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    Got 500cc Moderate profile implants in 2009
    Full TummyTuck 2010
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    Dr Preeyaphas (bangkok, Thailand) for Boobs and Dr Lawrence For TT
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    5 4", 55kg, was a 10A, now 10D sometimes 10 DD

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  1. hey,yeah the extra cost is a bit annoying,but i'll take it while he's willing to give it to me hehe. oh and thanx for replying to my thread on labiaplasty,it has taken me a long time to even get the nerve to post anything about it,i have an appointment next tuesday with my GP and i'll keep the thread going for anyone else who has the problem.i did find a cosmetic surgeon that only cost $7,300 in brissy for my BA but he only does 500cc max(dr szalay),so im also contenplating maybe going with him and then get a redo in a year or so for the 800cc ,but im still not sure if i'll be happy doing that,i really want the 800cc but starting to worry i wont find a PS that will give it to me.im going to book a consult with both in about a month and fly there,my plan is if dr richardson wont go over 600cc,i will just go with szalay,i dont want to pay an extra $3,000 for 100cc more if you know what i mean,but i will if hes willing to do 700cc its a deal!!! lol take care and talk soon....