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    Dr Preeyaphas (bangkok, Thailand) for Boobs and Dr Lawrence For TT
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  1. I had a small cough/ cold going into my tummy tuck. Oh man.... it was a terrible mistake to go through with my surgery! I had my abdominal muscles 'stitched up' as part of the surgery, and then after surgery I was so scared to cough because it used the ab muscles, and felt like I was ripping through the new stitches (which I probably was!!)... so I didn't cough or clear my chest properly post surgery. the 4th day after surgery I had a very bad chest infection (was very close to being classified as pneumonia) and I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I hobbled into my Dr and he prescribed strong antibiotics to combat the infection, but told me that I needed to cough up the mucous at regular intervals by firmly holding a rolled up towel into my stomach (to support the muscles). I did recover, but everytime I coughed my pain level went from a 1 to a 10. Now, I know that this all applies to a tummy tuck more than a BA, but I did learn that not being able to clear out your lungs after a General Anaesthesia can be a very bad thing. SO make sure you cough after surgery to clear it all out. And get onto anti-biotics if you need them after you have finished this dose. I think that you will be fine, because you are already on the tail end of the sickness, and by the time you have your surgery you will probably be mostly better, but keep an eye on it. I should have insisted that the dr checked my lungs before I left hospital. I didn't even mention the problem to them until it was too late and I was at home dying! So I wouldn't panic, unless you start getting worse, but look after yourself between now and then. Hope you get well quickly!
  2. I haven't heard of him, but I can attest to the fact that not all surgeons need to be the popular names to be excellent. When I was researching back in 2008 for a surgeon in Bangkok all the forums were talking about yahnee hospital and Dr Pitch. It was simply because that hospital gave kick backs to a lot of Australian agencies, so of course everyone was talking about yahnee. But as time went on, and my surgery at yahnee was getting closer I got nervous about some bad reviews (both about the hospital and surgeon), so a friend who had gone to bumrungrad suggested I get a consult with the very little known dr Preeyaphas. I booked in with him as the back up plan. Then when I got to Yahnee my gut instinct, was sending off alarm bells, about the hospital and surgeon!! SO I cancelled my surgery and the next morning went to bumrungrad and saw Dr Preeyaphas. It was a totally different gut feeling, and he was amazing. I felt like I'd hit on the best kept secret in thailand. I came home and raved about him on the forums, and then it snowballed, and a year later he was one of the most talked about surgeons on the forums. So sometimes it is just a matter of one person going to a little known surgeon and the next minute everyone is going there. I think that even the great surgeons can get too busy, and they no longer have the time to give the one on one communication that they once did. From experience, I really liked Bumrungrad, everything was five stars, the service, food, rooms, the atmosphere etc., but if he operates at the clinic, it is probably good too. I have heard people say that you should avoid the smaller 'clinics' because you never know which ones are little, sub-standard ones, where as with the big reputable hospitals you know what you are getting, however if you have a surgeon with high standards working at both, you can be pretty sure that clinic is all above board too. What is the price difference between the two places?
  3. Hey sorry it took me so long to reply! I had a TT with her 2010, 2 years ago I guess. My results are a bit mixed. I have a lot of friends who were really happy with her, but my issues are that I have quite a high scar (although that was probably due to the way the excess skin came out to the sides, because the girl in the hospital bed next to me had a really low scar, and she also went through Dr Lawrence). Also I have a hard lump/ pooch that sticks out at the bottom/ middle of my scar. It is like there is a build up of scar tissue or skin, and it has been like that from right after surgery. She said that I didn't have enough skin to pull it down completely, so she gave me a second scar (a vertical line) where my old belly button is, so this might be part of the problem with my scar. The hospital stay was fine, but the pain pumps medications they gave me made me vomit constantly in the first 12 hours until I made them take it away. I know there are different combos of pain meds they can give you for that inital recovery period, and whatever they used on me did not go down well. Where as in Thailand for my BA they used something different and I was fine. so who knows. My other issue is that my belly button/ and or scar seems to be off centre. I asked the clinic nurse about it but she said that Dr L is very meticulous and would have measured, so I don't know why it looks off centre. I will send you a FR so you can see my pics. Ask any questions, I am happy to help!
