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  1. Ditto, you poor thing. Hope it all turns out well in the end.
  2. I had my tummy tuck and arms done 6 months ago, but when the surgeon started operating he realised my skin was not as thick as it looked. So he did the procedures, but did not pull the skin very tightly as he was worried it may come apart at the suture line, and I could then get an infection. This would be a disaster for me, as I have lupus fairly advanced, so my body has no natural defences against infections. At the time, I was very disappointed. He said he would re-do it in six months, which seemed ages away back then in January, but the six months is up already! I go into hospital on the 15.7.15 to have it finished, and really hope it will go well. He told me it would not be as sore this time, as there is no muscle repair needed to be done like last time. I am hoping to only stay one night if I can - less chance of picking up any bugs, and would rather recover at home. My husband is retired and will look after me. Any one else out there had their surgery in two goes? Love to hear about it if you have.
  3. Nessa, I am having a revision of tummy tuck and arms too, but in July [don't want to wait that long!], and my surgeon said to bring the compression thingy I had to wrap around myself when I had the initial surgery done to hospital, even tho this time it will only be day surgery or 1 night. Good luck with your surgery, and would love to see how it turns out.
  4. Thanks so much Beejay and Jaddles. I feel a bit better today. I can't do anything until the 3 months is up anyway, so no use stewing all this time. 3 months is actually up 8th April, but we are leaving on 31st March I think to fly to Brisbane for our cruise [OMG, I will have to get my jaw wired before I go ]. So I shall continue to try very hard to lose weight, and then go seem him towards the end of March, to see what can be done, with a list of my worries. [Hopefully it won't come to this, but my daughter is a lawyer so at least I get free legal advice!]. I would hope he would fix things free of charge, as we can not afford to pay for another procedure. I got an unexpected inheritance, and used some of it to fund the plastic surgery, and to buy the cruise tickets [also did sensible things like buy a new car which we badly needed, chunk off mortgage and a new fence to stop our stupid little dog running away] so I didn't fritter it away. The $3000 for the cruise was the last of it though, and I have none left to pay for revision surgery. So, I shall try not to think of it until I see him. I really appreciate your help girls, my family is understanding but unless they have walked the walk as we have, they cannot really understand our emotions.
  5. Thanks beejay. My appt was actually 3pm today,not tomorrow.! Luckily I realised in time. I only saw one of my surgeons nurses . I actually used to work with her about 15 years ago when we both lived in Launceston [now in Townsville]. Small world. Where I thought it was another infection under my arm, there was a stitch that had not been taken out, and she said that that was the reason it had not healed, so it should be right soon. I asked her if the bottom scar was my old belly button scar, and she said she didn't think so because he usually didn't do that. She looked at my computer notes and said he had not noted anything there. She also found another stitch in it that had not been removed, and agreed with me that whatever it was from, it was indented and very crooked. She said there would be no problem having a scar revision there at the surgery, where he usually did them. As I have mentioned before, I still have the two areas of puffy overhang either side of my tummy - he has told me to wait until 3 months post surgery, and if they haven't ''settled'', he could do some lipo. Well, when I am standing up, I can actually grab these two areas with both hands, and there is still quite a handful of skin with some fat in them. Even if he could lipo all the remaining bits of fat out, what about all the lose skin? Asking others opinions, and thinking about it myself, I really do not think he did a good enough job of it initially. I intend waiting for the 3 months [or a week before, because we leave on our cruise on 1.4.15] and if they are still the same [and I can't see how on earth that could improve itself] I really look like I need another tummy tuck done. I am so, so disappointed and pretty teary; also a bit angry. This cost us a lot of money from what seems to be a second rate job. I have looked at so many pictures of before and after, especially ones who resembled my shape beforehand, and my result is worse any that I have seen. I just stood up and grabbed one side, and measured from my body to the top edge of that handful, and it is 4.5cm!! I don't know if I have the right to have another tummy tuck free, and the thought of going through it all again is a bit much. I tried so hard to lose so many kilos, and thought this operation would be the icing on the cake. I feel bloody dreadful. Any comments or suggestions most welcome.
