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    Got 500cc Moderate profile implants in 2009
    Full TummyTuck 2010
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    Dr Preeyaphas (bangkok, Thailand) for Boobs and Dr Lawrence For TT
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    5 4", 55kg, was a 10A, now 10D sometimes 10 DD

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  1. Hi A to D, I went back to the hospital yesterday because I thought there was another area of infection starting. They said to wait until my next appointment, it may just be inflammation. I'm getting worse, since the doctor told me there is nothing that can be done about the nipple position. I couldn't make an album without the picture being on the front page, and showing on my profile. I'll try again. I'll leave it up, anyway. I just can't bear the sight of myself, and the pain in both breasts from the scar tissue is getting me down. The doctor yesterday suggested I go to a counselor, to find mechanisms to help me deal with the depression, but my GP didn't think that would help me, and she also agreed with the consultant, that there's nothing that can be done about the nipples, and it's just a matter of acceptance. I'll put the picture up, although the scars have faded a little since this was taken. Thank you for listening.