  4. I went over to Thailand for my BA, and i had a consult here in Oz with a PS who said that she would do a lift and small implant. I had the first PS in thailand tell me (based on pics) that he would do overs instead of a lift, and then two different PS in thailand tell me that they would just do a BA with under the muscles. In the end I went to thailand super nervous that they would cancel if I refuse the size and style they wanted. I booked two surgeries- one at Yahnee and one at Bumrumgrad just in case. I went to the dr at YAhnee and didn't feel confident with him or the hospital, so I went the next morning to Dr Preeyaphas at Bumrungrad, and he said I didn't need a lift, and that I could get 500cc under the muscle! So I happily went ahead. I have not heard of anyone actually being refused surgery, but I have heard that they will refuse if you are too over weight (obese). But what I have heard from women that went there, was that some surgeons would say one thing before surgery and then do whatever they wanted during the surgery. I knew of a couple girls at Yahnee that woke up with overs instead of unders, or smaller implants than they thought they were agreeing to. I ended up with no lift, which I was glad about, but one side (the one that had a little more sag to start with) has always had a little bit of sag that I don't love, but wasn't so bad that I needed a lift. When I have to have a redo I will probably get a lift next time.
  5. Well, I'm 2 1/2 years out from my BA in Bangkok (bumrungrad, Dr Preeyaphas) and I still haven't told my parents I told them about my tummy tuck because it was done locally and was justifiable for medical reasons (abdominal muscle repair) but even then, she still went through a period of questioning it, and saying that she wouldn't have it done herself, but she came around to be ok about it eventually. But I KNEW that she would not be ok with a boob job in Thailand- ever! 1) she would think it was unnecessary, superficial stuff, and 2) she would think it was incredibly risky to have it done overseas. I had done my VERY extensive research, knew the risks and knew that I was in excellent hands, perhaps better hands than locally, so I wasn't too worried, I just didn't tell them, had it done, came home and it was no issue. There are times when I wish I could discuss this with her, but 2.5 years later I'm glad I didn't tell her, because now it's just something that I did for myself a few years ago and not a big deal.
  6. I have unders (not anatomical) and my recovery was very easy but my one big complaint with them is that they distort when you use your pec muscles- every time you are on all fours, reaching to pull something, pushups, lifting etc, they look weird- well at least mine do! They squash out to the side in a way that anyone who knows implants would be able to tell if they were watching closely. It can be distracting in the bedroom So, that would be my only complaint with them, other than that I do like unders, and I feel like they have a little built in support somehow from the muscle, also I think the risk of CC is reduced with unders. It's a tough decision because there really are pros and cons for both.
  7. Here is a question for all those post-op girls- do you wish that you had gone bigger or smaller? I'm curious to see how common it is to wish that we had gone that one size bigger because it seems to be the most common complaint, but wanted to put it to a poll.
