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  1. I'm 9 wks post op but still yet to be given the go ahead to use silicone sheets etc.. My scars are itchy at times, with symptoms of eczema, red(alittle raised)..not very pretty generally. You Lucky girls to be healing so well so early on..good job
  2. yes, the throat hurt heaps. Bring the lozenges! I wish i could have taken them too for morning breath(plus acid reflux..yikes!)...but unfortunately, no food n drinks 6 hours prior at least i remembr feeling like a joke- no makeup, bad breath..but before i knew it, i emerged waking up with boobs Yay to boobies:-)
  3. do i need to wear the strap ? I've uploaded pics of how they look now in my 'post op week 1-4' album. i feel they are kinda low enough, but my left side still seems higher? comments appreciated..thank you.
  4. dear Mrs B, i will post pics once i recieve those bras and model them LOL. I'm looking forwrad to them heaps...my boobs are getting apart more and more every day. when i bend down. i don't even get a hint of cleavage. everything is just so..far apart.yikes.
  5. Thanks LilyM. The pleasurestate bras look awesome. I find the bumps don't quite work for me- i need wide wires to scoop it all in and lock it in place with wide & tight 'wings'. my bra size is a UK 30e at the moment. Found it out Through trial and error on ebay. My hubby ain't happy I'm using Paypal so much on those trials and errors LOL. I had 1 bra sent back to UK because the 30 dd was tight. there is a refund on the bra fortunately. I just ordered a Gossard superfit wonderbra on eBay. in case u r keen it's this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GOSSARD-SUPERBOOST-PLUNGE-BRA-5771-BLACK-32E-NEW-TAGGED-FREE-P-P-/280829582238?pt=UK_Women_s_Lingerie&hash=item4162bf5b9e Hopefully the structure of the wires and formation of the cup can push the breasts together a bit. apparently, this brand also has this popular series that pushes armpit boobs centre and upfront: http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_nkw=fantasie+shannon&_sacat=0&_odkw=gossard+32e&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313 oh and as you can tell, i'm really desperate..i even ordered this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Breast-Push-Up-Body-Shaper-Bra-Back-Posture-Support-M-/260647618379?pt=AU_WomensLingerie&hash=item3cafcf074b it's supposedly a posture bra that forces you to stand straight and pushes all the side boob to the centre
  6. ...not neccesarily to push up, but to push all that side boob and centre it, if that makes sense. Any suggestions pls?
  7. chacha, i know that feeling..it will arrive too soon..just hang in there:-) no one has did a double take since my BA. Thanks to me overstuffing my bras haha. My hubby did do many double takes though-He was suggesting i could try on swimsuits and bras for him to see LOL I fit into a DD bra but look only like a small C. I guess the DD is to accomodate for the width of my mod plus implants. Yay to boobies for all..and to those of you awaiting your BA..it will come before you know it..time really flies.
  8. Hi Nikbri, yeah i need to get them removed by the GP. I emailed Dr Teerasit and he repliied that I can get my stitches removed next week..yay..and Yikes LOL. i sent him the pic u saw, he told me to remove ALL the steri strips so he could gauge better. i sent him a pic of that too. i couldnt quite see the strips clearly(blocked by boobs LOL) so got my hubby to remove them- minimal crusty blood spots and dried pus like wat u mentioned. i think showering really helped loosen the strips with the crusty gunk dropping off all at once.my nipples are less sensitive now-even to shower water. i shall use Bio Oil on the tiny pin pricks once the stitches are off..thanks:-)
  9. Dear Aussiemum, It's only the early stages..i promise you it WILL get betta. I went through hell the first night after i was discharged, cried heaps after a series of nightmares. I was off my antidepressant(Lexapro) for a week or so, so i'm not sure if this had contributed to the extra blues.I'm weaning off (on a maintenance dosage) though, so I'm quite sure it could be the combi of Rohypnol+ paracetamol I had taken. And the morphine drip the day before perhaps. You are lucky you went with your hubby and kids. Aww..they are so sweet to stay there with you..so sweet that they were waiting on the couch asleep..aww! I had major blues day9 post op- i remember thinking damn stitches..stupid weight of boobs..why did i go through all this..my boobs were still high and hard then, but guess what..I'm now 21 days PO and they semm to be significantly softer..well abit high..but given time, i'm sure they will drop. Your worries about the foreign object in your perfectly healthy body are unfounded. i was very jittery about the foreign implant too..it just deosn't feel right the first few days post op.. i couldnt move naturally this way and that because of that unnatural feeling. But trust me, it will pass. By day 7 i was glad i have boobs. The rollercoaster emotions do come back now and then, but they significantly fade very quickly. And i can tell you this now even without taking my antidepressant. Do you look forward to shopping at Myers,Bras N Things etc? You may not be able to fit into that sexy bra by Valentines, but beleive me in the next few weeks or so..the boobs get softer and you can witness the dropp n fluff before you know it. Has the doc started you on massages? it hurt heaps to massage the first week..but as i started doing more, the boobs just got better very quickly. Hang in there..if you have anything worrying, you know you can onfide in us girls at this forum:-) Now look forward to bra shopping...know that the days of super padded fake hard bras are over..in comes sexy lacy sweet nothings oh yes
