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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr. Harwood 22/9/14
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    165cm 56kg 10 AA cup before surgery 10 C cup now

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  1. Thanks Candid. I haven't tried the skincare yet. But I found a Korean Beauty/skincare group on Facebook which has heaps of information.
  2. Oh gosh I am sorry to hear that. Cross fingers that the outcome is positive for you. The waiting game is a horrible one. Keep us posted. x
  3. Does anybody have any advice about Japanese or Korean skin care. Apparently from what I am hearing on beauty forums, they have amazing products. But I don't know which products or companies are best to look at. TIA.
  4. They look great already! Hope you keep healing smoothly. x
  5. Oh gosh it is the waiting period that is the worst! Hopefully it is just a cyst but you are doing the right thing in getting it checked. My GP sent me off for a mammogram + ultrasound this year when she thought she felt a lump. It turned out to be a small fold in my implant. Hopefully it is something like this for you. Please keep us posted. x
  6. Zipped or button up tops/jumpers. Tracksuit pants or leggings. It is amazing how much we engage our chest muscles when we do even simple activities. The first 5 days will be the worst. But once you turn the corner, you will feel great. Good luck with your op!
  7. RE moods after augmentation, that is more the mind adjusting to having implants and bigger boobs. Plus dealing with the pain, lack of sleep etc. There are some old threads on here about health impact after implants. Some ladies have discussed their journey with implant illness.
  8. Thanks so much for that. I'll have a look at those. I am just sticking with the Neutragena one at the moment. If I find something better, I'll keep you posted. x
  9. Have you gone back to the original surgeon for advice? From the pic, I think your boobs look amazing. They look really natural.
  10. That is a tough question because I did the same thing when I was doing my initial research. I think it also depends what suits your body shape and how many cc's your anatomy will allow. I just knew I wanted to go from a 10AA cup to a C cup. I got 270cc under the muscle......this has taken me to a small C cup. I am a gym junkie and while sometimes I get booby greed, I am happy with my boobs. I am also in my mid 40's and I didn't want to go too big. I have had my boobs for 5 years now and I couldn't be happier.
  11. Wow that is awesome you will only be $500 out of pocket. I can feel your excitement! x
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