  8. As for the nose surgeries, I have heard great things about Dr Teerasit for complex nose surgery. When I was going over for a BA with Dr Preeyaphas and my husband wanted his nose done, Dr Preeyaphas actually said that he thought that it was too complex for him and that he thought Dr Teerasit would be a better option. Stupidly we didn't take his advice because it was more expensive than Yahnee, and my husband ended up with a less than perfect result from a less than experienced surgeon. As for Bangkok Makeovers, I went with them a couple years ago and was SO impressed by their personal service, and I can understand women not using a facilitator for a straight forward BA, but I've had a tummy tuck here in Australia and I know that it can be a very tough recovery- having been in Thailand and had surgery there I would not recommend any body going on their own for a complex surgery without help. The thing that I was most grateful to Rachel and her team was that they understood the language and way everything worked over there, we would have been quite lost when it came to ordering food, help, everything many times without her expertise. Like someone else said, just ordering the wonderful cheap thai food was a challenge when I was in my own! If Dr P and/ or Rachel recommends the other surgeon for the longer surgery I would be inclined to take their advice, because she is there, and knows the surgeons work personally, she doesn't send her clients to Dr's that she has seen problems with. When she first started doing this she used to use Yahnee (as most of the agencies did back then) but was so fed up with the sub-standard consults with the Dr's and lack of care for her patients that she refused to let her clients go there anymore, even though Yahnee gave agencies a percentage of the surgery fee for booking with them. She decided to take no commission at a different hospital rather than send her clients to a hospital that she had seen problems, because she was more interested in getting the best outcome for her clients, that is why she has so many happy clients now, several years later and her agency continues to get busier and busier... if you look after your clientele, you will do well, if you make decisions based on short term money gains or kick backs it will soon come to bite you in the bum on forums like this. I spent a lot of time chatting with her back when I stayed there about all this, and kept in contact for quite a while after the surgery because I consider her a friend after such a great experience over there. I'm really sad to hear that Dr Preeyaphas is scaling back on his surgeries, but I guess it was inevitable given his age. I'm hoping that there is another awesome surgeon that will take his place, because I think one day I will be back for a redo to Thailand
  9. I went to 3 consults for my BA, one in Australia, two in Thailand. The one here in Australia I ended up using for my tummy tuck down the track, but not my BA because she wanted to do a lift and small implant, she was not a people person, but I'd heard many good things about her work from friends. In thailand I went to one surgeon who barely spoke enough english to communicate with, and I did not feel happy with proceeding. I cancelled the surgery. The 2nd Thai surgeon spoke perfect english, was funny, witty, personable, listened to what I wanted and gave great suggestions about what to do. I felt comfortable with him, and I was very happy with my whole experience. Later I had my tummy tuck done by the Aussie PS that I mentioned earlier, and I had ok results, but I felt like there was very little communication available. In the end, if they are the best at what they do, their personality will only impact you if you differ on opinions of what you want. I know some 'excellent surgeons' tell their clients "this is the size and the placement I will do" and this leaves the woman feeling very unhappy at the lack of say they have in their outcome. A PS might personally prefer a smaller implant look than the client wants. Is that the only option? maybe not, but because they prefer the look, that is what she gets. I knew what I wanted, and I would have been unhappy with 2 out of the 3 surgeons that I saw because they wanted me to get small implants, and one even wanted to do a lift that was unnecessary. If you are happy with what he is recommending, then I'm sure you will be happy with the outcome, even if he's not the most friendly PS around, but if you feel like you are being pushed around by his 'almighty' opinion, I'd get another opinion.
  10. I think that the fact that their surgeon is at Bumrungrad, and bangkok hospital some of the time is a good sign, both are very respectable hospitals, not some dodgy 'malaysian surgery scam'. I emailed back and forth with a malaysian company offering something a little bit similar years ago, when I was researching. They were offering a big discount on the surgery if I was willing to do articles in a magazine about them after surgery. Quite honestly I was not impressed with anything about their company profile, pics or the idea of having to go public to save the couple thousand that it would cost me to go on my own. Also, I had heard horror stories of malaysia, so I decided to go to Thailand through Bangkok Makeovers in the end (Dr Preeyaphas). I originally went through a different australian agency (they have since dissolved, and the two women parted ways, I think one started the company 'medi makeovers or something like that) but when my surgery got close the hospital that they were using (yahnee) had some bad reviews. I decided to book appointments with both agencies/ hospitals (BM @ Bumrungrad and MM @ Yahnee) and decided when I got there. I hated Yahnee hospital, and was not comfortable, so cancelled my surgery and the next day went to meet rachel from Bangkok Makevoers at Bumrungrad hospital. I was REALLY impressed with the surgeon (Dr Preeyaphas) and felt completely confident having my surgery there. It cost me $2300 and I'm really happy with the results. On the other hand, my husband went with a cheaper, younger, unknown surgeon for his nose surgery in Thailand. His results are not great, he has a dip in the bridge of his nose and the deviated septum is still deviated. I would recommend finding the surgeon with the BEST reputation in Thailand, you don't want to take a gamble with your body and have to have re-dos back in Australia. The surgeon they are using may be great, and we just don't hear about him yet... back when I was researching surgeons no one knew about Dr Preeyaphas, I only heard about him because one girl met another girl overseas who had used him and had great results, so I was going based on a very limited recommendation! But since I went, and LOVED him, and Rachel saw lots of really good results for her clients, TONS of Aussie girls have gone to him, and posted about their experiences. It is a snowball effect for the good surgeons, and you may start a new trend with this guy.... that's obviously what this new company is hoping for, so that's why they are offering the deal. If your BA is a straight forward one (as in you don't need a lift or something unusual) you'll probably be fine with most surgeons at Bumrungrad or Bangkok hospital, but if it was me, I'd be looking to talk to some previous clients about their experiences.