  10. Thanks Nikbri.I'm a little apprehensive but hearing you chart your progression..i shall gingerly try the light stuff first.You can't imagine how muh i appreciate your posts:-) thanks pal! I posted a pic of how my stitches look after i showered(in the 'post op 3-4 weeks' folder)..Can u help see if anything looks abnormal? i feel something is still quite raw in there even at 3 weeks post op. *Gross pic alert* Dr Teerasit said i can remove stitches at 4 wks post op, but at this rate I'm not sure
  11. Dear Nikbri, Lucky you..Sydney is cool and nice..Singapore is just damn humid- year round! I'm lucky to do the BA in Jan and not June when it's hottest. I had wanted November but couldnt due to the floods.I'm just thankful it's over and done with:-) I didn't sweat much whilst in Melb & Sydney-perfect weather..miss that heaps! Not working out makes me icky. It sounds weird..but i think a good sweat from a heavy workout makes you feel purged,cleansed and cool longer even after a shower. It may be just psychological Berlei makes good bras. I loved Simone Perele too but as a uni student in Melb..i couldnt afford that LOL! It was Bonds all the way. Is Bonds bras and undies discontinued btw? I'm searching for underwired bras from M&S, Moving Comfort on eBay too! it seems MC only carries the Maia bra(which is a tad mumsy and covering too much in front haha).. Yes you are right..we paid so much for our boobs we gotta show them off a bit! Happy for you that you are back on track at work and enjoying the kids and all:-) It's lovely being able to give them a tight squeeze and cuddle, isn't it. I kinda miss scooping them off the ground at ease and swinging them but that's strictly off limits for now haha. (Major sore side boob!) I tried to bounce a bit "jogging" at home in front of a mirror..wanted to test how much i can go..and stopped after 2 minutes haha. About those flabby bits..u are spot on, Nikbri. I compared Post Op day 14 & day 2 pics..and noticed some the tummy bloat and flabby arm developing-all within a short span of 12 days. I think at Post Op week 2 and 3, the fats would be most apparent in photos as we havent been working out say the past 2-3 weeks or so. what exercises did u start doing at 3 weeks post op? Could you manage leg lifts, squats and ab work?
  12. In my humble opinion, no lift. They look perfectly ok to me.
  13. Hi Linlin, Antihistamines You can ask Dr Sorawuth if you can take antihistamines. I asked Dr Teerasit if it interfered with the antibiotics he gave me,and he said it's ok. I even took Zyrtec D a week prior to my BA because i accidentally ate something wrong and had a little itch. I'm allergic to shellfish, are you? Skincare for eczema Do take QV wash or QV oil to bathe the areas of eczema, then slather some QV cream after.Bring along some hydrocortisone cream along, in case of sudden uncontrolled flareups.. Boots sell Dermovate(strong stuff!) if you are VERY itchy. As with some other bethamethasone-based creams.Boots stock Zyrtec and Clarinase too. Eczema in Thailand I had the worst case of eczema after i wore some rattan slippers bought near the Floating Market in Bangkok back in 2005. It may be some chemicals on the slippers or whatever, but my leg had welt like rashes..some areas looked like hives. So glad i'm not that sensitive now..but I've to watch my diet constantly. Oh yes..another thing..Pls watch out for what you eat after the BA. If you are allergic to shellfish like me: -Things like Pad Thai and some curries do have shrimp based flavoring. I attended a cooking school session in Thailand, and realised that. The Thais love to sprinkle inconspicuous dried shrimp over a lot of their dishes..it's defintely yummy but at a cost. Some of their delish chilli paste have dried shrimp pounded in. - Safe alternatives include: Beef soup noodles, fish congee(porridge), braised pork with rice. These 3 are safe bets as I've eaten them post BA without itching. For fear of upset tummy,I had mine at airconditioned food stalls not roadside stalls. The roadside stalls look terribly tempting but my hubby suggested it may be a safer and more comfy to eat at a/c places..trust me..u don't want to perspire as it aggravates itching. BKK is very humid. I hadn't itched in Phuket or Koh Samui too..only BKK..what a coincidence. But too much of the ocean and sun makes my skin scaly and itchy once more..so it's such a fine line, isn't it? oh well Prunes and Diet I bought a packet of Sunsweet prunes over, for fear of constipation and not being able to find prunes readily LOL! I dread taking those laxatives that make you fart and gives you nasty cramps, so thanks but not thanks to Dulcolax etc. I try to eat healthily as I'm conscious of the fact I can't go to the gym for like 1-2 months.I'm now 17 days post op, and craving a run. But I don't feel ready yet. Boobs still fell a tad weird and heavy,maybe it's a feeling i have to get used to as i started off with nothing! I'm hoping to sign up for a 10km marathon this December but I shall play it by ear.. my back actually feels really weak now:-( partly from bad posture. I was hunching over in discomfort, so if you can..try to stand tall stand proud..it's better for everything! 2 months to go..u must be so excited...!!