  6. Hi Deejay. We sound like we have exactly the same problems! Except I got a plastic surgeon and paid him $15,500 I think for my belly and my arms. My old belly button scar isn't even sutured together tightly - as I said there is like a little tunnel in the vertical scar, and actually, the scar is not vertical. It is crooked, and looks sort of like the letter z. I am going to see my ps tomorrow afternoon, as I think I have another infection in one of my arm incisions lines - green yellow pus on bandage when I change it twice a day. I have been taking some antibiotics I had at home, but don't think I will mention that- don't think it would go well to say I have been self medicating! My infections are a big problem for me, as I have lupus quite badly, and my immune system is practically non-existent. I am going to speak to him about the old belly button site, quite firmly, and say I want it fixed - not sure if he will have to make an oval cut around it and suture sides together around it, or he can just suture it much tighter where it is. That second option would still leave it very crooked though. And I also have the puffy overhang, but on both sides, although one is bigger than the other. He has told me before to wait three months, and then if it hasn't settled, he could think about some liposuction. I definitely want that done, as I am sure they are not going to ''settle''. I am then worried if he lipos these two sites, I will have loose skin flaps again. I am in a real muddle here, not sure what is normal and what is not. I have looked at hundreds of before and after abdominoplasty pictures, and cannot not even find one that has the old belly button scar visible - it seems to have been stretched down far enough for the ps to cut off. I don't want to make an enemy of him by complaining, but as I said, I paid a lot of money for this, and really think I deserve to have it done properly [you too, no matter what surgeon you used]. I have no idea how to post pictures, but will see if one of my daughters can show me, and I will post a photo of it for you to see. I will let you know how I went after I see him at 3pm tomorrow. I will try to be polite, but firm. Good luck!
  7. Thanks JessieLou. I have been fiddling around trying to find out how to send a friend request, but cannot work it out, although my profile says I have sent 1 friend request?? If you get one, it is sheer luck because I am not sure how I did it! If you don't get one, I would be very grateful if you would send me a post about how to do it whenever you have a spare few minutes. Thanks very much.
  8. sent friend requestr

  9. Hi everyone. I had my arms and my tummy tuck done on the 8.1.15. My surgeon was going to sew my rectus abdominus muscle as well, but after surgery he told me he could only sew it up to just above my new belly button, because somehow my port or lap band was in the way, which was fair enough. I know it is only 3 or 4 weeks since then, but I have some issues with my tummy tuck, and wonder if this has happened to anyone else? If so, I would love to hear from you. First, he kept my old belly button connected to its blood supply to reinsert it at its new site. However, the area where he took the old one from is clearly visible from its new position, which is between my new belly button and my scar just above my pubic area. It looks terrible - It is a few cm long, and looks like a inch or so of skin that is set sort of pushed into my flesh ie, there is a vertical hole or depression. I think I will have to ask him if he can resuture the two sides of it together with tiny stitches to at least make the scar edges together. Also, the flap of skin and fat that was hanging down over my pubic area is flat above my pubic bone, but either side still has a pouch of fat that I can pick up and wobble. When I asked him about this, he said to wait 3 months, and then if it hasn't settled, he may do some liposuction. I am sure it wont ''settle'' and that I will need lipo as well as having my scar of my old belly button sewn together. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, did your surgeon do it for free? Also, what about paying for the anaesthetic? I don't think I should have to pay, as it is not my fault. Any opinions greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi, had my arms and tummy tuck done 2 weeks ago. I am pretty happy with my arms [although one of them has an infected suture line which I am on antibiotics for], but really disappointed with my tummy. I know it is only 2 weeks, and I have to wait for all the swelling to go, but if can literally still pick up a flap of skin filled fat on either side of my tummy, just in from the hips. My surgeon just said to wait for 3 months, and if it is still there I may have to have some liposuction to get rid of them. If I do have lipo, what happens to the skin that will be loose ? Has anyone else had an experience like that? I have a compression/binder I wear 23/7. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for these tips ladies. Sorry I am a bit late replying. Trouble, when you came home, did you sleep in your own bed, or in a recliner chair [this has been recommended to me, but I can't say I am looking forward to that.] If you were ok in your bed, I would like to give that a go. Thanks again ladies.