  11. I am not good at taking pain meds either, and I found that I only needed panadol after my BA, and even then it was not like I needed it regularly, just on the odd times I thought I felt a bit achey, or I'd over done it, and my recovery was so easy, it didn't even compare to recovering from childbirth, or c-sec. When I had my tummy tuck (with full muscle repair, which was 99% of the pain) I hated the morphine pain pump they used for the first 24hrs, it made me really sick (vomited every time it was pressed). As soon as I realized what was going on, I had them take it away and I just used gentler pain meds, and felt fine. So if you don't like the effect they meds have on you, don't feel like you have to take them, in my case they definitely made me sicker than just dealing with the aches and pains after the surgery. But don't be too reluctant to take panadol, a lot of people dismiss it as not being a very effective pain med, but it can be very useful, and it doesn't have any of the side effect that the stronger drugs do. Sorry, this is totally off topic from the original thread....
  12. I did the rice test, and wore those hard rocks around for months before surgery I actually started out with fairly small rice amounts (like 300cc equiv) and slowly upped them to about 400cc amounts. I was shocked when I got to Thailand and Dr P said that I could have 500cc implants... but my rice sizers in some ways looked bigger than my initial implants. The rice sizers had more projection then what I ended up with ( I got moderate profile) and they hung lower than the implants do (they were pretty heavy, and tended to 'sag' in my sports bra!). However, after my implants dropped and fluffed, their projection improved over time, and ended up looking wider and overall 'fuller' than the 400cc ricies I wore, but never as projected. So were the ricies accurate? Hmm, kind of, but it really depends on your implant profile, and also if you have natural tissue to start with. I had none, so the rsizers were sitting on a flat canvas . Initially after my surgery I thought that my implants looked so small compared to the sizers, but now I think they are very similar, if not bigger. When in doubt, get a little bigger with the real thing (implants) than what you were doing in the rice sizer.
  13. By Piyapas, do you mean that you are at Bangkok hospital in Phuket? I don't know their procedure, but at Yahnee and Bumrungrad (where I had my surgery and DH had it at Yahnee) the partner can stay with you during the consult and through to the 'drop' off at the surgery doors, then they can wait in your room and there is usually a comfy big couch that is set up for them to stay/ sleep with you overnight, but you'll have to check that your hospital has the same set up. He can wait in your room or go wandering to find food on the streets or at the many eateries at the hospitals. As for being there when you wake up, I'm not sure. I was wheeled into a recovery room where there were lovely nurses waiting to help you if you need pain meds etc. Once you are awake enough to convince them that you have come out of the GA fine, they will wheel you to your room where your fiancé will be waiting. I was really impatient waiting for my DH after his surgery that I went down to the OR and waited outside the doors, and saw him being wheeled out, I guess he'd just woken up. I wouldn't worry too much if he is not there for that initial wake up, because you are generally so delirious that you just moan and mumble nonsense to a nurse while she tops up your meds By the time you can ask where your fiancé is you'll probably already have him in the room with you I did go straight from my consult to the testing/ X-ray rooms for pre-surgery checks. Then I went from their to get dressed for surgery and straight in, but I know that a lot of these hospitals will have you do your consult in the morning and have your surgery in the afternoon/ evening. SO they may set you up in a room to wait for a few hours between surgery and consult. My DH had a long because his surgery didn't happen until like 7 or 8pm or something. that was not fun. As for the makeup thing, I have always worn light makeup into surgery... and the only time anyone questioned it was when I first met Rachel (bangkokmakeovers) in the hospital lobby the first words she said was "Are you wearing makeup?? You can't wear makeup!" but no one followed up again, and I wore it in without any issues each time. I actually thought that the makeup thing was more of an issue because they can't see your coloring if you lose oxygen and go deathly pale, like your nails. If it really is about being sterile, nothing else is sterile, your hair is not either. and the antibiotic wash was only on the body parts near the operation site- my face didn't really impact on that. I wouldn't go in wearing obvious makeup, but I think clear polish and natural makeup will not be questioned. I have had my rings 'taped' each time I went into surgery, not removed. They just put a bit of surgical tape to cover them, (not sure if it was because they were hard to get off) maybe it was so they wouldn't scratch anyone or fall off? If your hair extensions are secure and not likely to fall off or anything I can't imagine they would have nay issues with them.