  14. i hi Cs1982, I think having mods pushes the boundaries of the pockets near our armpits- the wideness of it possibly causes our muscles near the pits to feel really sore.I felt really sore the 1st 4-5 days too. The discomfort was especially bad at the boobs directly underneath the armpit. i was cringeing a little in public while shopping at day 4 post op! I get the occasional pulsating feeling..shooting pains on off(nerves trying to reconnec i think)..it feels like milk is coming through doesn't it?? i do some cardio(running, elliptical etc) and light weights but stopped 2 weeks before the BA. Even then my chest muscles seem to be clinging on tight to the implants and refuse to relax. But as of today,I'm starting to see improvement slowly but surely, so hang in there If you are given a strap to wear to push the implants down, wear it faithfully.. Has your PS started you on the massage yet?
  15. I second what Nikbri and mybodybliss suggested in the above threadlink that cbrezni provided..those are invaluable tips..may i also add: Dietary/Vitamin supplements - Quercetin and Bromelaine I sound like a broken record player but I'm a big advocate for this as it helps reduce all kinds of swelling and inflammation i helped that would've otherwise gotten to me. I've atropic eczema and found my stitches not as itchy. I itch at the merest cut or wound and it would get awfully swollen and inflamed as I'm very sensitive.My crease stitches didn't itch bigtime or get really inflamed. Though it's covered in steri strips, i can't see but can feel the difference. My boobs don't have much swelling either. Just a lot of underarm boob swelling but that's because i walked and shopped quite a bit to make up for lost time! - Vitamin C 100mg effervescent tablets my throat was really inflamed after the tubing from the GA. I even got 2 ulcers from forceful tubing down my dry throat i reckoned. I fasted since 12 midnight the night before and had my op done at 12 noon the next day so my throat was REALLY dry, you couldnt even imagine. The fizzy Vit C was a saviour. - GNC womens ultra mega vit A good multiple to cover all the vitamins needed for energy and good wound healing. The first 3 days you wouldnt have much appetite so a gd multi keeps all bases covered if you aren't eating right. I think immediately post op it's impt to start eating right but that can be difficult if you are nauseous from the GA and antibiotics.Do take a bit of Saltine crackers with a multi to buffer your tummy to prevent vommitting. - Prunes At Bumrungrad, I think they give Paracetamol and Codeine(something like Panadeine) for painkillers. If you are like me and get constipated from painkillers, do eat prunes. It also helps relieve the post BA tummy bloat I've experienced..as it gets all the gunk out LOL! -Yogurt Yogurt was a godsend on the 1st 3 days post op when i found it hard to swallow stuff due to my in flamed throat. It's cool slithery tart goodness was such a relief down my throat! I got my hubby to buy unsweetened, natural yogurt but it's kinda hard to find at the 7-11 or Family Mart over there. If you are a fussy yogurt eater like me who only eats Greek Yogurt(specifically the good ol'aussie Dairy Farmers' brand LOL), you can try your luck at the Emporium supermarket. A tad pricey over there but a 1 litre tub can last you for a week's stay(faster if you have your kids and family with you who can help you eat it up) Oh yes, and yogurt can replenish the gd bacteria that your antibiotics kill. But do space it at least 2 hours after antibiotics. - Water Good ol plain h20. it helps flush out your system and get rid of tummy bloat too. i also got the clearest skin ever upon my return to Singapore as all the toxins were flushed out. Other tips: - Try to avoid bacons and cured meat no matter how tempting it is during the brekkie in your hotel at b'fast.Other options like cereal tend to go down better on an upset tummy the first 3 days. After post op day 3, you may wean into that a good ol farmers brekkie! My hubby exclaimed that I'm finally eating like a human on day 4 post op haha. Before that i was grazing on salads and cereals mainly, he just rolled his eyes LOL! ~~~~~ Skincare - Fellow poster Nikbri recommended me Bio Oil. I applied it a tad late. She applied it 2 months prior to BA, which was ideal. I'm beginning to get mini stretch marks so if you can start early apply it now like her. It's non greasy yet gives skin that much needed elasticity- do not apply it near the incisions though*common sense LOL*. a little goes a long way as you don't want to be greasy all over. (Not bathing+ greasy skin in humid BKK = YIKES bigtime.) - Antimicrobial wash Give yourself a wipedown with clean hotel face towel mixed with some antibac soap that's preferably pH5 and lower.I wiped myself at least twice daily as i dreaded being grimy. I brought a luffa along in the luggage and got my hubby to use it on my back every day or so,then wipe it down with a cloth after to remove soap residue. Voila..a cleansed scruubed back without your boobs touching water.
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