  12. Hi! Went to see my chosen plastic surgeon last week. Did heaps and heaps of research about him, and to make sure I was ready mentally, I saw a dietitian who specialises in WLS patients, and also a psychologist to talk about the whole experience, and what effect it may have [i have a few health problems - I have lupus pretty bad, and also had a brain injury about 5 years ago, so I have to really be careful about things I do. Anyway, the consultation was terrific - he answered all the questions I was going to ask before I even asked them, he showed me before and after photos of woman who had body shapes like mine, and they were great. I did ask him how many abdominoplasties he had done, and he said he had done his 1000th the week before, so I guess he knows what he is doing! Then saw his practice manager to just chat about costs, refunds, hospitals etc. My surgery was to take 4.5 hours, and had intended to perhaps have it toward the middle of the year, but while I was in there, they had a cancellation of a 5 hour surgery on 8th January 2015, so the practice manager said to me 'well if you have made your mind up, do you want to take that date? If you don't want it it won't last the day, because their waiting list was pretty long.'' She was in no way trying to pressure me into it, but I did something that goes against my careful nature, and thought to myself 'why not, do something on the spur of the moment for a change'', so I said yes! So I would love to talk to other girls have tummies and or arms done in January. I will also have to set aside a day to go through all the surgery stories in this forum, to take advantage of the tips and stories everyone has about their operations, to help me know what to buy, and what to expect etc. So, if there are any January girls out there, I would love to hear from you.
  13. I have tentatively booked abdominoplasty and brachioplasty to be done together on 8.1.15. So nervous, but excited! I am still about 6kg from my ideal weight, so when I saw the surgeon I asked him if I should lose that first before surgery. {I have an apple shape body, so my stomach starts from under my boobs and goes out into a semicircle down to my pubic line - it has always been like that even when I was young and thin. The surgeon told me that in fact it was better to get the tummy tuck and arms done first, then lose the extra weight. He said since he will be taking all the fat and skin from the bottom of my belly, and some liposuction up as far as he can go, and taken all the skin and fat from my arms, that the 6kg or so I lose will come from the only place on my body that still has fat to lose - ie: from the top part of my stomach [i have skinny legs - I look like a big rockmelon with toothpicks for legs]. Anyway, that sounds logical to me. He showed me before and after photos of woman with the same body shape as mine, and they turn out great once the bit of excess weight is gone. So, if any of you kind ladies have had or are about to have an abdominoplasty and/or your arms done, I would really appreciate any tips about what to expect, what to buy to have on hand, what to take to hospital etc [my surgeon said hospital stay is at least 2 nights, but since I have top cover with Bupa he said I can stay a week if I want, so I have nurses helping me, pain relief, meals cooked etc!.] That would be good if I had a room to myself - I should I think, it is done in Townsville Private Mater Hospital, and I have top cover. Would love any advice. Thank you. PS - He is using item numbers so I can claim from Medicare and Bupa as ''reconstructive surgery''. Some info about your costs would also be great.
  14. Hi MSP 123, Hope all goes well for you tomorrow. I would be really interested in following your progress, especially as it is day surgery!! I didn't know they would do that. I hope to be having one soonish, although I haven't seen the surgeon yet, and was thinking I would be an inpatient for 4 or 5 days? Anyhow, let us know how you go!!
  15. button

    Dr Mark Vucak

    Hi. I am booked in to see Dr Vucak in December. Need abdominoplasty [vertical muscle repaired?], and my arms done. Has anyone had any experience or info on him,? Would be very grateful for any info. Thanks
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