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  1. hey chicky babe! hope your going well! can't wait to hear how its all going, just had another look at your few pics and WOW they look amazing day 2 and ten! so hurry up and come back and show me some more :) I've got new pics up too so have a look. hope your coping ok now on your own xxxx

  2. Sent you a FR also, I have a revision BA coming up!

  3. Hi, I had two consults with Dr M and Dr Lim. I instantly felt comfortable with Dr M, he listened to what I wanted and answered all my questions and just made me feel really comfortable. For me, it was never about the cost, it was about which surgeon I felt more comfortable with. It's a huge surgery, so you need to make sure you have a look at your surgeons work and you are happy with what you see and you feel comfortable with the surgeon. I'm 10 days post op and I'm very happy. I've pretty much been pain free besides which has been great. I have pics up if you would like to see. Good luck!
  4. I'm only 9 days post op and was hoping to read things would get better by like 2 weeks. lol. My chest feels tight and uncomfortable. I've been pretty much pain free except for Day 8 where I started to get shooting pains in my right breast near my nipple, but endone fixed the problem. I started driving at day 7, and I realised I was not ready. I just drive short distances since I'm limited with my movements. So should I be expecting a few month to start feeling normal again?
  5. That's awesome hun. I had my surgery on the same day as yours with Dr M and I feel great besides the tightness in my chest. I'm able to do things on my own and I have no pain. Hoping you are experiencing a pain free recovery as well. xx
  6. That's great to hear you found something Olive. Hopefully the hugs arent too uncomfortable. Good luck x
  7. Hi CuriousC! I saw your posts on Ang's thread. You had surgery with dr. Miroshnik yesterday? I've sent you a FR, hope you don't mind!

  8. I was a 10 A, and so far my recovery has been good. I've uploaded pics if you want to have a look.
  9. Hi Hunny, I didnt realise your consult was over the phone either. I saw Dr M and Dr Lim before making my decision. I just felt really comfortable with Dr M straight away and I felt like he understood what I wanted and gave me his expert advice on what he thought would look best on me. I didnt get the same vibe with Dr Lim, not to say that he's not a good doctor. I just think you need to go with your gut feeling with whom you feel more comfortable with. It's a huge procedure and you want to make sure you select the right Dr to perform the surgery for you. I've just uploaded pics of my BA yesterday that I took today. I honestly love them. I would definitely seek out another opinion and possibly try fly down for a consult, you want to be absolutely certain you are choosing the right surgeon hun. I have no regrets with Dr M.
  10. Hi lovelies, I have just uploaded pics that I took today, I'm loving them and cant wait until the next few weeks.
  11. I've been painfree so far, which is great and I am up and about doing things too. Ive been taking panandol every 4 hours and the other meds in between and before bed I'll take the endone. This is the second night and so far it sees to be working. When are you due for your post op appointment?
  12. Thanks hun, I hope it stays this way too. How long were you doing that for?
  13. Hey hun! That's awesome to hear. So far I am pain free, besides the discomfort in my breasts area. I have brusing at the bottom, just above the incision and I do have some swelling but as long as there is no pain I'm fine. I have to say the worst part of this experience was when i was in recovery. I was cold and I couldnt stop shivering even though the nurses had a blanket on me and the heater on. Oh and I did get some pain at the beginning too but it went away shortly after taking the endone. Hopefully Ill be in the same boat as you and I wont need pain killers in the next few days.
  14. Hi hun! Thank you. I left it in the capable hands of Dr M as he said both would look good but he would aim for the 295cc and that's what i got and I love them.
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