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    BL & BA after breastfeeding 3 children.
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    Dr ****, 18 September 2014.
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    167cm/59kg/C to D cup
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  1. Thanks Viv <3 I definetley should have come on here sooner, everyone has been so caring and passing on valuable knowledge to me so I don't feel alone at all anymore sisterhood of booby support & everything in between <3 I will update after my 21/11 appointment, I think the infection did play a part in the healing process & maybe I am just a slow healer xx
  2. Thanks ladies, I am a lot more positive then I was 2 weeks ago hence why I haven't been on here as I didn't want to project my unhappiness on here. I've booked another appointment for my surgeon on 21st of November as I am sure if the breasts are still leaking by then he might then discuss where to from here etc My right nipple is still numb but the Dr did say this will take a lot longer to heal due to me having poor blood supply to it. Dang blood supplies. It seems my body just hasn't reacted good to this at all which had made me wonder if I should have done them separate, lift first then a few months later the implant. There is only a little pain around the incisions if I put my arms up too much. Guess I'll try not to assume too much until all the stitches have come out and healing has progressed a bit more. I did ask Dr F about steri strips etc but he advised not using them but I think I need to put something on them.
  3. I've finally come back and added some more photos. This procedure for me has been so physically & emotionally draining! (A quick run down below because I need sleep for work lol) Hubby drove me to surgery and while waiting (5 hours) he sees the nurse come out of room with heaps of blood soaked pads. When they wheel me out of surgey, hubby and nurse help me to toilet (I don't remember this part) & apparently I bled through new pads and my shirt so they had to change them again. This is where hubby gets told I'm a bleeder. Yeah well apparently so lol (not funny but have to laugh somewhere). Anyway go for check up 7 days later and right nipple looks dead (it was so yuck!) I was told I had a poor bloody supply to this nipple & needed to come back in 5 days for a check up. The following week I was changing the dressing and noticed a foul smell from right breast, went to local GP and he rang my surgeon to discuss treatment. I was already on antibiotics but they now agree I need antibiotics via IV for 5 days, yay for more daily needles. I was then put back on normal antibiotics (all together 3 weeks on antibiotics I think). My surgeon was on holiday but happily responded to all emails. Anyway I feel so depressed that they are looking really bad, (one looks like a funny shape) & the other is likely to need scar revision from poor bloody supply oh and I'm still changing dressings daily, and my recovery is just so slow....it feels so endless. Has anyone been through this type of recovery???
  4. I'd email these photos to your Dr and ask him if you can? Though it's the weekend he may still get back to you. I am yet to look at my incisions so I'm not too much help sorry.
  5. I'm sorry to hear the result was not what you wanted lovely. I'm sending you some big hugs through cyberspace and I hope it all gets sorted very soon xoxo
  6. Good luck girl, I hope you get what you are after and hopefully your PS can do it here to save traveling
  7. Choosing size does drive you bonkers! I was going to go 410cc yesterday until my Dr told me that would put me in at least an E cup or probably an F cup. So I went the 360cc as I only wanted to be a DD. But I was already a C cup so it's a bit hard to compare. I know you said you only want to be a full C/small d so maybe just trust in your surgeon, they will have a better idea than what we do as they are doing these surgeries all the time, good luck Hun xx
  8. Oh that's is so nice of you Hun, do you mind if I send a FR so that I can see? I am having a BL & BA tomorrow morning eeek xx
  9. Oh I feel for you honey, I'm sending big hugs through cyberspace to you!! Raising kids can be so rewarding but definitely difficult at times. Lately when I feel stressed I have been saying to hubby I need time out and I will go upstairs to my room and chill out listening to music, doing nails, surf the net etc and he will make sure the kids stay downstairs so maybe something like that could be a possibility if you are worried about leaving hubby at home alone. I also make sure I take a bath at least once a week, and hubby has to keep kids out at this time lol oh and I've just implemented taking turns in cooking dinner lol after 10yrs together I'm taking the reins back, well trying to lol And if you feel that the angry, anxious and depressed feelings aren't going away, please see your GP. My deepest sympathies for the loss of your Mum xoxo
  10. I agree with Tink about keeping the updates coming, It's been great to follow your progress Viv, very informative and they look so great xx:-)
  11. Congratulations, I hope you have a speedy recovery Hun and yay for Boobies
  12. How exciting, the quitting smoking is so hard but just keep thinking about your new boobies healing wonderfully because there is more oxygen getting around. Well that's what I keep telling myself as well as like you said KLM - more money to buy clothes Good luck with the quitting Hun! Ps I still go for a walk at work when it would normally be smoke time just to keep getting the fresh air in
  13. Hi PinkFriday, I had something similar to you and my dentist here just shaved one of my front teeth down, took him no time to do it and he didn't charge me because I was getting a root canal done at the same time Like others have said, I'd save Thailand for major dental work.
  14. Thanks Ness, will let you know when I finally decide this week, well hopefully I decide lol
  15. Hi Bee, do you mind if I send you a FR, my doctor has also given me the option of going 380cc HP polyurethane teardrops but I am trying to decide whether or not to pay the extra for poly (I do see they have a very good chance of not rotating) and I'm still deciding now what size, 380cc or 400cc eeek. Many thanks x
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