9. Hi ladies, After all the trouble I went to , to get Dr Thanakom to agree to do my surgery l had to cancel. I have moved to Melbourne to be closer to medical facilities for my youngest and have decided to wait until she is a lil older before having surgery. Her neurologist has said it could be 1-2 years before she walks( she is 18 months) so I will wait till then. I wish everyone love luck and happiness and look forward to hearing everyone success stories.
  10. mollyjo the surgeon overseas has refused to do it. Gnome there are other first class surgeons there, but I agree with the ladies why not just start with one surgery.
  11. Wouldnt bother me have a male along on a group tour, but l just booked straight through hospital. lm also interested in upper blepharoplasty but was going to concentrate on the boobs first.
  12. Hi melski, on my registration form I had stated that l stopped bf on the 16th of November at the time of filling it in I was a lil over excited about it all actually happening. I knew I quit bf a week before my daughter turned 1 but got my two daughters birdays mixed up. My older on being the 23rd of November The baby being the 17th of October . So I had actually stopped on the 10th of October . After sending a screen shot from the 10 th of October saying that I'd stopped breastfeeding and being sad l didn't make it my daughters first and explaining how I messed up the two birth dates they said I can have the guarantee. So yay 29th of April. How are you going?
  13. The company Blissful is using is Global protective solutions Tw , they are not Australian Whingingpom
  14. im going in on the 29th with Thanakaom, lm staying 15 day afterwards but will extend if need be.
  15. Oh my tax money doesnt go to the ppl with botched overseas surgery it goes to dole bludgers, pedo's and rapist behind bars and lining the pockets of politicians. And besides lve worked and paid taxes for the past 25 years so just consider it my own tax money..
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