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  1. Hi everyone, been researching for a while now. Have had a consultation with Dr Radon but would love to hear some personal experiences of any of his patients really after that natural BA look! Add me cheers
  2. Ahh I honestly have tried soo many times, but it's our choice at the end of the day so I guess if they find it won't change anything . But I'd rather them not notice right away
  3. So my sister and I are planing on getting a BA early and late December and taking time to look after each other's recovery. I'm 19 and my sister is 22 and we are both living at home, our parents are against boob jobs and we HAVE discussed it many times (even though my mum has had a rhinoplasty haha). Has anyone else had a similar experiences and or have any advice on how to keep it a secret ? Are there any records that could come through the dr's or banks they can see ? Any advice to cover our tracks will e much appreciated
  4. Has anyone tries corset cinching/ waist training and had any good results??
  5. Congratulations!!! All sounds amazing, keep me updated with your recovery
  6. I know it's so annoying haha! Especially controlling cravings around time of months when hormones are crazy, but it's worth it in the end !
  7. Depends how low body fat you actually want to get, if you want sub 14% (abs). Sugar has to go I've got as I've tried itt all , especially for me as I have a slow metabolism , different for everyone tho
  8. The problem with the 30 day thing is to have abs you pretty muh have to totally cout out processed sugar from you diet except special occasions. This is because sugar eapecially is stored as type two fat which is the one around your abdomen. Also unless you are genetically gifted with great insulin sugar accumulates in fat cells which is called "sugar fat" so yes if you want abs basically you need to cut out sugar .
  9. OMG i feel exactly the same, you must be devastated That would be my worst nightmare. I was planning to fly to TCI later this year for the same fitness model goals as you and on a tight budget thanks so much for the warning! However now I am really confused how you know if a lift is necessary?
  10. Hey for some reason I can't post my own thread but can some TCI girls please send me some FRs as I am contemplating going there but want to be sure they can achieve the more "natural" blend look I am after thanks!
  11. Hey vlinder, This site is not the be all and end all for surgeons there are many great qualifies surgeons that arent necessarily mentioned on here, as long as you have checked through the board website that she is a registered ps it should be fine. also it can be good to have multiple consultations to get second oppinions and possibly more competitive prices too
  12. Awesome! Thanks for the response
  13. Oh wait woops i meant subglandular not subpectorial
  14. So is subpectorial and subfacial the same thing?
  15. Hey girls, could someone please explain the difference between subfacial and dual plane??? the more I research the more confused I am getting!!!
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