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    Dr Alex Phoon, June 13th 2014
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  1. Oh my god, what a naughty pooch! Haha is kind if funny...maybe... I would have been pretty furious to begin with too :-) Will have to check out that strapless bra, sounds good! I don't have another appointment booked just yet Viv but Dr Phoon said if I don't feel my scars have faded significantly by Jan/Feb to come back and he would laser them. He seems to think the tape should make a big difference though. I don't know if laser is more effective with young scars or not...good question! :-)
  2. Thanks ladies :-) I spent my BNT voucher quick as a flash, will post some pics soon (so I always say!) lol I'm currently sitting at Sydney airport again, on my way back from a check up with dr Phoon. All is going extremely well he says and he gave me a few boxes of silicone strips to start using. My flight was delayed this morning so I was a bit late to appointment, he said if he wasn't so busy and a bit behind he would have given me some quick laser. But he feels the silicone strips should do the trick in the next couple of months and if not, my next time up here he will make sure he books extra time for me to have it done. He also gave me two cards to give to friends or family that will give them a free consult with him for any kind of procedure. He is so lovely! :-) and kinda cute! Haha Good to hear the girls held up ok on the Gold Coast boobwish, we will await some great bikini shots! :-)
  3. Oh and it was my birthday yesterday and my beautiful mother in law bought me a Bras n Things voucher, so will be going to spend up on more bras this weekend I think. Also got some cash and Lorna Jane vouchers, yay shopping! Oh and hubby bought me some very pretty bling, a gorgeous white gold bracelet with swarovski crystals. Feeling pretty spoilt!
  4. Ahh dogs! they are lucky they are cute sometimes huh! I have finally uploaded some more recent pics
  5. Sorry I still haven't put any pics up, I'm so slack with this now! Haha I went to an intimo party and was sized as a 12DD and then went to another one and was sized as a 10E, either these people have no idea what they are doing or all bras are so different there is no 1 size! All the bras I have bought all fit so it's a bit strange. The 12DD was a sports bra, the 10E was a strapless bra and the 10F's were soft cup lace bras... They are all different styles so that probably contributes to that... How soft are we all getting?? I'm still quite concerned that mine are not softening... The only soft parts are what is clearly my own breast tissue sitting on top... I have an appointment with Dr Phoon on Nov 6th so will check with him then too but just wondering how everyone is feeling? I still can't sleep on my tummy comfortably...
  6. I will put some pics up when I get the chance, I really don't like taking selfies so I have found posting pics of myself all the time quite difficult! Haha Yeah I was surprised! I was thinking 10E like I used to be. But when I tried that size the wires dug in at the sides and the centre lifted. I don't think they look that big though...
  7. I was quoted $10000 over the phone when I was first booking an initial consult and during my consult the final quote actually came in just under that. The price can change slightly depending on which hospital you go to (some are dearer than others) and having private health insurance helps hugely with an overnight stay in hospital and the theatre costs! I know their prices did go up a bit on their website after they originally quoted me $10000 over the phone and I queried them about it, they said they would hold true to my original quote though, and they did. I have been so happy with the whole process and my results, the travel has been so worth it!!
  8. So my shopping day was a success! :-) got some good bargains! I got sized as 10F and bought 2 lace bras. Love them! My pics are pretty crap coz the change room was really dark. Might get some betters ones and upload this weekend. I didn't get to try any bathers, but that will be my next booby purchase :-)
  9. I went to Dr Alex Phoon for a lift and implants, he is amazing, I am over the moon with my results and the price was very reasonable (under $13000) with private health insurance
  10. Hi cricket, I travelled from regional Victoria to Sydney for my surgery with Dr Alex Phoon. It was his price that made me consider him but it was my initial consult that made me choose him. I flew up and back in a day for a consult and then had my surgery 4 weeks later when I flew back with my hubby and stayed 4 nights total. I flew up and back in a day again at 4 weeks PO for a check and will be doing it again in November. I might stay a night in November if I end up getting some laser on my scars as well.. Will see. It is a bit of a pain in the but going back and forth but it is worth it. Even with all this flying there and back I have saved thousands compared to having a BL and a BA in Melb (where I got quotes from anyway)!
  11. Glad to hear you are feeling all back to normal boobwish! Kaaycee, you must be exhausted, 4 kids, studying and renovating! Hope it eases up for you soon. I am off on a shopping day with a girlfriend today so hopefully will buy some bathers and bras!! Yay! I haven't bought anything yet! Will take some snaps in the change rooms :-)
  12. I did the tiny teatox 14 days post surgery and I liked the taste (I drink a lot of different kinds of herbal tea though). It helped with bloating really well and I just felt so energised and clean. I really recommend it. I have been meaning to buy another box but have so many other boxes of tea to get through in my cupboard I thought I would wait a bit, until my stock pile had gone down anyway... Good luck. I think you'll find tiny tea is completely natural and free from pesticides and any nasties like that too :-)
  13. I stayed over night but was given the choice. My private health insurance cover my full stay so I thought why not! :-) I'm glad I stayed over night, I felt so looked after, I probably would have been a lot more anxious in that first 24 hours if I didn't have a nurse come and check on my incisions and everything every 2-3 hours!
  14. Great to hear you have worked out what is going to work best for you and have a surgeon you feel good about! Logistically it would be less hassle staying Melbourne so if you can that's fantastic! Not long down until the big day!! Good luck, I look forward to hearing all about it! Oh and thanks for the compliment, I will have to put some updated pics up this week (week 11 already!) x
  15. I'm so sorry to hear this, it must be gut ranching, but I do agree with everyone else. Don't give up, you will be able to find a great reconstructive surgeon to help you. It just might cost a bit. Good luck hun xx
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