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    Full tummy tuck after children and weight loss
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    14 March, 2016 - Dr Fred Clarke

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  1. My swelling was minimal - just tightness mainly. It was sore but I'd do it again without question!
  2. Congratulations    love to see your results and hear your progress.  Had my tt 26th April.  Doing pretty good.  

  3. A lot of people do go home earlier. Just make sure you have some good pain meds and help at home. I could have gone home yesterday but I didn't want to go home with drains in. My ps was happy with my drainage but it was a little high so kept me in one more night. I had a huge gap (8cm) as well. You will be ok but just make sure you have that "round the clock support".
  4. TT with MR and hernia repair. The muscle repair was definately the most painful part. 2 nights should be fine if no MR
  5. Congratulations    love to see your results and hear your progress.  Having my TT 26th April   

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      Hi gypsy I've added you as a gallery friend so you can see my results

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      Hi   thank you    will check it out later when i get on my computer   

  6. Hi all, Well it's all done and I'm pleased with the results so far. There is swelling to go down but a great result is around the corner. A quick recap is day 1 - horrible, nausea from pain meds and headache, day 2 better - up walking and had a shower, still hurts but pain under control with oral meds - much better, day 3 drip out, shower and walked a little further - feeling better each day, today, long shower, pain meds spaced out more, walking more and getting a little straighter today! posting a private album with befores and afters so send me a fr to see 😊
  7. I think you would need to ask the surgeon directly. Maybe give one or two a call?
  8. The description of the petition is the first thing so instead of protesting changes to tummy tuck. Maybe it should say something like help change the lives of women suffering painful conditions following pregnancy?? It needs to be short enough for a heading but with some detail so people sign it. suggestions would be great 😀
  9. Working on it girls! So firstly I need a short description of the petition. E.g. Help change the lives of women suffering from painful conditions following pregnancy suggestions please?
  10. cupcake - isn't there a site to organise a petition? I thought you mentioned it in a previous post?
  11. Who is interested in a petition/writing a letter to minister for Health?
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