  14. I went with tiger airlines. It was cheap, but this was a couple years ago. I think it was something like $800 total, return for two of us to get from Perth to Singapore then to thailand on connecting flights. (must have been around $400 return for each per person). BUUUTTT... I was so stressed that they would delay or cancel our flight and mess up the whole schedule! (this didn't happen, but at the time they had been in the media a lot over similar issues). And it was very budget. It was a small plane for an international flight and my seat was so uncomfy, and wouldn't recline (was broken). So we spent a very sleepless night on the plane both ways, and by the time we arrived in Bangkok first thing in the morning I was tired and grumpy. At that point I was saying that we should have spent the extra money and gone on a nice flight that at least had seats that could recline. It was cheap and budget, but I guess we got to where we needed and there were no major issues. Also, if you go with the budget carriers you end up in different parts of the airport in singapore, not a big issue, but if you are connecting to a different airline it might be quite a walk. Still... I doubt I'd fly with them on a long flight again. We flew to the U.S. on virgin airlines and thought that they were excellent, great in flight food and entertainment... I have no idea if they fly to Thailand, but they are worth checking out.
  15. My DH had on his list LASIK and nose surgery when we went, and I wanted a BA. We tried and tried to work out a way that the two ops could fit into the time period but they told us that one puts the other at risk. My husband had his nose done in Thailand, then his LASIK done a couple years later at home. SO, based on both his recoveries, here are my thoughts; If you get the LASIK done first there is a period of time where the new 'flap' is still floating/ forming that they have cut, and you can't 'bump' it when you sleep. He had to wear special eye patches to prevent it from memory. If you have such delicate eyes, and then 11 days later you have nose surgery where they are anything but gentle in their craft... you could risk bumping your eyes. As it is, you usually end up with some black eyes from rhinoplasty from all the swelling and blood.... what if they rubbed your eyes in the surgery and messed up your LASIK? It may be a much faster time period in which you re-grow the new flap, and 11 days might be fine... I can't recall that part. Also, Bangkok is so polluted that if you are getting LASIK, you need to stay indoors out of the pollution or you can risk infection of your new 'eyes'. My DH went to Yahnee for his nose surgery, and it was a mistake. He should have spent the extra money and gone to Bumrungrad or Bangkok hospital. His outcome was rather less than adequate and his recovery/ hospital experience was also sub-standard in my opinion. My BA at Bumrungrad was perfect, and surprisingly the same price as at Yahnee at the time (things must have changed). So I would be a little reluctant to suggest getting your BA done there for the price difference. Can you negotiate with the DR doing your nose to see if he will do your BA and match the Yahnee price for the BA? Worth asking, if he has a good rep for BA's. If nose surgery is similar prices at home for you, I would be more inclined to have that done in the UK, because of the follow up involved, and get the BA done in Bangkok if it's a lot cheaper. The Lasik surgery was actually very fast and well worth it for my DH, his recovery was not too bad (much more pleasant than the rhino for him) If you have any q. please ask. I've been to both Yahnee and Bumrungrad, and so I can tell you about the hospitals if you are interested. The Dr.s you mentioned, I'm not familiar with. I went with DR Preeyaphas and my DH had Dr Suthat at Yahnee for the nose.
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